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A Good Man Has Passed Away

Discussion in 'UO Player Memorial Forum' started by El of LA, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. El of LA

    El of LA Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor

    Mar 23, 2005
    Likes Received:
    The Stratics Staff received this poignant email announcing the passing of one of our long time community members in UO. We have the sad news that Goodman, founder of www.uogoodman.com has passed away.

    Here is the email we received from his son (edited for the sender's security):


    to whom it may concern,

    i dont know if this mail will be posted or read, or if anyone will care.... my father was the original goodman, he started in the atlantic shard, i was there when he made his character. i am his real life son. he later came to develop what is known as his "goodmans rune library". he was the original owner of www.uogoodman.com. my father was so proud of his accomplishments for the game.... he truely felt a sense of pride whilest playing. he made many friends, which he has kept with him.

    my father, of real life, has passed away on august 30th 2005. i hope his memory and good deeds will be remembered by all of yall....he was a touching man in uo and in life. always up for helping and improving...
    i hope that uo.com uovault.com and uostratics.com could by some way post this message and allow the community to know.... it would have meant a great deal to my father ...

    thank you so much,
    curtis [...]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Our deepest sympathy goes out to you, Curtis, and to all your family. The UO Community is truely lessened by the loss of your father.
  2. Pothoz

    Pothoz Guest

    I never met Curtis before in game, but it is allways really sad to loose such a great man of the community, and a fellow player.. My deepest sorrows for his friends and family..

  3. Braelynn Aria

    Braelynn Aria Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 29, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Dear Curtis and family,

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Goodman was just that a Good Man. Always helpful, always had a smile on. He was a true asset to atlantic as well as other shards as I have seen several libraries. I don't know what caused his passing but I hope it was painless. He's in a good place now and forever watching over all of us. I wish you peace...
  4. Cherri1980

    Cherri1980 Guest

    Even though I did not know your father please accept my sympathy for you and your family. I am sure those that knew him will feel his loss. From what you say of your dad he offered alot to the game of UO. Again I am sorry to hear of your dads passing.

    Arwen of LA
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    yes he will be missed dearly , i cant belive hes gone.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    May faith sustain you,Love strengthen you, An friends be with you always Dear Goodman.
    As Goodman's current GuildMaster on Atlantic and Origin shards I am deeply saddened to have lost such a great friend in game as well as In real life. So many people his heart has touched. He was freind, guide and leader of us all. His dedication to Ultima and life was that of true compassion.
    For all those that knew him or of him: a memorial service will be set up as soon as possible by Pink Dragoness and myself ; Crimson Flame. A message welcoming all to attend will be posted when we have a date and time.
    Goodman was a true icon of the game in more ways than one. He will be deeply missed. My heart goes out to his family. His name will remain engraved in our guild ,United Silver Dragons (originally OSD ).
  7. Goodman contributed more to this game, as a person, than anyone else I can think of. There are many ways a player can contribute to their community, but Goodman gave us something that we can all use, and we will continue to use it until UO is gone. I don't know how many shards he spanned, but his name should be universally known. He opened up the world to so many players, and I know that he has gone on to a better place. I'm sure he can feel the love that we have for him, up there in the heavens.
  8. JustAGirl

    JustAGirl Guest

    Does anyone know what happened? Was he sick? [​IMG]
  9. My deepest sympathies for your loss Tabbitha [ playing on Europa ]
  10. C. Highwind

    C. Highwind Guest

    My condolence to his family and friends. I use their site whenever I dig up my treasure maps. His legacy will always live on. I shall pray for him.
  11. Aricia

    Aricia Guest

    Well my friend, I hardly know what to say. I am deeply saddened to hear of your passing. It doesn't seem possible that you are gone. I keep expecting to see your name light up on icq or to bump into you in Luna. I've recalled around to the many runes I have with your name on it but I can't seem to find you.

    I don't walk the roads of Sosaria often anymore. My existence here is only to visit good friends like you. I wondered if there would be a place to pay our respects to you and here I have found it.

    I've spent the last few days remembering...

    I remember the first Treasure map contest you held. How excited we were to enter. How everyone donated completed maps to help you complete the entire map collection. I remember how your treasure map system revolutionized treasure hunting to make it a more fun experience for everyone.

    I remember the countless days you stood in the library greeting people, directing them to runes. I remember the many new people, the many unfortunate adventurers you were kind to, providing whatever you could spare, when they happened upon the library. I will always remember that literally hundreds of players perhaps found the first act of kindness they received in this world will have been from you.

    I remember your support through many trials and many rewarding experiences. And the guilds we were in together, a more kind, loyal &amp; honest friend you could not find. Building new libraries with you and helping you with whatever we could as you always did for us.

    I remember getting to know you outside this world and going through what life handed out to both of us. You will be greatly missed my friend, more than you would have ever expected. I will remember your wisdom and strength, how you never lost patience or optimism. Your generosity, kindness and commitment to the community of Atlantic never wavered.

    Perhaps I can do one last thing for you. I humbly ask those of you that knew him and those of you that didn't to "Play It Forward" as it were and either donate to a cause or be kind to a stranger in Frank's name. I think that would please him very much.

    My dearest friend, I share my memories of you now and mourn the passing of a good and courageous man and wish with all my heart that you can see how much you are loved.

    To Curtis &amp; Family, my deepest sympathy...

    Your father's life &amp; friendship was a thing of immeasurable value in both worlds.

    GM of Order of The Silver Dragons (OSD)
    GM of the Society of Atlantia (SOA)
    Queen of Dalriada (TK)
    Council of Avalon (OA)

    For those of you who have not seen or for those that wish to remember.
    Goodman's Rune Library
  12. (reposted from UHall)

    I'm so sorry to hear it. I really enjoyed reading Goodman's posts and readily identified with many of his trials/successes in building his rune libraries. I think I visited his Trammel library as well as the Test Sosaria library in Luna....truely a help to all those who visited them over the years. He was definitely one of the most prominent figures on all the shards.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

    (fellow rune librarian - Baja)
  13. hcjohnson

    hcjohnson Guest

    Having such a fine man as your father is a great reward. I am certain he is missed, but remembered with great love. My sympathies to you and your family.
  14. My sincerest apologies go to the family. Its very hard to lose a family member but two worlds have lost a family member. A Real one and a virtual one. That does not lessen the grief or the blow any.

    At the Chicago Town Hall Meeting, this rune library and Goodman's wonderful contribution was brought up. And MrTact wondered if anyone still owns the houses? His words were (close to this, dont remember exact wording) "It would be a serious shame to lose those houses." So even the developers of UO knew of the great things this man had done.

    So not sure if anyone can pm him? or post where he could see it? He was wondering.