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A Fond Farewell

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Guest, Jul 25, 2001.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, I cannot recall how many times I have read threads like this. But, this ones mine. As soon as I can transfer my small tower and items to a friend, I am leaving UO. It comes down to time. I spend too much of it in the game. It's time to go.

    I want to thank, Southern, Dor, Father Ganja, Zayin, Owen Lighthood, spinkicr, Akanah, Lady Starr, Pacrat, Anchor Wayfare, Dermott, Trunks, Xydrol, Yoda, Tybalt Capulet and all the others who have made this forum a fun part of my life. I know I am forgetting a bunch of you that I really enjoyed talking to. And I would be remiss if I didn't say NEPETHE you are a friggen cutie. Im serious. *cough* Sorry... lol.

    You guys have pissed me off many times, you have made me laugh a ton, and made me feel sad. Thats a unique experience. People from all over the world in different lives and situations, all gathered to talk about one game.

    And the game.... You know, I could rail and rant, but I always felt it was hypecritical to rail on a game you continue to play. Don't complain about the shock you get if you continue to hit the button, ya know? Its introduced me to some amazing people. Jade and Dcats. I love you guys. I have never met ya in real life. 3000 miles away we are, but always like we are next door.

    Finally, a confession. I am Hida O-Ushi. And, I am Breadmaster. I guess in my final days I was looking for something more from UO. I couldn't just let them disappear without an explanation. I made a couple extra sign-ons for Stratics and was able to post in complete anonimity. And that brings me to spelling. I never did improve that here did I? lol

    In the end, I left something behind. I touched different people at different times as they touched me. Maybe it was a free Katana, or a Heal or really anything. But I played. And I tried to be as good to people as I could. Thank you all for making my life a little better.


  2. Ajax of Napa

    Ajax of Napa Guest

    I always enjoyed your posts even if I did now know you well. I especially like the Breadmaster thing:)

    Fare thee well!

    Explorer 60%
    Socializer 53%
    Achiever 46%
    Killer 40%

    Theres a 53% chance that I'll talk to you and only a 40% chance that I'll attack you. So stop by my place anytime, its relatively safe.
  3. Crimson Sky

    Crimson Sky Guest

    Priam, D and I, we love you =) you know that ..... You gotta do, what ya gotta do ..... But just know this .... we have been there for you in the past, we are here for you now, and will be there for you in what ever the future may bring you ......

    Jade and Dcats
  4. Shadefox

    Shadefox Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 2, 2004
    Likes Received:
    seriously, your post made me warm at hart and wet my eyes, no kidding here.
    mind if I save it to my webpage? you touched the very root of UO, the reasons that keeps me coming back, again and again, and I think, in the end, the reasons we all play even though the skills get nerfed and all the other things we complain about.
    I wish you good luck in whatever you may do, or were ever you may go, you will certinly be missed by many in our community (I dear to say so even not knowing you in RL or ingame, just from reading your posts...)
    Come by and visit us from time to time, the U.hall doors will be wide open :)

    <a target="_blank" href=http://members.tripod.co.uk/shadefox/ultima.html>Dont post this at home, I'm a professional. Click here to Continue</a>
  5. FatherGanja

    FatherGanja Guest

    Posts like this always do that to me :(
    Well, I hope you have as much fun and as many good times with whatever you pursue in the future :)
    Fare thee well.

    One slays daemons, the other......carrots.<font color=red>
    Signature by Succabus of Atlantic!</font color=red><font color=green>
    LS, Mage,East Coast Trading, SnR & Star Wars Forum Moderator</font color=green></center>
  6. Lady Starr

    Lady Starr Guest

    Oh Priam I can understand where you are at.. and it tears me up to see you go. We never really had much time to hang out and get to know one another much. Be safe in whatever you do and don't work to hard. And remember I am just an ICQ away should you need to chat or anything at all.

    *BIG HUGS*

    <center>The Lady of Many shards!</center>
  7. CitizenKane2

    CitizenKane2 Guest

    Best of luck in your future endeavours.


