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(RP) A Drawing Down Of Blinds; Report From The EM Event

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Adol, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Adol

    Adol Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 28, 2003
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    'Twas a sad day for the realm indeed; even the town criers now lament for the fallen. But what events came to pass last night? Ahh, was a memorable evening, for many good reasons, and one extremely tragic one. Our tale begins inside the Councillors Hall as always, where we gathered to respond to the threat of Kwi-Lan and his minions...

    Learn these words well! For a new craze has taken over the young of the land; repeating these 3 words constantly. In the most inappropriate places. Everywhere you can think of. Because who knows when they may take you to a realm overflowing with riches, eh?! I've cut out some of the repetitions in the Councillors for brevity...

    And follow we did... but despite his bravado in the face of personal threats, the first gate Nathan tried to cast to the lair was a fizzler and lead nowhere.

    We arrived east of Skara Brae; what did the entrance to these foul beasts lair look like? Fellow adventurer, let us see if you can locate the quest amongst the following snippet of representative dialogue;

    Stand back they most certainly did not however, despite Nathan appealing for order for some time after; as one sagely put it “[Barbaretta]: shame vampires dont eat brains... we'd starve them today”

    Fortunately the eternal undead must have heard the chanting, and with the wisdom of age realising that youth is wasted on the young, opened up a gate into their world and immediately proceeded to try and take the life blood from as many of us as possible.

    The first hellspawn we ran into was Izzert the Guardian, and around him were various vampires;


    As it approached, Iljian called for enlightenment, presumable to enjoy the death of Nathan... our hearts were high and doom far from our minds so entering into the spirit of jocularity I cast the required spell... and it was Izzert who fell instead. Around the corner, we found Granesh. Protector of Kwi-lan, a creature of the Crimson type, now green and decayed with age as his predecessor;


    Was this a unique set of insults? I suspect Granesh may have been a stealer of techniques too, but I am not sure where from; it must have been a place with good food however, as I fed it's meat to my companion and he looked so much happier. Nathan then declared “HEAL THE FALLEN” before we moved on...

    Beyond this beast, we found the habitation of the vampires; “[Nathan Hawke]: SECURE THE AREA” Forgive the clutter of the next shot, this was the only record I have of this part and I wanted to include the full bestiary. Centre we can see one of the vampires fighting a pixie... who brings a pixie to a fight anyway? To the left and bottom you can see purple Putrifiers.

    (Thumbnail, click for full size)


    The one peaking between my mystical runes I personally slew, for battle honours I can now recount... out of character a moment!

    It seems that the EMs were using this event to introduce or trial the new loot changes and suggestions from previous Meet & Greets; on the corpse of the Putrifier I found a dyed backpack, and inside was the following;


    I heard one other person say they'd found a ring, and Nimuaq also found 3 daggers inscribed the same, also in backpacks, 2 of which were on public corpses people had left behind; so we're not sure how many were included and how many survived the event to be safely looted. But this was a change we'd long asked for, so it's good to see.

    Forging on from the habitation, we found a mysterious row of graves, and then;

    [Sparrow]: “HMMM a Golden Dragon thatll be tough”

    But Nathan wasn't by it. When asked where he was, all I could state for sure was;

    Eventually those of us reducing the dragon to dragon chops caught up with him again;

    Had he taken too many blows to the head, or was this laughing and repetition part of a joke we had missed? We may now never know. Sniff. But we are not near the end of the days events yet! Let us continue with the better times!

    This was not one of our finest ones though; Nathan then lead us into, well, one of those... So back upon our own tracks we returned, until [Nimuaq]: “oh dear, the dragon” and the fight began! Not as tough as we would perhaps fear from it's striking colouration, for even the spells and insults cast were suspiciously familiar...

    [A Golden Dragon]: Come, sweet death... embrace these mine enemies

    But it was his turn to cross the river Styx, not ours.

    Our mettle was soon to be truly tested however, as across one of the mysterious rock bridges we traversed, we ran into a tribe of undead Savage Bodyguard. These proved a difficult foe to master, as they cross healed, cast chain lightning and mass poison everywhere, and had a huge number of hit points. I don't have any screens of this part as the battle was too intense, a feeling widely shared it seems.

    A mysterious voice from on high! Perhaps Nathan heard it too, as whilst I was desperately bandaging, bandaging, bandaging he came and stood by the long bonded pair of Little Nose and I; ”[Nathan Hawke]: FOCUS ON THIS ONE” Yes, I was rather hoping you would!

