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A Big Thank you

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Lady Aalia, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Lady Aalia

    Lady Aalia Atlantic's Finest
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 13, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I have heard many posts in the past about people quiting beacause of the lacking comunity or friends or rude people....

    Well i would like to tell you all that there is loads of others too :)

    I have been trying to get a set of Spring Cleaning items to put on Display at the Winterbreeze Museum. And even thou i am a packrat beyond belive, between RL and UO i dont allways have time to do alot of farming.

    So after i turned in all my treassure i noticed i would be way off realizing the plans i had.
    In the past 4 weeks people have stepped up and have made it possible for me to still get closer to my final Goal and i would like to thank them.

    Andrasta of Goodmans Runelibrary:
    *hugs and kisses* without you and your rubble donation and endless fishing adventures i would be lost !! looking forward to more

    *pokes* i know your really busy in RL and dont have much time for UO right now but hun , you still rock !! thank you so much for the Armor.

    Lord Raven:
    *blows a kiss* thanks Snugglepuff !! and i take the right out to call you that :lol: thanks for the bags of tickets!

    Nero Grimward:
    *hugs* i was so stunned that you offered the AOF and the Titans leg to me even thou we just met !! thanks so much.

    Again thank you all and this is what makes UO special to me.
    It is hard to do projects like this alone...

    I am very greatfull to have you as friends

  2. Sam the Scribe

    Sam the Scribe Visitor

    Mar 10, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Dear Lady Aalia,

    It is a pleasure to support the Winterbreeze Museum and Library. You've put a lot of hard work into something that benefits us all.

    I would also like to thank all the others folks who take the time to assemble collections and build rune libraries for all of us to enjoy. It's a lot of work to do that and they need our support.

    Thank you all.

    - Lord Raven of Minoc

  3. Sam the Scribe

    Sam the Scribe Visitor

    Mar 10, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Sam stumbles over the steps to Lord Raven's Palace in Minoc, his arms full of recall scrolls. As he enters the foyer, he stops abruptly.

    "Oh, hello... Sarah is it?"

    Sam recognized the female pirate. He had heard that she had been First Mate on Lady Grace O'Malley's ship, till they had a falling out over a man. At least that's what the gossips said. As the story went, Grace had fallen for a young crewman, but Sarah had stolen him from her. There had been a horrific fight and it's said that Grace had killed the man by stabbing him through the heart with her kryss. Sarah barely escaped with her life. That had been some time ago but even now it wasn't a good idea to get both of them in the same room. As interesting as the story was, Sam doubted that anything other than the acquisition of gold really mattered to the pirates, and suspected that some 'misdirected' treasure was probably the actual cause of the animosity between the two.

    "Hello Sam. Are those recall scrolls. I could use some. I could offer these in trade."

    Sarah opens a picnic basket filled with old valentines cards and a rose.

    "Junk mostly but maybe the rose would make a nice gift for your sweetheart. What's her name... Sprite?"

    Sam blushes, "How did you know about that! Well, no matter anyway... there is a better use for all those old cards. You can turn them in to a collector in Britain and he will give you tickets."

    "Sam, I'm trying to get rid of old junk, not accumulate more."

    "Well then you can donate them to the Winterbreeze Library. C'mon I'll take you."

    Sam opens a gate and Sarah follows. After bartering with the collector, Sarah gets a handful of tickets. Sam then opens a gate to Winterbreeze.


    Lady Aalia accepts the donation from the pirate. "Sarah, thank you for your donation. Every point counts."

    Nodding, Sarah turns to Sam. "There done and done. Gate me to Buc's Den lad. I've got business at the docks."

    After Sarah exits through the gate, Aalia turns to Sam. "Gee Sam, you sure do like hanging out with the dangerous types."

    Sam cheeks flush deep red as he stammers... "She's not my girlfriend!"

    "Whatever you say Sam. Come inside and help me move some books. I'm re-organizing the Library."

    Sam dismounts and follows Aalia inside muttering... "Why does everyone pick on me."