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(RP) A Call For Peace For The Residents of New Magincia

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Amber Witch, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Amber Witch

    Amber Witch Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Gilfane

    Sep 18, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I bid thee Greetings Friends, Neighbors and Bajaians. I hope this missive finds you well.

    As some of you know I have been traveling for a long while throughout the east in search of goods to bring back to our lands. This trip has been successful as well as exciting and tiring. The Count of Berg and I have finally begun our long journey home.

    During my time away I have received numerous reports of trouble back at home and this pains me. I would like to express my concerns and thoughts and hope that you will receive them with an open mind and heart. For it from my heart that these thoughts pour forth with good intentions to all. I beg thee to take a few minutes to dwell on these thoughts and ideas before raising voice.

    I hear accusations and condemnations of a people that choose to live in peace and unity on their own land. I have listened to fancy titled politicians exclaim how terrible a thing it is for these people to want to be self-ruled and how they must be humbled. There is no revolution, no rebellion, we have no grievances against other governments. We simply do not want to wear the crown that is being thrust upon us by a few. We are a new people that have been given the opportunity to create a new beginning. Please let us do just that.

    What is so terribly wrong with a desire to live under self-rule? Were the Cities of Dawn or Golden or any of the other independents attacked in such a foul manner as the simple craftspeople and tradesmen of New Magincia are? No! We have had Britannia Guards come into our homes and create havoc and chaos with no just cause. Have they done so in other townships? No! Murderers and kidnappers have come to our island and a few raised claims that it was local folk who did it before investigations even begun. And after investigation it was found that it was off-islanders who performed these terrible acts. Did we receive apologies? No. We received more words of condemnation.

    A person or government giving title of a virtue to a land does not make that land and all things on it exemplify that virtue. We do not want to be forced to wear the crown of a virtue. That in itself would be the exact opposite of the virtue humility. We simply want to live our daily lives creating our wares, building our lives and live in simple peace while serving others. Yes, serving others. It IS what we do. We are simple craftspeople, we are sheepherders, and we are weavers and miners. We are smiths of many trades. We are a people that prefer to live life in moderation - a life seeking contentment, peace and tranquility, a life dedicated to the service of others. And yes, we seek our independence. Since when is the wish for independence such a terrible thing?

    Some of you may know that the House of Berg has a residence on the Isle of New Magincia in addition to the holdings on the mainland north of Skara Brea. One of our household, Leithia, is a decorated Town Guard. Because of the foul acts of a few of the Town Guards she fears to leave the doors of the residence. Like the other residents of New Magincia she has done no wrong and is persecuted from without and within. Like the other residents of the island she is paying for the sins of others but doubly so. Again, she has done no wrong and lives to serve all in peace. I beg thee, my friends, to give her safe passage.

    While The House of Berg is loyal to the crown we have our holdings on New Magincia for the purpose of trade and commerce with the peoples of New Magincia. It is unwise to assume that all those that hold properties on new Magincia involve themselves with local politics. Such matters of independence are left to the people of New Magincia and the crown. Of all the reports I have seen none have been from the crown. It is not our place to comment nor rule on the issue. It is an issue for the crown and the crown alone. Let us concern ourselves with the issues of our own houses and the business of commerce.

    If you have made it to this point you are a patient person and have the thanks of this old lady. I know all may not agree with me and that is okay. We are a varied and passionate people and for that I am grateful.

    With respect.

    Yours in Service,
    Amber Witch
    House of Berg
  2. SuperKen

    SuperKen Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 22, 2008
    Likes Received:
    A lack of a strong central gov't for the last few years is to be blamed for these feelings.

    Not that long ago, many of us were proud to call Brittania our home and our allegiance was unquestioned. Paladins and travelers openly espoused about their commitment to the Virtues.

    To split from the whole is not, in my mind, a good thing. A strong army does not fight well by letting its battalions decide for themselves what their common shared goal should be.

    But after all that's happened in the last few years, who could blame the people of New Magincia for wanting to go a different way? I think it's common sense to want to govern oneself when it is readily apparent that the current gov't simply does not have the means to do so.

    I have said before that it appears our next anointed "leader" is most likely going to show up, make a big hurrah about unifying the people, and then die needlessly for some half-contrived farce of a drama. I expect this to be so because the higher powers seem to think that this is the best way to get our attention.

    I have no confidence in today's ruling power. I don't blame New Magincians for lacking that same confidence as well.

    I only hope that a strong central gov't will be appointed to not only govern but lead by example the people back to a harmonious time when its citizens were proud to be part of a whole.
  3. The Slug

    The Slug Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend The Squirrel Empire

    Jun 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Very interesting point SK, but what defines strength? Is it merely the ability to squash any enemy, or is it more cultural? As a leader does one try simply to rule thru force or is compassion and cultural enrichment a wiser choice? (or perhaps a combination of both?)

    I have said before that it appears our next anointed "leader" is most likely going to show up, make a big hurrah about unifying the people, and then die needlessly for some half-contrived farce of a drama. I expect this to be so because the higher powers seem to think that this is the best way to get our attention.

    Btw I agree with that 110%
  4. Hand

    Hand Guest

  5. BajaElladan

    BajaElladan Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 2, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Let all calls of Independence for New Magincia FROM Britannia cease. Let denegration of the Virtues cease. Magincia was a City/Town within Britannia before its destruction. Many Britannians and Her Allies fought mightily to prevent the destruction. SOME did not, some aided the destroyers.

    But those misguided few ought not make any forget the History, Virtues, and Bonds that have tied and still tie New Magincia to Britannia and Britannia to Her People.

    Underneath the Governance of Britannia, none deny New Magincia its right for a local council, or a mayor or other local officials. These already exist in Cove, Trinsic, Skara Brae, Moonglow, Vesper, Minoc, Yew, and elsewhere throughout the Realm.

