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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Festival ...

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by imported_Queen Mum, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. Thank you Repoman for sharing your dream with Sonoma of holding a cross-shard Spring Festival.
    From start to finish the purpose of the event was to have fun, bring unity and promote our communities.

    It is pretty well known that Sonoma enjoys a good party and as plans were underway, it soon became apparent how big a party this would be.

    To kick off the festivities and lend a hand where needed, The Hospitality Information Center was there with the ever patient Ally Cat ([email protected]), Princess Wendy (TLF), and Golddigger (FBR). Their primary goal was to assist people with the - who, what, when, where, how and why of the day. They provided "Welcome Pouches" which included a festival book and party favors. A green thorn for the Plant A Bunny event, a Jester hat made by specially created character GM Tailor, MoonglowFestival and a pair of fur boots, for tired attendees feet, were provided by 'Dust Bunnies'(=G=).

    One of the main events was Capture the Flag, held on the outskirts of Moonglow town. Organized by vet player Alesha Lancermane (TLF), and Sonoma Guy (=V=), along with the ever watchful eyes of refs and rezzers; TorAnn (YAD) of You Are Dead and Paul Bunion (KB) of Knights of Balaklava. They handsomely awarded each participating team with prize money.

    To keep things exciting in town, the Order of Denfensor Fortis did what they are famous for, making bank drops. The Sky Is Falling events were a ton of fun as members of ODF; Syphilis, Aradia, Lovely in Lace, Macradon, Calypso, Eldin Shadowson, Kenny, Lord Luther, and Lady Raven dropped loot three times around the Moonglow bank.

    III Legion organized the Peeps with Bunnies Races. Jane, Sierra, and Del Xavier/ Max also provided the supporting staff needed from III Legion volunteers; Nighthawk, Moriana, Veisha Taltos, Kolian, Kayodtoe, DeaDPooL/Necros, Zeubin Xabier. The Races included taming a bunny and run the course with it, well more like hop, to the finish line where Prizes and Gold were given to the top 3 racers. Laughter filled Moonglow as onlookers cheered for the bunnies.

    Now a party without food is simply - Boring! The ever gracious and gentle Sonoma Angels of Light (SAL), LoveSpirit and Selene provided a Gigantic Picnic Basket. Assisted by kind hearted volunteers; Apollo, Blade, and Lil' Bit (M/N), they prepared an abundance of bag lunches full of delights and laid out an overflowing feast of food and drinks for all.

    Guided by the experienced hands of the Keepers of the Virtuous Path (KVP), the Peoples Army of Sonoma (PAS), and the Knights of Valor & Honor (KVH), the Crafty Crafters presented some of the best skilled crafters known to Sonoma.
    Organizing this huge event was no easy task but with leaders like; Garnet El Ren for (KVP) Organizer and running contests, Allesan, Organizer of (PAS) volunteers, and Carpenters, Lord Connel for Smiths, Lord Galahad, Organizer for (KVH) and tailor the task was achieved. And with volunteers; Jose Cuervo and Sew What performing their multi talented tailoring skills, Lady Grace (KVP) and Lady Sky as Wandering Scribes, Ruby El Ren as a Crafty Crafter Girl & Girl Friday things were well in control. Oh, wait, there were more volunteers; Shaft, handled the dragons and leather donations, Don Miguel took a role in the Tinker & Carpenter trades, Tink Greentree being a 7X GM supported any craft needed. Pup Barleycorn graciously showed us his infamous GM Cooking skills along with the ever-talented GM Cook, Beryl El Ren, and Axe Fisher assisting them at the delightfully decorated Barleycorn Bakery. Other fantastic volunteers lending their services for the day were Levi Strauss, Lady Almond Joy (PAS), Aylan Fergus, and Lord Gimli, was designated "Organizer of Lavendar" (KVP). This was just a small glimpse of the many other volunteers that made the Crafty Crafters event - fantastic fun for all!

    Heading up the Plant A Bunnython was none other than The Knights Who Say Ni! Rotte (Ni!), with 500 thorns in hand along with bunny helper FrenchBobcamp (Ni!), and other great volunteers had some hopping good fun providing more vorpal bunnies then anyone could shake a stick at. Prizes and gold were awarded for several contests, including some contests for those with and without pets, costume judging, gate prizes and more surprises!

    Wascally Wabbits Garden of Surprizes was diligently ran by the dedicated volunteer members of (=G=); Eva Lynn Carnate, Merka'Cartel, Eyran and Khan providing an event where everyone was a winner. Individual locked boxes held such consolation prizes as poison resist petals, vegetables, thorns, emergency reg bags and more. Individual grand prize locked boxes awarded such items as a set of GM Kegs, 1K of each mage regent or Prize Money. Assisting (=G=) in this event was GM Tinker, Ash (TLF) providing the pre-marked mortar and pestals that were needed to exchange for a locked prize box. Also assisting in this endeavor was GM Alchemist Zafirah, (non-guild affiliated), as the wandering Alchemist who freely handed out the marked mortars and the colored potions needed to exchange for a matching colored box locked with surprizes.