    “[Nathan Hawke]: DOWN” was, I believe his victory cry in context. Strangely however, despite wrestling with the not so noble savage for nearly 10 minutes mostly solo, I did not get looting rights to it. Talking control of the situation, Nathan continued to direct us to the loin-clothed lunatics; “[Nathan Hawke]: THERE IS ONE HERE BRING IT DOWN”

    And it is fortunate he did; beyond the Savages were more vampires, at which point people started to get confused and lost. There was a row of white gateposts blocking the way forward, so people ran back into the maze to try and find an alternative route, whilst Nathan led the main body through, the gates curiously dropping as he approached. Almost as if someone wanted Nathan to come closer...

    Nathan seemed to know the place well too... I had to rely on Nimauq to pick me up and lead me to the pit, but Nathan walked unconcernedly straight towards it. When I arrived the mood was jocular again. It would not sadly remain so for long.

    At this point, Kwi-Lan broke free of the stone wall around the bit, and the pent up rage and misplaced humour of Nathan's companions in arms were turned against him. He spewed his vile poison around, as he flew across the cavern, striking people from all sorts of unexpected places, but
    their lust for vengeance didn't flag... not even in the face of his foul aura, not even when a good number of our friends and companions including my Little Nose died. (Kwi-Lan seems to have been a remodelled Medusa, as amongst the combat log I can see “[12/03/11][21:03:22] You have been poisoned by Medusa's snake-like hair!”)

    But no whetstone can make a sword as sharp as the arm that swings it in the name of Justice; Kwi-lan was to prove no match for the righteous blows rained upon his consumptive carcass. Where he fell, I did not see. His body was mysteriously absent. And yet, after a moment's confusion, I knew for sure that he did...

    [12/03/11][21:04:30] You have gained a little fame.
    [12/03/11][21:04:30] A reward of katana has been placed in your backpack.


    Out of character again; I'm pretty certain then that this was the new “Top 10 Damage/Healing” code for EM events. So not only was it well scripted, but an awful lot of thought went into where the rewards would be...

    Once the fizz of spell and clash of steel had settled, the crowds began to raise the fallen and cure the remaining maladies. But slowly, the final certainty of Nathan's fate began to seep in;


    We returned to the dungeon... reluctantly in the case of my companion Little Nose, who honked twice and refused to budge until coaxed back into the appalling scene with the promise of meat. As I walked behind the main body of mourners, I finally noticed this display near the entrance;


    The name looked familiar, like the one Kwi-Lan had mentioned. But as I record the day's events now, I realise it's not quite the same name. What meaning could it have? In Nathan's name, we must locate the person behind the one inscribed there...


    Oh indeed. But not just a corpse; there lies the remains of a man who, despite his personal flaws, and despite my having every reason to dislike him when he ran on a campaign for Lord Protector against me, I could still not find it in myself to hate him. He was too good a man for that, and he did his best for us all with all the facilities at his disposal. No matter what we eventually discover about his past, the years he spent leading us were done with only the interests of the realm at heart. His life was free and untainted then, because with him, so we were we; and whatever Kwi-Lan's influence upon a younger Nathan, through his service, he truly had escaped the Vampire.

    I would like to think that, as Nathan leaves this world and his direct influence ends, that someone new walking in and discovering how they can become involved tomorrow is a fitting tribute to the real meaning Nathan's life had. And still has; as a famous author in the world of the avatar once wrote; "No one is finally dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away -- until the clock he wound up winds down, until the wine she made has finished its ferment, until the crop they planted is harvested. The span of someone's life, they say, is only the core of their actual existence."

    If we can thus raise a suitable memorial to Nathan, the core meaning of Nathan's life will remain. And if we do not get more than someone wondering how to cram more people into a bedroom today, tomorrow someone may one day someone stand beside Nathan's grave and wonder what sort of deeds could inspire such heartfelt testimonials... and they will in turn reach out to the world, and through their own actions escape the grave for that brief, but oh so essential moment that truly defines life.

    And as long as they do, Nathan Hawke will remain with us too.

    (And like all of you, I hope that this isn't an indication that someone else's story is ending... Sarakhan? We hope you'll reassure us of that sometime soon.

    Thanks to Nimauq for sharing his clear pictures of the post death parts of the event)