    <font color=blue> It's not just a game. It's OUR game. </font color=blue>
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest


    You WERE one of the more level headed posters around here, and you'll be missed. Take care and may fortune smile upon you in the future.

  9. I can only say one thing,

    Peace be with you My U-Hall Friend, You will be missed, but remembered fondly.


    "Do not thank me, do the same for someone else someday" Tom Luckay
  10. God of Lag

    God of Lag Guest

    Wishing you success in all your future endeavours. A well spoken person, you will be missed.

    SLIGHTLY crazed? By whose definition??
  11. Aww man, Priam! Don't leave!! *sigh* I hope I put SOMETHING in your time here at UHall, because I always respected ya (and Breadmaster too heh heh).... Anyways I will miss ya just as much as anyone else here, good luck in whatever you choose to do in the future, and come back every so often! *waves*

    <center><font color=4682B4> Dizzy-Sugar Fiend of UHall..... I'm watching you! </font color=4682B4></center>
  12. Take Care! Hida! LoL!!! that one caught me off guard :)

    I have a few aliases myself here... I think one or two people know who I am in my various guises :)

    Oh what the heck... since you have always been level headed and good person to talk to here, I'll fess up too. Going back to the old Uhall, the names I have posted here under are...

    Maeve of Catskills
    Tamara Steel
    Misty MacLean
    and of course.. Yim Wing Chun
    hmmm did I miss any?

    and the ultimate confession... yes, I'm a guy.

    <font color=blue>There is no death; there is the Force</font color=blue>


    <font color=blue>Yim Wing Chun, Jedi Mistress of Sonoma</font color=blue>

    <a target="_blank" href=http://jedi.8m.net>http://jedi.8m.net</a>
  13. :( Bye bye.

    Hope you come back sometime.

    Even if you stop playing, don't be a stranger to U.Hall....

    Makes me sad to see older players go

    Owen Lighthood For President.
    "Go away...I'm alright." - H. G. Wells, dying words

    Thanks for your time

    Handel of Catskills
    "All that I know is that I know nothing" (Socrates)
  14. Southern

    Southern Guest

    Good travels to thee, My Friend, and may our paths cross again in the future. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/crying.gif

    You can always stop by to visit, you know -- this place is more than a message board, it's a home. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif


    Proprietor, South's Market
    "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and he will never need to buy shoes again!"
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Glad to see it's on a "I need more time out of game" note and not on a "UO sucks ass" note.

    Good luck in your journeys.

    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/evileye.gif You actually believe THAT?!?!

    <a target="_blank" href=http://members.telocity.com/~dermott/dermsrants.html>UO: The way I see it</a>: Just my little page of rants.

    [​IMG] of LS [GM Mad Scientist; NMA]
  16. Chyenne

    Chyenne Guest

    Althought I do not post here often, I am here a lot reading posts and learning new things about UO. Priam, I am going to miss your posts and your rants. Best of luck in doing whatever you will be doing in your spare time. I join the rest in saying how much you will be missed.

    UO and UHall will somehow be just a bit changed without you here.
    *wipes a tear from her eye then runs up and HUGGERS you to death*

  17. Wisty

    Wisty Guest

    So who is the picture of? Is that you? Or a movie actress or something? I admit it's a nice picture, but I kinda wondered why you chose it. Well, anyways... I'm female. And I live on two shards in this name, and have five other female characters on those two shards, plus a total goof-up guy on Great Lakes who will prolly become an exploratory ghosty, going places the rest dare not tred - until/when/if they GM or master some magery? He's my first and last guy, and first macer (healer/resister). (But I love *swords*!, she cries again, and again.)

    I just realized. Suddenly all kinds of players are leaving. Did I forget to brush my teeth or something? Bummers! :) -W.
  18. MysticAngel

    MysticAngel Guest

    Well, that was quite farewell. Really got to me, and I barely knew ya. From what conversation we did had, It was well spent. I will miss ya.

  19. She's a Taiwanese model named Mae Yu Tsai. I chose her pictures because she matched exactly what I had in mind when I created the character.

