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[Buying] A bunch of stuff!

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by Trevelyan, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Trevelyan

    Trevelyan Guest

    Largely copied from my original post on Europa, but i've been on Atlantic for a while with a lot of cash :D

    Not sure on the prices of all of this but if you have any and want to sell, let me know even if you think the price is too low!

    • Loom (Facing East) Deed - 100k
    • Water Trough (South) Deed - 100k
    • Water Trough (West) Deed - 100k
    • Any other "West" deeds
    • Virtue tiles with (North) in their title (except honesty)
    • Candle of Love event stuff and all the items that entails. I didnt get a candle myself which i'm always annoyed about but would value someone else's, as well as;
      • Heart of Compassion
      • Executioner's Rusty Pen
      • Quill of Justice
      • Sudiva's Covetous-Laced Tear
      • Tear of Sacrifice
    • Body parts, pelvis bone and clothing with "recovered from a shipwreck" in the name, rather than underneath. I have a lot already but theres still a few bits I might not have. 100k per thing I need.
    • All year 2000 holiday bells
      • White 1.5 mil
        • Adrick
        • Evocare
        • Ignatz
        • LadyMOI
        • Prophet
        • Sage
        • T-Bone
        • Tyrant
      • All others, 10k per
    • UO Birthday cakes - the ones that say "Happy Birthday! Thank you for celebrating 5 years of... " - 5k per
    • Veteran rewards
      • Cloaks and robes
        • pink
        • forest green
        • royal blue
      • terathan matriarch statuette
      • fire ant statuette
      • ethereal ki-rin
      • ethereal hiryu
      • minotaur statue deed - 4.5 mil
      • potted cactuses - 5 mil
      • brazier deed and braziers - 6 mil
      • wall banners - 7 mil
      • chaos-order banners
    • Happy 6th Anniversary UO! Spellbook, crook, and a few other items have this on (NOT cakes) - the text may be a little different as I lost all the ones I once had
    • Old Hair dyes (not pink) that simply say "hair dye". These colours differ from ML hair dyes and, when used, should come up with the regular hair dye menu - 1 mil per bottle
    • Europa only event and quest items - depends on item (as to whether or not I have it or want it) but feel free to show your interest in selling. Some examples of stuff:
      • Boroni's taming contest scrolls
      • Antique Platemail
      • Items crafted by "Al'Cedra Ial Draconais", "Princess of Jesters", "Evan, Royal Blacksmith" or any other long name, that originated on Europa
    • Reindeers and sleighs
    • Reindeer
    • Sleighs
      Dark Hanako
      Draconis Rex
      Mostly Harmless
      Penta Warg

    • Full set of christmas cards (colours - cannot remember the year that there were different colours - may have been christmas or an anniversary)
    • Items with (blessed) in their name
    • ALL old [Exceptional] items (runebooks, armour, weapons, clothes etc, especially with player names in!)
    • Items with "(item name) of exceptional quality" in their name (except runebooks). After all ones with player names in their name. Let me know what you have and ill tell you if I need it!
    • A Crystal With Mericles Energy 50 mil
    • Pages from Mericles' Spellbook 30 mil for colours I need
    • Valentines bears on Europa 50 mil per, if I need the name
    • Any other unique Europa items and perhaps a few others - ask if youre interested in selling!
    • White stuffy Bear and horse40 mil per

    • And finally, items of strangeness/glitchiness that are of Europa origin. If you have something old that I might be interested in, feel free to post or message me.
  2. Danny1026

    Danny1026 Guest

    [*]Heart of Compassion
    [*]Executioner's Rusty Pen
    [*]Quill of Justice
    [*]Sudiva's Covetous-Laced Tear
    [*]Tear of Sacrifice

    i have these items ill be willing to sell.... icq 631-996-714