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[Buying and Selling] A few items for sale and buying a few more items!!

Discussion in 'UO Baja Trade' started by fastfairladyz, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Buying: (building a luck suit for fun, i have gold or will trade)
    -Armor of Fortune (non-cursed)
    -160 luck main hand weapon (luckblade or adventure machete, any others??)
    -sleeves, arms and legs with 100+ luck, 20 LRC, LMC and high resists (medable)

    -Soulstone fragments
    -Heritage tokens
    -Personal Attendant tokens
    -Crystal tokens
    -shadow tokens
    -Single deeds from crystal and shadow tokens (specify what you want)
    -Dread Flute
    -Bows: double slayers (all different types)
    -pigments of tokuno (colorless 10 charges each)
    -whispering roses (many many unusual names)
    -crystal balls (they are titled as 'Blessed') - price check on these
    -Singing Ball
    -'A Magic Tambourine' (snake slayer)
    -'50 board' (white in color, old before frostwood)
    -a commodity deed filled with 65536 iron ingots
    -fellucca moonstones
    -Double EQ items (many different ones)
    -'Of Exceptional Quality' (titled that way, its a double EQ breastplate gold/bronze hue in color)
  2. Amber Witch

    Amber Witch Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Gilfane

    Sep 18, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Isn't the max 60K?
  3. From my understanding it's a rare made from 2001 before the patch made the limit to deeds 60k

    speaking of deeds I also have a few house deeds for sale (not mini-house deeds) including a castle deed and tower deed if anyone is interested
  4. Bump, got a few things still need more :) still have items for sale
  5. Xelious Norwood

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 28, 2004
    Likes Received:
    im interested in the house deeds and candy ICQ me if you can 99201070 or reply to me on here.
  6. sirspook

    sirspook Guest

    im interested in the tokens.. how many do u have left?
    icq number is 639555546
    please get with me ;)
  7. sirspook

    sirspook Guest

    i need at least 3 more shadow tokens, at least one more heritage token, at least 2 crystal tokens. and anything else that is dark and gloomy...im shooting for the evil look on the castle. i could use 3 or 4 tall candlebras if u have those too. and any banners u can come up with. ;)
    i cannot pm you b/c it says i have not made 10 posts yet (at 4)lmao
    so i hope u get this
    send me the bill :)
    micanstiuo. from your PM castle deco
  8. I have 2 shadow tokens left, 2 crystal tokens left, I also have a ton of crystal and shadow deeds of pretty much any of the crystal or shadow items...what banners are you looking for? also what candelbras just normal ones? Dont worry you will get to 10 posts soon :) Ill also be on most nights playin, ask for Perrin!

  9. sirspook

    sirspook Guest

    Wall Banners, Decorative Shields, Tall Braziers.

    Heritage Token Items needed:
    Hearth of the Home Fire
    Hanging Axes
    Hanging Swords
    Suits of Armor
    Wall Torch

    thats what i need to start with
    been looking for perrin when im online but it appears we arent on at the same time. i am on around server downtime almost everyday:(
  10. ok, Ill see if I can hit you up then...Ill be at the BAH tomorrow night if I don't catch you before then!
  11. bump

    Bought a few of the items, sold a few of the items. Thanks everyone thus far for the transactions. Also added a couple items!