    Treasure Hunters Exposed represented by Theresa (THB), Miri (DOD), & Commander FlashbaQ with the assisting hands of Wendy Risks & TM, Jordana (THB), Alesha Lancermane (TLF), Meliki, Ally Cat ([email protected]) and Drizzit and his profound riddle skills provided a day of events of land and sea adventures that pleased vets and newcomers alike. Not only did the hunters get to learn T-Hunting skills from the old pros but they got bountiful booty as well. The "Forgetful" FlashbaQ Plunder Ship contest alone awarded a grand prize of 1MIL in gold along with the ship and all its contents.

    For one and all, the Gardeners Green Thumb offered gardening tips and hints, gave away a variety of deco plants and gardening starter packs for free but was hosted by the lovely Black Rose with special guest Lord Christophe offering assistance. Other anonymous volunteers donated many various plants, seeds and starter sets to help keep the exhibit growing throughout the festival. The 'Gardeners Green Thumb' exhibit added the perfect touch to the sweet smell of Spring for this UO history making day on Sonoma.

    The Tamers Pet Exhibit under the direction of Jade (OWL), Myst, Lady Razzberry (MS) Mystic Sirens, LdyHawke and Lord Ian Nottingham of (MGD) Magdalena, Tamara, and many other volunteer tamers like Poo Bear (NUB), Lady Wyst ([email protected]), FrenchBobcamp (Ni!), and Irulan Corrino were on hand. Not only showing some of the most exotic pets but shared information, answered questions, gave tips and told a story or two about taming skills. They also gave away a variety of gifts, which included free beetles, a horse or two but a few other tamed pets. A Top Pet Contest was held taking stats, type of pet, age of pet and the Tamer's dress into account and after deliberating, announced three final winners. Which were presented with prize money and asked to join in and help lead the way in a lovely parade around Moonglow.

    A Jousting Tournament hosted by CambricOfSonoma and Searena (=G=) provided an opportunity to show spectators the participants skills in basic combat. Contests in Jousting and Dueling were held with exicitment in the air and sheer anticipation hung over the crowd as the Melee rounded out these combantant events. While the bountiful Prize Monies were awarded to the winners, participants and spectators alike requested for more Jousting events to be held in the future.

    Even if you have never seen the right end of an arrow, the Archers Butte Competition 4 All - with Dor and Lestat (=G=) proved to be one event that would help anyone know that there is always a winner even if you are considered the worst archer of Sonoma. Skill based and Item based Archers set their sights on the opportunity to compete against each in the two categories. And the worst of the worst were given the chance, and succeeded, in securing the area as dangerous and beyond comprehension. Butte in the end, all winners and participants walked away awarded with appropriate free items, and Prize Money.

    Henny Penny's Egg Hunt hosted by Henny Penny ([email protected]) herself & Chicken Little, had egg bag helpers Aristotle, Searena (=G=), Eva Meliki ([email protected]), hid colorful bags of stacked eggs inside of Moonglow town. Egg finders of the 12 different colored egg stacks won empty fruit baskets and gold, the Golden Egg stack finder won a full fruit basket and prize money and the unique Henny Penny's "Big Fat Egg" stack won the grand prize of and Egg Case and large sum of gold.

    The Grand Finale on the Moonglow bank roof with all that were present was a spectacular sight to see with fireworks, dancing, singing, laughter, music and more. Throughout the town of Moonglow, the Jubilation was felt in the air from such a great day. The feelings of this day were expressed in these exquisite words of Lady Dame Judi, "Personally I had a marvelous time! Everyone I've talked with has said the same thing. It was pure MAGIC and I am so proud to have been a part of it."


    These fantastic volunteers would not only run the 18 events but all events would be FREE.
    Due to the overwhelming generosity of Sonoma individuals and businesses the festival was financially a success.
    The event coordinators had complied a "Wish We Had … Donations" list, and a tremendous flow of support began pouring in. And under the guidance of the Safety Deposit Box Team; Lady Dame Judi, Drizzt, Ravenloff (R$E) and Dragonreborn (KmR), donations were tallied and distributed according to the needs of each event.

    A total of 13,250,000.00 in Gold was donated to the general fund and utilized for Prize Monies and supplies.

