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A D'arc and Stormy Night

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Aedon Durreah, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 2, 2008
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    The moon hung high in the sky as a thick layer of mist fell through the trees and settled on the ground. There had been much trouble of late, and the Rangers had been instructed to double patrols through the town of Skara Brae.

    Sitting in the Rangers station built facing the back end of the bank Tobias and Mylar prepared for their shift. Earlier patrols had mentioned a dark and somewhat sinister figure moving with the ease and speed of one born to stealth sneaking around the back side of the Shattered Skull Tavern.

    From within the wooden building, the sounds of song and merriment could be heard. It seemed as though in spite of the danger which lurked in the shadows, that the Skarans and some folks from nearby towns were determined to have a good time.

    Sitting at a table to the right of the tavern’s entrance, James Bunny-man entertained Michael Mitre and Governor Guy with tales and reports of what was exactly but not quite going on in Moonglow. It seemed that Mr. Twitchy had sent Mrs. Twitchy to grab something that one of the Rangers seemed to want. This coupled with the understanding that if the item were nowhere to be found, that they were not to come back with it. This seemed to confuse triple G, but not to be flummoxed by a pooka; Michael nodded and acted as though all was understood.

    As Mylar and Tobias started their assigned rounds, a sudden storm blew in across the waters. It was not unusual for the weather to take odd turns at this time of year, but something on the winds caused Mylar to draw her blades and look around for someone or something to stab. Not to be caught unawares, Tobias reached into his pouch and drew out a dictionary preparing to learn a new word.

    It was in this manner that two of the Rangers finest found themselves moving towards a shadowy edge of the town, Mylar armed with her dirk -Tobias with a word which he found both humorous and somewhat insulting and mildly crass.

    From within the shadows they approached, a set of eyes could from time to time be spotted. First they appeared high, and then low. And from time to time only one eye could be seen as though some sinister Cyclops might be lurking and ready for the kill.

    At this time storm clouds moved across the moon casting the town into darkness. Using his new found word, Tobias pushed Mylar aside and made for the Tavern doors. For a time the well trained lass stood her ground and stabbed violently at the darkness. But always it crept closer, and the eyes focused on Mylar and seemed to be sizing her up.

    All the while she stabbed, Mylar backed her way towards the tavern as well, and just before the shadows reached her, threw open the doors and summoned her friends to her aid.

    Not hesitating to assist a Ranger in need, Triple G immediately sent out a proclamation prohibiting darkness within the Town of Skara. Keeper Mitre scheduled a hunt for the following week, and Dramora, who was now seated at the table with James, declared that it must all be Aedon’s fault.

    Standing strong, facing the unknown fiend that approached, Mylar drew a few more knives and prepared herself for battle. Tobias had mastered his new word, and drew back his book ready to strike. Triple G announced a bank holiday for the following day.

    The storm seemed to build in intensity as it bore down on the Tavern. Within the swirling eddies of cloud and rain the eyes seemed to grow in size. A few of the local women who had stopped in for a drink stood behind the readied Rangers and gasped as the sinister eyes seemed to wink and dance in anticipation of the conquest to come.

    No one was prepared for what happened next. No training, no long years of studies into such dark arts were suitable to make ready any woman and not a few men for the focused will of the fiend now standing in the door way.

    He smiled as he looked over those who now huddled and backed away from the ruthless fiend. Mylar dropped several of her blades, Guy dropped out of the next election and Tobias dropped the name of a good tailor at the sight of the one whose form now filled the doorway as the light from the lanterns fell on his face.

    He paid no attention to the men that now cowered before him. He knew that the Rangers would be helpless to stop him from doing what he must. Hips moving, lips at the ready he was a long tall glass of show me the women with an order of Oh my my on the side. With the grace of an eel he moved his way towards a group of local lovelies, and smiling the smile that launched a thousand smiles, asked them all out on Saturday night. The Skaran ladies were helpless and fell under his amorous gaze. And it is said that when he took them out that fateful weekend, that none were ever seen again.

    In many towns the story of this night is told in hushed tones by old men gathered close to the fires. The legend still brings fear to men and weak knees to women. And all through Skara people lock their doors fast, bolt the windows and hide their females under the bed. For they all know that come another D’arc and Stormy night, Judas will return.

    #1 Aedon Durreah, Feb 19, 2016
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  2. Norrar

    Norrar Lore Master
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    May 25, 2008
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    ...Its too early for this. Take my like.
  3. Izznet H'unar

    Izznet H'unar Journeyman

    Dec 31, 2015
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