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A jolly good 'hello' to the new people in factions *and a firm yet oddly nice feeling wedgie to go w

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Poo, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Poo

    Poo The Grandest of the PooBah’s
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor 4H

    Sep 18, 2003
    Likes Received:

    i was out of my thief last night.
    saw the waka faction fella, the Commanding Lord of COM to be exact, strolling around the brit gate.

    he happened to get set upon by some other falla, and i couldnt help but notice that he was getting really low in health.

    now me from my vantage point of being hidden..... and sitting on my hiryu thought id reach over and give the new fella a nice firm faction hand shake.... and wouldnt you know it, i missed his hand when i went for the handshake and ended up grabbing his gonch right at the back of his pants... then i slipped off by hiryu and BOOM the poor fella was in a full wedgie before i even know what happened.

    it was all very embarassing for the poor fella.

    it was all i could do to save him some pride, so i killed him and put him into stat loss.

    well at least he wont have to be concerned with his underwear all bunched up into his nether regions!!!!

    on a side note.
    was a hella good fight tonight.
    lasted about 5 hours.

    was fun.

    i introduced the WAKA faction fellas to my ozzies at the TB base.
    they all got along nicelly.
    granted ALL THE COM GUYS DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just rubbing a little salt in the wound there guys.
    hope you all enjoyed that little lesson i was putting out there on the fundimentals of tamers in pvp.

    and wow... you guys got some determination.
    you all sat there with me pinned inbetween 3 of ya for what.... 10 minutes!!!!!!
    THAT is determination.

    i thought for sure you would have got bored waiting for me to come out and left for other peeps to fight.
    but no, ya stuck it out.

    im impressed.
    i like to see people take a nice big bite and hold on.

    i am looking forward to seeing ya all tomorow.

    till then.

    Silk (YAD)
    *the only 120 thief that can kill ya dead!!!*
  2. Trinsauce

    Trinsauce Guest

    Ur sick... I dunno if I would ever think a wedgie feels good...
  3. Sirkus

    Sirkus Guest

    oo oo oo *raises hand* i wanna play!

    No wedgies, tho. The thong I wear would not help matters. *evil grin*