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A few Questions about my PVM Mage/Necro

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by RPHeaven, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. RPHeaven

    RPHeaven Guest

    Ok my skills are as follows:
    110 Eval
    110 Magery
    110 Necro
    110 SS
    100 Med
    100 Resist
    100 Scribe
    Thats the final Tally with jewels , arties , talis etc etc..
    I have 25 points on focus as well.
    Stats are 100 Str 20 Dex and 130 Int

    As for my suit its stats are as follows:
    70 Phys
    60 Fire
    64 Cold
    64 Poison
    64 Energy

    65 LRC
    10 EP
    40 SDI
    5 FCR
    2 FC
    38 LMC
    7 MR
    20 Reflect Phys
    15 DCI

    My question is what are some good combos to use during PvM?
    I know depending on the monsters weakness some spells might change, but I want to just get some basics out of it.
  2. GFY

    GFY Guest

    You can cast corpse skin before any fire spell. I like corpse skin, explosion, flamestrike.

    Evil Omen will increase the effect of the next spell cast, so you can cast that before anything.

    If your not targeted you can cast curse, evil omen, corpse skin, explosion, flamestrike.

    String together a bunch of poison strikes and withers if your surrounded by smaller stuff.

    If your targeted cast blood oath, if your going to take damage you might as well give some back to your opponent!

    If there are corpses lying around animate dead can give you something to tank a mob.

    Evil omen and strangle can be a very good damage over time combo.

    Hope this gives you a few ideas! Make your spell combo macros close on your keyboard so you can access them easily and you'll do very well.
  3. RPHeaven

    RPHeaven Guest

    Thats perfect Thanks. I owe a little payback to a Greater Dragon and I will have Justice. Mwhahahahahaha.

    One more question, how can I setup UOA to link my spells so that they will target an enemy? So far when i try i either make it target the ground or a player.
  4. If at all possible try to use UO macros for your spells. IMO, it just seems to be a little faster.

    If I'm getting ready to fight and have a little prep time, I usually d-click my dagger and target the mob i want for LT. I usually use my mouse wheel for Last and self target.
  5. GFY

    GFY Guest

    I have to agree with Shadow. Don't like spells in UOA. If you get inturpted it messes up your macro and your ability to cast for several seconds, if this happens at the wrong time (doesn't it always!) you end up dead.

    Instead make your macros in uo. Try to avoid shift, control, & alt macros for combat spells. You can get nervious hit the wrong macro at the wrong time. Personally I like using my F keys for offensive spells and my number line for defense. My hand is close to my macros and I can find them without looking down at my keyboard. Here's an example; F3 - explosion, F4 - flame strike, F5 - corpse skin. Then I use #4 for cure pot, #5 for heal pot, #6 for cure spell, and #7 for heal spell. Easy for me to hit with 2 fingers and I don't have to go hunting for my macro keys. I do use alt and ctrl mancros for spells I don't use in combat, like recall and gate.