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A Helpful Guide and FAQ for the Royal Britannian Guard Regiments

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by EM Nathael, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. EM Nathael

    EM Nathael UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    Jun 7, 2010
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    A Helpful Guide and FAQ for the Royal Britannian Guard Regiments

    Q: Can you provide an example of the duties of proposed Royal Britannian Guards regiments?

    A: Assuming there was, for example, a local Royal Britannian Guard regiment located in Britain, the RBG regiment stationed there would be responsible for defending the town of Britain and protecting its citizens against threats leveled against the town. For example, helping to repel an invasion from sinister and malevolent forces, or helping to gather specific information upon request from the Commander of the Royal Guard as it relates to a potential larger, overall threat, to the Crown and to Britannia. Local RBG regiments will likely also assist the town guards (currently NPCs) in maintaining order and enforcing town laws and edicts, helping the town guard solve crimes, etc.

    Q: Will the local Royal Britannian Guard regiments ever perform duties outside of their designated areas?

    A: At times, the various RBG regiments may receive orders from the Commander of the Royal Guard to defend areas outside of their normal jurisdiction. Furthermore, the Captain of the local RBG regiment may take it upon themselves to rally the troops in defense of other towns or city-states. For example, assuming there was a regiment of Royal Britannian Guard located in Britain, the local Captain of the RBG may order his troops to aid in the defense of New Haven, or perhaps a player-run town when the need is great.

    Q: If players create local Royal Britannian Guard regiments, is there a possibility that EMs may create role-playing events and storylines around the guards?

    A: Possibly, but there are no guarantees. We encourage players to take a proactive approach towards enhancing the role-playing and community experience for all players of Catskills. Creating local Royal Britannian Guard regiments can help achieve this goal.

    Q: If players create local Royal Britannian Guard regiments, does this mean players will automatically receive special attention, items, or rewards?

    A: No. Any possible EM involvement with storylines for the local Royal Britannian Guard regiments will be in direct accordance with their activity level and promoting open involvement within the community. There MAY be opportunities in the future to mimic what some other shards have done as it relates to recognizing the guards (other shard have provided sashes, for example), but the focus for the RBG should be community involvement and improving the role-playing experience for ALL Catskills players – NOT focusing on trying to get rewards/items.

    Q: Are Event Moderator RPCs (Role Playing Characters) allowed to join a player’s RBG guild?

    A: No, EM’s cannot join a player’s guild.

    Q: Can players join an Event Moderator’s guild?

    A: No, players cannot join an EM’s guild.

    Q: Can you please explain in detail how the structure of the Royal Britannian Guard is organized?

    A: Yes, a guide was put together to show how the Royal Britannian Guard and various player-run Royal Britannian Guard regiments are structured. This information was put together as a best-effort means to clarify the role of the RBG regiments currently formed by Catskills players. If you have comments or concerns, please forward them on to [email protected].

    (click the hyperlink above to open the document in a new window)


    While this Guide only lists the (4) current RBG regiments formed by players on Catskills, additional RBG regiments may be created by players in the future as they see fit. Players are strongly encouraged to speak with one of the current RBG regiments to find out more information regarding joining the guard, training, or creating additional RBG regiments.

    – EM Nathael