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A DP Tale

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Dec 20, 2001.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Me self an Harmony were out patrollin’ when we ran across a man named ShYnE and a man named Trent at the entrance ta Khaldun. They had wit em two white wyrms, one wit the name “a”. Judging from their posture, I knew this would not be easy.

    I requested payment an was ridiculed. I expected this from these two. The poachers then pushed past me an made their way into me dungeon. There they started ta attack everythin’ in sight. Their wyrms were uncontrollable and reveled in the destruction they were causin’.

    When we got near the Tentacle of the Harrowers room, ShYnE decided he had had enough o' me demands fer payment an attacked me. I defended me self and when Trent saw that his buddie was goin' ta end up eatin’ the floor he decided ta heal him. Tis hard ta kill two opponents when one be healin’ the other. Harmony knew this and joined in ta help me, she attacked ShYnE and I switched me attack ta Trent. ShYnE soon died ta Harmony’s blade and me own battle wit Trent was swift, his wyrms bein’ unable ta help him.

    Ta teach them a lesson I decided ta take their savage wyrms ta meet some more o’ the Dungeon’s inhabitants. Unfortunately, the mangy beasts managed ta cast many high level spells upon me, ending me life. Harmony saved as many o’ me belongin’s as she could then resurrected me outside. I got back to me corpse only ta see ShYnE there lootin’ it! ShYnE only managed ta get a few pieces o’ armor, me spear, and me kryss.

    Seein' how these be me own items, I quickly snatched back me spear. ShYnE took off runnin' an when I caught up he was now in the Harrower’s room. I stole back some armor and finally me kryss. All that was left ta steal was me gorget. Before I could do this a new person named Qil showed up. They tried ta attack me an I was forced ta retreat, being outta heal potions an not wantin’ ta risk gettin’ a count.

    They searched for me, shoutin' insults and cursin' as they did. They said many unflatterin' thin's an I had ta control me anger least I die from runnin' in witout proper equipment. As soon as the Gods deemed me pure I recalled ta me house ta grab some more supplies. These two would pay fer their desecration o' me lands.

    Upon returnin' and meetin' up wit Harmony, we searched fer the heathens, yet could not find them. While we searched we ran inta Sir Lawrence an Phlegmator an kindly asked that they pay the fees. They were reluctant to do so an wished ta talk more outside.

    We chatted fer a bit an they still did not want ta pay. A blue portal suddenly sprung up durin' the middle of our conversation an' out stepped Skyshroud and Jherra. Skyshourd convinced the two ta pay the fees then left ta do more o' whatever business he was up ta wit Jherra.

    Guessin' that ShYnE and Qil may have returned we went lookin' fer them at the other entrance. We once again saw no one an headed down ta the Harrower's room. In the hallway we ran inta Stumpy.
    Stumpy was a stubborn bloke an' did not wanna pay either. Thinkin' the same thought both me self an Harmony made a grab fer his bandages (this bein' after it was clear he would not pay). We failed ta take any o' them and Stumpy went fer Harmony. I followed along hopin' he'd switch targets ta me an soon the fight exited the Dungeon.

    I stayed back near the entrance to block Stumpy in case he was one of those doorway jumpers. After a lil while I realized they must be far off by now an started ta look fer them when Qil recalled in right behind me. He attacked me instantly, loosin' a spell of paralyzation upon me.

    It reflected back ta him an' froze him in place. I readied me kryss an' attacked. The lil coward musta lost his nerve, cuz he ran all over the bloody jungle. When I almost had him he managed ta lose me. I searched fer him fer a lil bit then headed back ta the entrance o' Khaldun. I spotted him in the area an took after him once more. This time he would not get away from me! The chase started anew, wit him fully recovered. Still he showed his yellowness and ran. We entered the passageway between worlds. Panicky, he locked himself inta a corner.

    I furiously jabbed me spear inta his flesh over an over again. I would teach this goon not ta poach! He kept healin' himself over an over an me spear blows were gettin' no where. He begged while he was healin' ta let him out an be fair. I would not be fair to this creature that dared ta soil me family lands. I snatched his ginsen' ta stop his pathetic attempts ta heal and planted his cowardly corpse inta the ground.

    I took me time lootin' him an informed him that I would resurrect him. At this point I saw ShYnE appear. He came inta the cave ta help his friend Qil out. Upon seein' me he attacked. Another failed Paralyzation spell was let loose upon me. I downed him extraordinarily fast due ta him trippin' on a rock.

