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A Beggars Tale (Warning images)

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Guest, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Posted this over on GL thought it would fit here too hope you enjoy it.

    (This story submitted for my dear friend and neighbor {Rotten beggar!} Bill)

    Bill awoke to his stomach rumbling. The roar inside him was growing. He turned to his side and tried to ignore it, but it would not go away. With a stretch and a yawn he rose from his bed and made his way down to the table outside. He looked at the trees out in front of his hidden home and frowned. He could not eat more apples, he longed for some bread or a piece of meat. Thinking about it made his stomach hurt even more.
    “Well then I guess that’s that, time to make a trip to the city then.” He told himself. Making his way to the door he donned his hat and picked up his walking stick. Heading from his woods he made his way to the Moongate to the northwest. He stepped through the gate and was immediately hit by the sounds of trade. The City of Luna awaited him. Smiling to himself he strode slowly into the City. Rising the stairs he decided to first ply his trade in the mage shop.
    “Alms for the poor?” He asked to the first Mage he saw.
    “Shoo beggar!” The mage replied angrily.
    “Prude!” Bill shouted back at him.
    “Can you spare a few coins for your fellow man?” He asked of the second Mage.
    “Here have 19 gold.” He said giving Bill the coins.
    “Bless you sir.” Bill told him smiling.
    Bill made his way from person to person, plying his trade again and again. Some giving him a coin or two others a whole fist full. But Bill knew what he wanted, he wanted a steak dinner. One or two coin wasn’t going to get that. So he continued on plying his trade to each of the vendors in the market surrounding the bank.
    Bill eventually made his way into the smithy. There were many smiths pounding out their wares. The room was very hot but Bill was on a mission.
    “Alms for the poor?” he said moving from smith to smith. One smith dropped a large stack of gold on the floor. Bills’ eyes grew wide as he tried to snatch up the prize. But he was too late. Another smith beat him to it and ran off laughing. Bill frowned sadly at the missed opportunity. But the first smith who dropped the coins put down his hammer and said “Sir follow me to the bank.” Bill’s heart leapt! This is what he had been working for. He followed the man to the bank and heard him holler to the teller, “Banker Check for 50,000 gold!” Bill started to almost drool. Fifty Thousand! Imagine the steaks that would buy! His greedy little heart jumped for joy as the man placed the large check in his hands. “Bless you Sir! You’re too kind!” He told the man gleaming. Bill quickly deposited the gold and resumed his quest, his hunger not yet sated. “Alms for the poor?” He asked of the Mayor, smiling as he was rewarded with 20 coins.
    Bill continued to make his way around the bank again and again. From time to time someone would feel pity for him and hand him a trinket or two. Often a pile of a thousand gold pieces or more would be placed in his outstretched hands. Bill danced with joy as he watched his bank account grow. If only they knew he thought to himself. Eventually his hunger for gold sated Bill made his way back to Yew. He stopped at the Abbey for his meal still plying his trade with the innkeeper there. “Shoo Beggar!” the innkeeper screamed at him. Bill just smiled and walked away, his loaf of bread and a hot plate of chicken tucked into his pack, he made his way back to his wood, his beggars’ wood (Acquired by begging).

    The Beggars wood(located SE of the Yew Gate Trammel,GL)