    <font color=blue>There is no death; there is the Force</font color=blue>


    <font color=blue>Yim Wing Chun, Jedi Mistress of Sonoma</font color=blue>

    <a target="_blank" href=http://jedi.8m.net>http://jedi.8m.net</a>
  20. Take care Priam. When a game starts to take to much time away from your life, I agree it is time to walk away.

  21. MC Square

    MC Square Guest

    Safe Journey Priam :) You've been a great addition here and will be missed by one and all, including me. Now get out there and enjoy the real world!

    </font color=68228B> Mother Confessor </font color=68228B> /php-bin/shared/images/icons/queen.gif

    <font color=8B008B>Visit Me at: </font color=8B008B> <a target="_blank" href=http://www.geocities.com/eleisablackstar/> El's Place</a>
  22. Pacrat

    Pacrat Guest

    We're always open.

    <center>The Geese will rule, and the Salamanders will speak French.</center><center>(Just a small taste of the havoc wrought by the 4D client for UO!)</center>

  23. Wisty

    Wisty Guest

    I see. And she has a very sweet face, indeed.
  24. I'm not worried

    Who luvs ya baby?
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I just stopped by to quickly check the board before I headed off to bed. Now I’ve very glad I did. I would feel very bad indeed had you left and I hadn’t had the chance to say ‘fare thee well.’ I’ve been posting on U.Hall for well over a year now, and though I yet to meet anybody in person, many of the regulars have come to feel like an extended family. Of late, many members of that family have moved on, as you are now doing. And though your leaving saddens me, I’m sure you’ve made the right choice. Though it’s often a difficult choice to make, reality should always take precedence over fantasy.

    I wish you all the best, wherever your road should lead you. And before you leave, I would like to say thank you for having touched my life and made it better. And though his existence was brief, I will truly miss the Breadmaster. His posts never failed to make me laugh, and no higher praise can be paid to anyone.

    Be safe and know you’ll be remembered.

    - Calabar of Catskills
    - Vidar Bloodstone of Sonoma
    - Ryan Hunter of LS
    - Skuz of Napa Valley <font color=006400>Grand Master Chef</font color=006400>


    Calabar’s devoted companion,
    the elusive Red Toon Dragon of Wind.
  26. spinkickr

    spinkickr Guest

    i knew it, i knew it, i knew you were breadmaster, least i thought it might be so, hehe
    some comment you made to abomb once, when he was posting all those explosions, hehe

    you were a good example for me, i am proud to know you
    and i hope you find what you wish for in life

    <center>Chung Sin Il Do Ha Sa Bul Sung</center>
  27. I am sorry I missed this thread when you posted it. :-/

    *smiles* If I can ever get the data extracted from my fried harddrive, I'd like to edit a couple of the Storytelling sessions and post your contributions here. (if that's alright with you) Your presence on those nights was special indeed, and I think that is what I shall remember the most about you. We did have a great time, aye? *grins*

    Aside from that, please keep in touch. UO or no, we'll always be happy to hear from you!

    P.S. Hope to see you at the Ren Faire. :)



    <font color=blue>The Lone Ranger</font color=blue>
    <font color=purple>Guildmaster,</font color=purple><font color=red>Sonoma War Games</font color=red>
  28. Wisty

    Wisty Guest

    re, breadmaster. What few posts I saw of his (hers?) they were very amusing. As for Priam, I apparently arrived after he did much posting, so I am not familiar with him, other than, the very first day I was here, lurking, about a month ago (went away after that) Priam had a link in one of his posts about some humorous site. I went there, and suddenly was thrown into my ami-bios screen! Scary indeed. Never happened before. And made me wonder if that meant a worm or something had uploaded? That's why I remember the name Priam, because it was kind of a weird occurence. -- Anyhow, good luck in the rl, Priam. Whoever you are. -W.
  29. *waves*

    Goodbye, Priam... or should I say hello? It looks like I'm joining you in the long hike back to the Real World.

    I hear they have sunshine there...

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