    Upon his corpse he had the best treasure I could ask fer, me missin' studded gorget.
  2. Harmony_DP

    Harmony_DP Guest

    The evening stawted woundwouswy. It was fight pwactice at a pwivate towew. I fought many 1 v 1s and did vewy wewl. Then in gwoup combat it was 2 v 2. I had the pweasuwe of fighting with Miwaz of PAS. We wewe undefeated except fow DeviwSpawn. He is most skiwled and awthough not easiwy did defeat us both. Bacci was off gawavanting with some unknown pewson I am not supposed to know about *thinks she knows who it is though*.

    We had agweed to meet at the entwance to Khawl at about midnight. As I was done fighting I awrived a bit eawy. I saw Walker Boh. He was miwling about. Going inside and coming out of the dungeon. Ah, a pochew! I asked him as nicewy as I couwd for 1000 gowld to pay fow a hunting pwemit. He cwaimed to onwy be mawking wunes and said he wasn't hunting. I twied to expwain it was pwivate pwopewty and to use these wands wouwd cost 1000 gowld. He then asked me to gate him away. *as if I could*. About this time I heawd the sound of Bacci's mount appwoaching. Suwewy he wouwd wisten to weason fwom Bacci. She asked fow gowld he said no. We began to look thwu his items. Ooooh a skewetons chest fuwl of wegents. Bacci tawgeted his Mandwke I his peawl. He hid! Just then a Gate appeawed.

    Out of the gate poped not one but two white wywms, ShYnE and Twent. We west the hiding Walker Boh and went to wequest payment fwon these two most assuwedwy weasonable men. How wong I was. We kindwy asked fow 1000 gowld to hunt. ShYnE said "What r u going to do?" and they both pushed past us. Walker came out of hiding and wan into the gate the wude tamews came thwu. This was stawting to be a vewy fwustwating evening. Such poow mannews! This wouwd just not do. We wan in aftew them. We both began to snoop wooking fow something to covew the pawtwy 1000 gowld pwemit fee. I suppose ShYnE was not thinking, ovew estimated his skiwls, thought the Wywms wouwd shiewd him. I am not weawly suwe what he was thinking. He attacked Bacci! Oh my, Gway ShYnE made a big boo boo. 1st not paying then the newve to attack Bacci in hew own dungeon! I immediatewy attacked him. He thought to wun, but my good fwiend Gwimmoch saw I was fighting so assisted me by woosing a bowt into ShYnE. I finawly caught up with him and finished him off. I took his wemaining wegents as payment for his twesspassing. Bacci was quickwy dispatching Twent. I went out fwont to Wez ShYnE. As I got thewe he was aweady wezed. Oh the things he said. He invited me to do some things I wiwl not shawe with woo. How wude! I was going to teach him some mannews.

    Just then Bacci haiwed me and said she was Kiwled by "a". How sad! I wan to hew body to wecovew hew items. Oh My! I had too many things in my backpack. I gwabbed the wegents, pots and pewsonaw items and met hew out back. I wezed hew quickwy and she took hew items and went to wecovew what was weft on hew body. I had to wun home to my smawl wented woom and dwop off the things I had cowlected in liew of gowld.
    Bacci keeps me apwised of what she is doing. " got me speaw back, now me awmow" She is having such fun and hewe I am at my woom!

    As quickwy as I can I get back to Khawl. I begin to patwow the cowridows. Who shouwd I see but Qil. What a fouw mouthed pewson. I wiwl let woo heaw what he said.

    Qil: NEWBIE
    Qil: DP
    Qil: SUCKS
    Qil: (Warlord, Minax)
    You see: Qil
    Qil: ++
    Qil: FIGGHT ME

    How sad he feews such wage and impotence that he must wash out vewbawy at a young wady. He became engaged with a few of the wocaws and wan off.

    Next I came upon Sir Lawence II and Phlegmator. I asked as nicewy as I might if they had paied the 1000 gowld to hunt. They wewe most powite, yet didn't undewstand the benefits of paying. I towld them if they payed we wouwd awlow them to hunt un hampewed by ouw thieving. Phwegmatow said "Do woo think woo awe bothewing us?" I wepwied, I did offew. Then began to snoop fow some juicy items to pay the pwemit fees. They twied to dance wound and wound. Just then Bacci joined me. Now we waced about. They decided it was safew outside so depawted with Bacci and I diwectwy behind. Once outside we discussed the vawious mewits of paying the fee. As I said befowe they wewe both vewy powite and gentewmanwy about it, but stiwl decwined. A gate poped into being just behind us. Skyshroud and Jherra awrived. Wewl, When Skyshwoud sees these two wiwl not pay, he shames them into paying. Not onwy that, Phwegmatow wecawls to get the fuwl amount. He wetuwns and pays not onwy fow one day, but fow three. I thank him and he bows and says good day. Now why can't othews be so powite? They went inside to fight. Skyshwoud and fwiend bid us good evening and gated out. We went back inside to find Siw Wawence fighting. I heawed him as I went by. He is aftew a paying patwon.

