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A few spells I am concerned with Stygian!

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Xin Law, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. Xin Law

    Xin Law Guest

    I just now read all the info put out in regards to Stygian Abyss, and it looks promising except for a few things. The expansion plus the faction changes is enough for me to reactivate accounts to hopefully have some fun, but I am worried about a few things.

    The following Mysticism spells bother me:

    1* Purge Magic - An Ort Sanct - Removes one beneficial ward from the target.

    -- This one is only going to **** people off. Alot of mages have suits that revolve around the armor resist manipulations with Reactive Armor or Magic Reflect. For example mages suit has only 40 Physical, but everything else is over 70, so Reactive Armor stays on so they have 60 Physical. Thats pretty much a two hit kill from a dexer or archer. Also, some players like to play with 'protection' spell on, so they dont get interrupted casting spells (some have no choice but to use this because dial-up and old computer means your window of having spells interrupted is to huge against a player with superior connection.

    2* Bombard - Corp Por Ylem - Conjures a magical boulder projectile that is hurled at your target. This spell also has a chance to knockback and stun a player victim for 2 seconds.

    -- Please tell me 120 Magic resist will cut the time to 1 second or resist it entirely. If not then its pretty much the same effect as 'Nerve Strike', except this method requires no weapon (nerve strike only on bokutos), no weapon skill or tactics, (90 weapon skill + 90 tactic + 90 bushido to do nervestrikes) and to top it off its a freaking range attack. At the very least please let that range be a radius of like 3-4 tiles.

    3* Spell Plague - Vas Rel Jux Ort - Inflicts one or more victims in its area of effect with a terrible curse. Each time the victim hits with a harmful attack (spell, melee, ranged, etc.), there is a chance that the victim will take an explosion backlash of fire damage.

    --This spell is absurd, and I seriously am not going to activate my accounts, much less buy the expansion. Having Blood Oath + Strangle + Poisoned + Bleeding on you at once is bad enough (NECRO-DEXER template can do it). So now there is going to be another lame arse curse that can be added to make it even more screwed up, so in order words you will NOT be able to cast ANYTHING, unless you activate the 'protection' spell. And to add insult to injury, thanks to "Purge Magic" they will be able to remove the protection spell meaning you are absolutely screwed. I am not going to even bother activating my accounts, because this is going to do nothing but **** me the hell off.
  2. Sarphus

    Sarphus Guest

    You can read more details on how the mysticism spells work here

    Before the devs were all in crunch mode after the last patch he was kind enough to answer a TON of questions about Mysticism.

    To be an effective mystic, you have to invest a minimum of 240 skill points. It won't be the next chivalry...

    It won't be the next spellweaving...

    If you read the spell descriptions in their entirity, I think a 240 skill pt investment is pretty reasonable.

    I probably should say something about the 3 spells that concern you.

    Purge Magic is a 2nd Rank spell, so it will cast fast. I think you can reapply your buffs just as fast or just about as fast, though.

    Bombard only has a 12% chance to stun if you have 120/120 Mystic/Eval

    Spell plague has a 50% chance to remove itself after it deals damage. I assume that cursed apples and remove curse would remove it too. It's a rank 7 spell, so it can not be cast from a spell trigger and it will cast about as fast as a flamestrike. Yes, you can get flamestrike off in a pvp situation, but it can be interrupted too.

    Also, the 4x4 radius on the spell means that it will potentially flag the caster on several people.
  3. Xin Law

    Xin Law Guest

    Sarphus, thank you for the clarification, everything you stated resolved all the problems I was having with it. I stop playing UO a few months ago, because I cant stand that damn (evil omen + para = 5 second para even with 120 magic resist). So I only check things out once every 3 weeks or so to see if any changes to UO. I seriously might start playing if there is going to be that much content. Because that will mean the 'frequency' or 'chances' of being hit with (evil omen + para) will be significantly reduced because players will want to incorporate skill points into mysticism instead of necro. I just want to be sure that within the changes, features, etc. that their isnt something else that is going to be abused and frankly **** people off left and right.

    Thanks for the link, if you or anyone else could post other links for the expansion that explain its contents, features, skills, changes in an indept manner, I really would appreciate it.

    Thank you