    The first monetary donation was 1 MIL from Immortal Flow with a small notebook that read, "Hope this Helps". The following days lead to more Patrons making 'deposits'; 3 MIL donated by AC Auctioneers & Vendors (Luna), 2.5 MIL by King David (PAS), 1 MIL LoveSpirit & Elowan of Wind (Rainbow Training & Healing Center), 2.5 MIL 'The Powers That Be Anonymous Club'. And 2.2 MIL by the Friends of Mcbeast, (Anonymous 1.2 Mil, FlashbaQ & The Fergus Clan 1Mil), 500K (KmR), 500K Ravenloff (R$E) & Tara Vindel (R$E), 47.5K Yew Merry Center for All [-Y-], 2500 Wanna B Chef 2. Then topping it all off, Cross-Sharder visitors Markee Dragon, Mekere & Alexandra dropping more than a couple of Million in gold and small checks added to the festivites. A strange thing to our visitors was that "Only on Sonoma - folks hand you back the checks you drop … happened to us 4 /5 times".

    Donations poured in so fast, it was almost impossible to keep track of every generous donor. And soon the offers were a simple yet powerful message - " If there is anything I can help with just ask."

    We hope that in the following listing of donars we have not overlooked anyone.
    If so, just know in our hearts that we say, "THANK YOU … for helping make this a day in UO history for Sonoma." Some of the great supportors of these efforts were generous people like; YOU, Jack the Knife, Jade of the Gardens, Rotte (Ni!), the members of; KVP, PAS, KVH, GTH, DOD, Wanna B Chef 2, 'A Child in Korea', Robin Hood (HDR), Deniro, Lord Switch, Braun, and Miah Ihyliri. Also, Lady Dutchwoman, Lady Hell's Angel & Silver Eyes, Little Bit, Black Rose (M/N), Karie (Rocks Attic), Dust Bunnies (=G=), Markee Dragon & Staff, Pop Lancermane and Aragorn Lancermane of (TLF), and so many more helped make this day a success!

    *** A special thanks goes to GM Tailor MoonglowFestival/Lady Dame Judi for dressing us in such fine garments. The efforts of you creating the GM Tailor 'MoonglowFestival' just for the event added to the richness of our memories. ***

    And, Three Cheers to Waynebo (HOG) for accepting the challenge of guarding over Queen Mum (TLF) and her cookie jar. Neither she nor any of her 300 pans of cookies were misplaced. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Without all Sonoma citizens and special guests involved; festival goers, individuals, guild representatives, generous donors and many more volunteers, the dream of Repoman's of making UO history with a cross-shard event would still be just a dream. Thank you Repoman. Thank you - Sonoma ... Best of the Best !!!

    Clean up for a party this large would be a necessary task. Unfortunately, the Village Idiot missed the meeting announcing that - cleanup would be After the Grand Finale not Before.
  2. Mum the festival was great! And I simply loved my fur boots by Dust Bunnies, in fact I'm thinking of getting them blessed along with my jester's hat and flower garland. It was a lovely festival and I simply can't wait for the next one. However, me and dad have decided not to be on the staff, we simply love participating in the events! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif However, as I did this time, I'll be doing donations. So, I'll be helping in some way. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Also, I would like to thank you again for giving me all the sbods to get my brown bear rug (facing east) and I'll be putting it up and making a lil storybook as to how I acquired it and it will be on a music stand next to the rug
  3. oops I forgot the pan of cookies too /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  4. DemanKnght

    DemanKnght Guest

    Congrats Mum.. An event this big should hushb up some of the folks desiring those past days of an UO community. Fun was had and do doubt another adventure of this magnitude may come to fruitation again.

    Which reminds me?? Oh where oh where did my sheep go Del? :p
  5. Poo

    Poo The Grandest of the PooBah’s
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor 4H

    Sep 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    My first time at a player run 'fun' event in the 6+ years i been playing, i had a HOOT! And i had to punch 4 new holes into my belt after all them tasty cookie!
  6. flashbaq

    flashbaq Guest

    I vote for the wonderful Queen Mum, Get the Golden Cookie Pan Award!

    She managed not to end up hunkering in some corner and mumbling to herself from all the stress.

    Which I managed to do with remarkable frequency.

    I hope to keep track of my Plunder Ship come the next festival.

    Or maybe not. :cool:
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Since you can't very well mention the one person who pulled us all together, namely YOURSELF, let me do it for you.

    Without your infinite patience and tireless efforts the Festival would not have been half the event that it was. For that we thank you Queen Mum and are truely fortunate that you call Sonoma your home.
  8. LoveSpirit

    LoveSpirit Guest

    It truly was a wondrous time. The afterglow was just as much fun as the preparation and the event (hearing all the happy conversations about how much fun was had).

    During the event, while passing out picnic baskets, someone approached me and gave us 2 backpacks full of Sake from the Japanese Shard (I am so sorry I didn't catch your name whoever you were.....but THANK YOU so much!). After the Sake was given out....Lots and lots of happy "hics"!

    I have my thinking cap on for the next event....what to do about the Village Idiot...Cleaning up everything (and I mean EVERYTHING at the beginning of the festivities was quite discouraging. Bribe him? Any ideas out there??

    Love and Joy,
    LoveSpirit (SAL)
  9. Kolian

    Kolian Guest

    All you can really do is refrain from running events that can be griefed...