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A case of Social Tourettes

Discussion in 'The Hooded Crow Inn [Fiction]' started by Bryelle Vaughn, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Bryelle Vaughn

    Bryelle Vaughn Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Oct 4, 2009
    Likes Received:
    "What is a little girl like you doing so far into dangerous territory?"

    That would have sounded more menacing if he weren't dressed like a grape. Clad head to toe in purple, Lord Vicious house guest seemed anything but cruel.

    "Lord Sid said I was welcome." Sending him a beaming smile over her shoulder she returned her attention to the various flasks gathered in what could only be termed as a laboratory. Holding the one with the bright pink ooze between her thumb and forefinger she tilted the bottle, dumping its contents into a slightly reptilian foamy green liquid. The resulting effect sent a grey cloud of gas trailing across the stones above their head. Had she mixed something prior? It was hard to remember with the house guest hovering.

    He stepped back, though she really didn't ask him to.
    "If you were invited then by all means, stay and look around."

    Smile plastered to her face she turned to observe the Grape. Was that fear she saw in his eyes? Or was it recognition that a higher power had overrode anything and everything he could have said at that moment? Two minutes later, whatever his reasoning she no longer cared as she followed along behind him through the catacombs of the castle.

    Plants and draperies were strategically placed to be both aesthetic and yet functional. That alone was a sure sign that the same decorator for the castle had been she who was hired for most of Dawn's outlying buildings.

    Without thought to the expensive of the items Cecilie casually roamed her fingers over wood, granite, glass and jewels alike. Taking in each texture as if they were her baubles to toss and grab at leisure. The grape said nothing. He eyed her movements with a distant watchfulness. Whoever the Grape was... he knew not to get involved.