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A comment on some inconsistancies.

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Naxatilor Feluka, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Naxatilor Feluka

    Naxatilor Feluka Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 7, 2010
    Likes Received:
    - Magery scrolls

    -Damaging spells and curse spells are based on a generic amount of eval around 70. Giving these spells a small amount of effectiveness if cast from a scroll. Where as with 0 eval most of them would do 1-2 damage and/or curses would not even be applied to the target. If you raise your eval, it still has no effect on the spells.

    - Necromancy scrolls

    -Damaging spells, do damage based on your char's spirit speak. HOWEVER the curses such as evil omen and corpse skin, all seem to have a "generic" amount of spirit speak associated, so they can be applied to a target with 120 resist, with 0 spirit speak if cast from a scroll. If you raise your spirit speak, the damage from the scrolls raises.

    These results seem inconsistant.

    My second observation involves weapons' hitspells, and deathstrike.

    Why does inscribe effect the damage on hitspells?
    Why does spell damage effect the damage on hitspells?
    Why if BOTH of the above effect the damage, does eval not play a role?

    *Was this taken into consideration when the spell damage cap was increased for pvp?*

    Dexxers previously would run no spell damage increase.
    Weapon lightning - 11-12 damage
    Tactics mages usually 15%- 13-14 damage
    Tactics mages see a significant buff. 30% now 15-16
    Tactics mage with inscribe. 40% now 16-17

    Should a charachter be able to have 40% spell damage increase, then armor ignore for 35, and be entitled to another 16-17 damage hitspell?
    [on a basic tactics mage template]

    Keeping in mind that mages can also curse their targets where regular dexxers could not, implying MORE damage.

    This also means that a mage with a kyrss and no tactics, could run up and hit someone for 12+17 [thats 29] on an uncursed target and apply lethal poison to them. 29 damage seems a bit heavy for something that applies poison that cure potions cannot cure.

    120mage 120eval 120resist 90fencing 100poisoning 100inscribe 70med

    Used with a mageweapon -20 kyrss.
    [For people who dont think that template is possible]

    Both effective templates, one can drill you for 52+ on an armor ignore
    [while being able to cast with 40% sdi], and the other can drill you for 29+ and lethal poison [while able to cast with 40% sdi].

    Once again, not saying yes or no to this, just asking if it was intended.

    Why does the base damage of a weapon, get cut down when inflicting a deathstrike?

    The example.

    Kyrss : Hits target for 12 base. When a deathstrike is inflicted it hits for 6.
    Ornate axe: Hits target for 22 base. deathstrike is inflicted it hits for 11.

    My question is, were these things intended to work this way?