    Back on patwow, I come across Stump invading and not wiwling to pay. He said no and swung at me with his axe. I can deaw with vewbaw taunts and mean faces, but a swing needs to be answewed with a poke! I awmed my speaw and attacked. He wan as fast as he couwd. I gave chase. Out Khawl, acwoss the fiewds, thru a passageway. I fowlowed just behind him. I got off a coupwe pokes. Then I switched to a Kwiss coated with the most deadwy of toxins. I stwuck home. He was poisoned, yet kept wunning. I fowlowed him to his house and stopped just short of the fwont powch. Just then I saw him die fwom the poison. I waited a monment to be suwe then dawted in to see what he had to covew the 1000 gowld. One hatchet, one executionews axe, 80 bandaids. I dwoped the 2 axes on the fwaw and kept the aids. I cawled to the ghost so I might wez him and expwain it was not nice to attack a wady doing hew duty. No whewe couwd I find him. I seawched the awea and finawly saw him newy wezed wunning to his house. I twyed to tawk to him and heaw him. But he just wan past. As soon as he got to his home he disapeared. I stood out fwont in amazment.

    OMG its ShYnE inside Stumps house! He opens the door and attacks me, then twyes to cast pawa on me. (why on eawth wouwd a mage waste mana knowing I wouwd have pouches?) Anyhow, he fizzles and I find house fighting so distastfuw I weft. Bacci tewls me she is fighting Qil and I Waugh when she tewls me she kiwled him. Not bad for a RP newbie I guess. Then she tewls me she sees ShYnE gway in the passage. He is gway fwom attacking me. She kiwled him, not onwy did she woot him, but she got hew wast piece of awmow back fwom him. How sad he didn't just pay the 1000 gowld in the 1st pwace.

    <center><a target="_blank" href=http://angrav.psend.com> DP Home Page</a></center>
  3. Dragon Valor

    Dragon Valor Guest


    I finally made it into a story! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif

    I am the purifier, the light that clears all shadows.
    [email protected]
  4. Dragon Valor

    Dragon Valor Guest


    you type fast! my reply was only a few words long
    and you managed to beat me with that huge post!

    good story too!
    i like the part when i stepped through the gate /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif

    I am the purifier, the light that clears all shadows.
    [email protected]
  5. KDSonoma

    KDSonoma Guest

    Doesn't anyone use the "locked chest - anti thief" stuff any more? Or does that not still work?

    Seems like everyone likes to put everything in the top level of their backpack these days.

    Are they just lazy or do people not know that items in locked chests cant be stolen from? Or has it been so long since I had to worry about it that the anti thief chests no longer work?

    I never have a problem, as I never carry anything worth stealing, so I can never be upset about a thief taking my items. Last time a thief snooped me for a bit I laughed and asked him if he saw anything he wanted, cause Id gladly hand it to him.

    He said "For a King, you sure carry a lot of crappy sh*t".


  6. Kobati

    Kobati Guest

    heh KD....

    I find myself being increasingly lazy in my anti thief preparations as of late...

    However, I usually get the same comments... "You don't have to run, you don't have anything worth stealing anyway."
    Just not worth goin grey for a few bandies and a gm katana or 2. :) Usually I just get the thieves that like to pop my pouches for fun. :/

    Someone random stole from me the other day and was killed, for a grand total of 2, count em 2 bandies. We laughed most about the fact that I would have GIVEN em the 2 bandages. :)

  7. Cice

    Cice Guest

    ...have no clue how to deal with a thief. Since the advent of Trammel many people have had no need to worry about it.

    After all, what do you call a grandmaster thief in Trammel? Someone who's wasted at least 200 skill points.

    Over in Buc's Den, S?G is making a killing relieving various warriors of burdensome power/vanquishing weapons, mages of large stacks of reagents and thieves of their lives (if you're a thief, you're either in S?G, or incapacitated).
    Quite a good living.

    And good story, Bacci :) Quite nice to see other thieves in action.

