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[Spellweaving] A few questions:

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Malkes, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Malkes

    Malkes Guest

    I recently picked up Spellweaving on my tamer and after training it a bit and looking at some of the spell descriptions (from here and UOGuide) I noticed that some of the spells told the effect they have, but not intensities (aside from bonuses from extra casters from an Arcane Focus).

    That being said, I had been thinking about picking it up for my Stealth Mage and wanted to know if anyone knew the base intensities (with no benefits from an Arcane Focus) for some of the following (assuming 100 Spellweaving for all of them):

    Reaper Form: What is the base SSI and SDI that you get from that? Sources I can find simply state that it gains +1% in both from per caster from an Arcane Focus, but nothing about the benefit it gives without a Focus.

    Thunderstorm/Essence of Wind: Does anyone know an average base damage for these spells? I am led to believe that they aren't very powerful, but I am still curious about the damage potential of them (primarily since this mage will be stacking a lot of SDI).

    Arcane Empowerment: Does anyone know the base SDI increase from this? With the addition of other casters for a Focus it seems like it could be quite a potent SDI increase (despite the high mana cost), but I don't know what benefit I would get from it without a Focus.

    Thank you in advance to anyone that might be able to shed a little light in this matter for me.
  2. Valentina

    Valentina Guest

    I have heard (may or may not be true) that arcane empowerments base SDI is 10%.

    I have no idea of the increase for reaper form, though it should be easy to test with a partner. It seems to be significant - there is definately a noticeable jump in damage. Unfortunatley 've never tested it aainst a target that I know to ahve 0 resistance, so I dont know how big exactly.

    I dont know the base damage of thunderstorm or essence of wind either, but I know it sucks. I have never gotten anything even remotly resemblign decernt damage/mana cost out f these things yet. I am still leveling up Spellweaving, but I doubt very much they will suddenly reach uber status given how slowly most SW effects seem to advance with higher SW levels. They'll be better, maybe, but I suspect Magery will always be the better bet for flat-out magical DPS.
  3. Malkes

    Malkes Guest

    I agree about the Thunderstorm/EoW. I was just thinking that, if they damage could be comparable to the Magery AoE spells, that, at least EoW could be useful against some mobs, since magery has no cold-based AoE spell.

    I just thought that, if I could manage to find other Weavers to make a Circle with, that a decent Focus/Reaper Form/Empowerment combination could make clearing problematic monster groups out easy with either a Physical/Fire/Energy AoE from Magery or an EoW from Spellweaving, given the predominate resistance weakness of a mob group.
  4. Malkes

    Malkes Guest

    Anyone else have any raw data for these spells?
  5. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Gimme about 3hours when i get home and ill post you all the raw effects of SW at 110 SW.(im not at 100)

    Edit: however it wont be comlpetely accurate until pub 58 comes out...apparantly theres some changes.
  6. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Ok sorry for the late reply,

    So far:

    Attunement - 48 points absorbed for 60secs
    Gift of renewal - 9points every 2 seconds for 60seconds
    Thunderstorm - 14points over a range of about 3tiles.
    Natures furies - duration around 30seconds
    Reaper form - no hard data appears to be around 10%SDI (0 eval so cant test effectively)
    wildfire - 4x4 tiles 14 damage per tick
    Essence of wind - 24 damage over around 5tile radius
    Etheral voyage - duration 16secs
    Gift of life - duration 480seconds
    Arcane empowerment - 9%SDI 10% Hit point bonus on summoned creatures duration 19seconds

    There ya go :)

    All area effect spells were tested in Jhelom pits and hit all creatures for same damage, the rest were taken from buff icons.

    All tested at 110 Spellweaving 0 focus, hope that helps.
  7. Malkes

    Malkes Guest

    Thanks for the info, Rich.

    While Reaper Form and Empowerment (with additional casters for a Focus) will make the magery AoE's (and other spells) quite potent, it would STILL take a ton of SDI to make the Spellweaving AoE's useful at all (from a damage standpoint) it seems.

    At the very least it would be nice to see them increase the damage of Essence of Wind a little bit, to give a reliable cold damage AoE for Spellweaving (although wither is already a reliable cold based AoE for necros).
  8. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    My tamer has spell weaving and it is nice, especially in spawn situaitions pets guard i essence of wind they all die quick!!!

    Does take a ton of mana though, if AoE is what your after necro still is the way to go.
  9. Malkes

    Malkes Guest

    I'm not going after AoE specifically. I was just thinking that in situations where it might be helpful, that popping into Reaper, using Empowerment, and then popping off an AoE suited to the mob type would be a nice contingency plan, hehe.


    I tend to do a fair bit of Serado spawns. I don't really know anyone on Atlantic any more, so I end up doing them alone. EVs work great up until the point that Lessers and Lions spawn. At that point it seems like several other folk will show up and start gathering them up to AoE down. Earthquake is ok against the lions, but against the lessers it is lacking. Due to spacing issues, Chain Lightning and Meteor swarm can come up short as well. Essence of Wind, however, being a radial type AoE, like Wither and EQ would do nicely, especially given that a Hiryu's lowest resist is usually cold. With the lowish damage of EoW, however, I was wanting to make sure it might be a worthwhile spell to use, given the mana cost.

    With the info you provided to me, I now know that, provided I stack enough SDI that, yes, it can be used effectively in that situation.