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(Player Event) A Humble Task: The Mong Bat King's Ploy

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by Talus, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Talus

    Talus Visitor

    Apr 15, 2012
    Likes Received:
    The Event started with a clumsy mongbat hastily rushing around Luna, after stumbling the mongbat dropped a Gold Chest. Within a Journal written by Liliann, this was to lead the lucky player to Fel Dungeon Wrong Entrance, where the player Liliann was awaiting adventurers to aid her in a quest to track down a mischievous mongbat who had attacked her earlier.

    Picture 1.png

    Upon arrival a few decided this task was too great for them.. however NicE'N'EasY came at the moment Liliann was prepared to take the task on herself. The Adventurers' found themselves at a mysterious statue beside an abandoned town square.. The Statue of the Mongbat King was a sight to see, and it was the area Liliann had been earlier that morning when she was attacked.


    In the scuffle Liliann had injured the mongbat and it left a trail of blood that the two adventurer's followed to a strange peninsula beside the Ice Dungeon. There the mong bat was waiting for the two.. in a strange frenzy, it was searching for blood and spoke of "plans.." But before any questions could be asked the creature lunged into action. Upon killing the powerful mong bat a frozen statue fell from the satchel attached to his waist. Liliann knew of only one place that ice could freeze a statue, that was the Ice Dungeon. At the Entrance the two were "greeted" by a swarm of frozen monsters, Ice Elementals, White Wyrms and Ice Fiends.. it wasn't till the obstacle was overcome that the final task was presented.. Down below the earth inside the old "Rat Spawn" a strange Gargoyle confronted the two, whilst in the act of summoning a large Demon. 6 torches surrounded the beast.. and given once they could be extinguished the demon would have been freed. However NicE'N'EasY and Liliann stopped the Gargoyle at the last Torch.. the Demon cursed them for foiling his plot.

    picture 3.png

    The spoils were littered around the room, among them.. a rarewood chest that held many "Assassin Honed" weapons.. A Statue of the Demon they had stopped.. A Blanket of Darkness, the very same that was used to bring the demon from the beyond.. and other decorative items. Surely had the Demon been unleashed this post... might never have been written at all, as all of Sosaria would be pulled into the Darkness that the Mongbat King had sewn.

    Prospective Adventurer's should keep an eye out for the strange golden chests engraved with the words... "Once Upon a Time"