    However, Independence is a wholly different thing. It is nothing short of Rebellion, Revolution, and Treason.

    Allegations abound of Britannian Guards doing mayhem and mischief upon New Magincia. Let specifics be added to these vague allegations. If crimes were committed let charges be filed, investigated, and the Truth found out.

    Tensions now exist between many residents of New Magincia and the Realm of Britannia; between Umbra and New Magincia; tensions involving the self identified kingdom of Dawn and others.

    Let ALL passions cool and let dialogue be civil and constructive. Let the new Council be formed, let it be tested to see if it may find and exercise Justice with Compassion, if it may broker understanding and peace in furtherance of Britannian Unity.

    Dire consequences may result should New Magincia abandon Humility and all of the Virtues, demanding instead their "rights" while utterly ignoring their responsibilities and duty to Britannia.

    Did the residents of New Magincia stand alone in defeating virtuebane and his armies of bane chosen and blackrock golems??? Of course they did NOT! Did they alone restore the Moongate, clear and restore the land and buildings? Of course they did Not! Did they lay claim to plots and then build upon them, or were they included with all Sosarians in the Lottery that even allowed them to obtain land and build their Homes? They were included with all the rest.

    Let us examine facts together, let us search out Truth together, and let us in proper Humility move New Magincia forward along with the rest of Britannia, rather than see us adversaries risking the unthinkable ... civil war within the Realm!

    Far more binds us together than divides us. Let us NOT create division where none ought to be.

    Lord Elladan
    Paladin of Trinsic
    Knight of Virtue
    Order of the Holy Rose
  6. Silverbrook

    Silverbrook Guest

    With all due respect, Lord Elladan, it was Lord British himself as he passed to the Void that called upon us... all of us... to live our lives as we so wished and to lead a life of choice. I have no doubt as from what I have been told you were an ally and ardent supporter of British, so it should echo in your mind quite clearly that he did not wish to enforce his ideology on others as he finally left these Lands, but for them to seek their own, unique, individual path.

    I fully support a stance led by those who favor change, as long as their hearts are vested in the pursuit of a Virtuous life (as is such, of course, my own personal viewpoint). I also understand that there are some who hold onto things because 'that is the way it has always been'. Yet, before New Magincia, it was simply Magincia, and before that another name... and another. As anyone knows, entire civilizations rise and fall like the tides upon shore as time progresses.

    To hold back change is to enforce a stagnation of ideas, of action, of thought. Change to some is the greatest fear, but it is also the most exciting notion one can undertake.

    I echo the sentiments expressed by Lady Amber Witch, and believe that a dialogue must be opened in order to create a stronger Sosaria. A dialogue that is open to new ideas and new hope for a better world. I have witnessed what can only be described as painful or bitter memories that parties on both sides carry that hamper any sort of forward movement. This, truly, is a shame, seeing that most involved do indeed wish to forge a better situation, even if they wish it from different sides.

    In any case, the taking of arms over this is not the answer. If it is to be so, then really... what manner of Virtue is that? Are we, as a people, no better than the Virtuebane or the Army of Shadows that once plagued the Isle?

    I would ask both parties of the 'why'. For those of New Magincia, I would ask them why they are compelled to create an independent city state away from the heart of Britannia proper. For those of Britannia who are compelled to deny New Magincia their liberation as an independent power, I ask them why do they resist change or what fear overtakes them that they would not wish these people their request... after all, the step they wish to take would not put them as enemy with Britannia, but hopefully beside it, as an ally.

    Perhaps as these questions are answered, all parties can seek some enlightenment.

    - Lady Silverbrook of New Magincia
  7. Let us begin with the fact that Britannia, has seen only only three council candidates actually try and open a dialogue with Magincia. The others have been been all bluff and all steam from afar without the slightest interest in actual conversation.

    In the case of guard Ric Flair entering homes against the will of the owners, the facts have been laid out on more than one occasion. And we would be glad to rehash these details with Captain Jenkins or with General Brackus.

    In the case of all of the other cities having council: Yes, they do but they are all either part of the mainland or less than a ferry ride across in Skara's case. Magincia is a distance away and always detached from the overall society of Britannia.

    Next let us not forget that it was not Magincia's choice to declare us a "so-called" Virtue City. A point Amber so eloquently delivered already. You speak of Britannians helping to rebuild. It's the most interesting thing but when we hold resident meetings and those who have been on island since the occupation and following exodus of Virtuebane: I see the *same* faces. And all of them are Magincian. The few outsiders that have shown are typically polite and informative with their viewpoints..

    We want what is best for our people. What Captain Valek stated was that we would not seek first blood. We, of Magincia would not bring war to Britannian shores. He simply included that we will defend ourselves. To believe that we would sit idly back and let Lord Elladan's talk of "Squashing" us go unnoticed is really rather idiotic.

    The Amber Witch, Sluggy and Lady Silverbrook are also correct. Magincia has some of the finest craftsman in existence. We are hard working and extremely loyal to the soil on which we live.

    Magincian soil. If Britannia wishes a dialogue, so be it. Let us start there.

    Lynne Zellinous
    Blacksmith and loyal Magincian
  8. The Slug

    The Slug Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend The Squirrel Empire

    Jun 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Indeed I think that is what everyone wants? But perhaps the term "dialogue" needs to be better defined? It does not mean "we are sorry the establishment is right, we will totally surrender"

    And threats and the accusations of Treason and Traitor are not condusive to an open dialogue. In fact that inflammatory rhetoric can safely be taken as a call to war

    For those openly backing civil war, beware, Virtue does not always support might (or history)

    Just the opinion of one humble slug ... move along!