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[Selling] A Full Set Of Brown Un-Modified JUKA BOWS (ATL)

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by LiveInSin, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. LiveInSin

    LiveInSin Guest

    Found this set while I was digging on my home shard of Atlantic. This is a complete (i think) set of Brown, Unmodified Juka Bows. If you attempt to equip any of these bows it will not allow you, and it will say, 'you must first modify this bow'.

    This collection is for those who know how rare a set like this is. Everyone has Black Juka bows. Not many people know the difference. If you do, this set is for you.

    A bulk of this sets value comes from the top two bows, Exorcism and Repond.

    I have some doubles of a few bows, and here is a list of what I currently have available.

    A Bow Of Exorcism
    A Repond Bow
    A Blood Drinking Bow 2x
    A Bow Of Spider's Death
    A Bow Of Flame Dousing 2x
    A Bow of Scorpion's Bane
    A Bow Of Deamon Dismissal
    A Bow Of Snake's Bane
    A Bow Of Vacuum
    A Bow Of Orc Slaying 3x
    A Bow of Terathan Slaying 2x
    A Bow Of Elemental Health
    A Bow Of Elemental Ban
    A Bow Of Ogre Thrashing 3x
    A Bow Of Dragon Slaying
    A Bow Of Gargoyle's Foe 2x
    A Bow of Summer Wind 2x
    A Bow Of Ophidian Slaying

    I am not really willing to break this set up. I will sell some of the doubles I have but under no circumstances will I sell you the exorcism or repond bow independantly. That would ruin the value of my set.

    If interested please message me at 400666265.
  2. PoCove

    PoCove Guest

    Nice Set ... I most assuredly will not be able to afford the set ..
  3. LiveInSin

    LiveInSin Guest

    These are available at the rares fest right now!