    - This post brought to you by Grog, the uncrowned Lord of Rogues.

    "James Havaris had two sons. The older was named Cice. The younger was called Jul'ian. Both were exiled after the untimely death of their mother. Where are they now?" - Exerpt from House Havaris, Volume 107, chapter 18, page 3285
  8. Leif!

    Leif! Guest

    Good tale, i always like to have fun with your guild. =p I was thinkin of making a rival guild to yours, not one that talks crap etc, just one that in a rp sence is opposed to your guild. Thought it might be kinda cool
  9. Harmony_DP

    Harmony_DP Guest

    You awe most wewcome to oppose us Siw. If the task of cweating a guiwd to oppose us is a bit much, woo might wook to BHS as they aweady oppose us and we awe at waw with them cuwrendwy. Howevew I have seen wittwe of them of wate.

    <center><a target="_blank" href=http://angrav.psend.com> DP Home Page</a></center>
  10. Twist123

    Twist123 Guest

    Speaking of the Devil? *grins* I have been on a long journey and yet will be in my homeland by the morrow. Wildice has disbanded many members of the guild and will be giving me the reins.

    Twist of BHS

    PS Its nice to be back (missed everyone)
  11. Harmony_DP

    Harmony_DP Guest

    Much bettew the deviw woo know than the one woo don't! I wook fowawd to seeing woo once again skuwking awound the hawls of Khawl.

    <center><a target="_blank" href=http://angrav.psend.com> DP Home Page</a></center>
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A blast from the past!

    Bacci was me hero, never a kinder, more villianous soul would ya meet.

    Her exploits with LuT and then DP were the foundation fer me career as a seasoned rogue... and I bring this one out of mothballs fer all yer pleasure!
  13. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Wow! Either you dug that up out of the archives or I was having a flashback from some bad drugs in college. Glad it wasn't the latter. Thanks Leurnid!
  14. I sure miss those guys.

    Thanks for bringing those memories to the fore, Leurnid. :)
  15. Lord Hunter

    Lord Hunter Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 18, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Wow, a post from Cice, Bacci and Harmony all in one post.

    Are there any former LuT or DP left besides myelf?

    We should have a reunion.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I got me start in hopes to be a member of DP, but pub 16 hit before I was feelin 'up to snuff' and that started the demise of DP.

    When the Galad's returned, I was lookin to join LuT, but Bacci had misgivin's about the new crew, and I learned fer meself that a couple of em were doin RL scams (not in character) and that with Bacci's words combined to turn me off joinin with em... although I stayed friendly with LuT just the same.

    So, While I am no former member, I am an almost former member, and at the very least, friend of both.
  17. Drow of Loot

    Drow of Loot Guest

    Unfortunately I didn't have a thief at the time, so I wasn't able to meet the eldest of members of LuT...I got in thanks to Brown Ninja and Geni. Very very few LuTers are still around, in the form of LuT and its daughter guild LooT (because Brown Ninja wasn't able to transfer leadership). The rest play freeshards or WoW...or await Pirates of the Burning Sands, heh. I have seen an imitation Garad, though in the form of a stealth archer (ick).
  18. Geni came back for awhile this spring (Ajax came back too), but they disappeared again. Boooo!

    By the way, I spoke with the "fake Galad" rather extensively, and I am satisfied that he is doing it as a tribute to keep a memory alive, rather than to take advantage of a situation. Seems like a pretty decent guy, to me. :)
  19. Kimi_Mori

    Kimi_Mori Guest


    Wow! Either you dug that up out of the archives or I was having a flashback from some bad drugs in college. Glad it wasn't the latter. Thanks Leurnid!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Mandolin, don't tell me you were one of those party animal [​IMG]

    Leurnid thank you.
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color="purple"> Having the pleasure of meeting Bacci,[Also a Hero of mine] and knowing first hand what a wonderful person she is.. I thank you for this reminder... could we all be so kind.. Pax,Silk </font>
  21. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest


    Mandolin, don't tell me you were one of those party animal [​IMG]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    In RL, Kimi? Absolutely. I made Otter, Bluto, Boon and D-Day look like honor roll boys in a private catholic school. *grin*

    In game.. eep.. nope.. I burned many of them stamina points running from LuT guild tags! [​IMG]
  22. Drow of Loot

    Drow of Loot Guest

    I spoke a bit with him as well, under a different guise. While I'd prefer there not be a stealth archer named Galad, his intentions are good enough...so he's off the target list ^,~