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A King in Felucca??

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Aia, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Aia

    Aia Guest

    First off, let me explain something about myself – I’m a Feluccan. That means I’m into pvp, not politics. The idea of having to ‘talk out’ differences gives me the heebee jeebees. Give me a big club to bash heads and I’m a happy camper.

    With that being said, hearing that we have a new king didn’t bother me one bit, because ‘we’ usually meant Trammel only. After all, who in their right mind would try and rule Feluccans? Yet the new king was scheduled to talk to us Feluccans. Today, tomorrow and the next day!! Three days in a row. In the off chance that this new king felt obligated to do something more than just give us lip service, I decided to go check it out.

    Getting there early I discovered a blue who looked like she was bank sitting at Luna. I wondered if I should risk getting guard whacked….



    No guard zone. *evil grins* *hopes for more blues*

    No blues show, just the new king.


    And so begins a very interesting conversation…

    Me: will the king be answering any questions?
    Lord Casea: Not today… I haven’t long. This terrible war needs pondering further.
    Lord Casea: And I have affairs of state to attend to.
    Me: what war…
    Lord Casea: Ahh the War with the Shadowlords of course.

    (I had heard about the invasion in Tram and that it was somehow tied to the factions in Fel. Since I’m in the Shadowlords faction, I wasn’t sure where I stood with this new king, but since he wasn’t trying to kill me I decided it would be prudent to keep my mouth shut…)

    Me: oh. We fight that daily in Fel.
    Lord Casea: Yes and I know the value of that service by the Guard among others
    Me: Thank you

    (Like what else was I going to say with a SL tag flying over my head?)

    Me: Guard?
    Lord Casea: The Royal Guard they are pressed to their limits in Trammel. That’s why there is none present here at the moment.
    Lord Casea: Terrible invasions
    Lord Casea: If you by chance have a means to contact others that wish to attend please do.
    Me: I do, but their interest lies elsewhere…
    Me: They are fighting their own battles.
    Lord Casea: Ah well as we all know in Felucca every day is a battle!
    Me: aye, we like it that way. I came to see if the king was going to interfere in our way of life, or enhance it.

    buku of TB chose this moment to join us. He was wearing newbie clothes, riding a horse – and orange. He was dead with one shot from my bow.

    Lord Casea: Might I ask that hostilities not happen until after the Speech?
    Lord Casea: Seems I was a bit late

    buku spoke briefly with Lord Casea, but since I can’t speak the language of the dead I only heard one side of the conversation. After chatting, Lord Casea began the speech he prepared.

    Lord Casea: Welcome Citizen’s of Britannia

    Big Angry Cause of TB (orange) ran in just in time. I took one look at him, saw nothing newbish about him - and hid. Big Angry Cause most likely took one look at me, decided I’d be a pain in the ass to kill and ignored me. With the unspoken truce between us our attention turned back to Lord Casca.

    Lord Casea: I stand before you today not as an Ambassador to the Royal Council but as your newly appointed King. As much as I respect my predecessor, I must humbly ask that the outpouring of loyalty you’ve given him in his reign and absence be given to me. The Primary order of the Kingship is to ensure the welfare of the citizens of Britannia. I have decided that my primary focus of business is to find a solution to the recent hostilities brought forth by the Shadowlords. If a diplomatic compromise can be found then I say let that be the…

    (Both Big Angry Cause and I had a few things to say at that point. I learned that Big Angry prefers big clubs to ‘diplomatic compromise’ as much as I do. Unfortunately I missed a few things Lord Casea said…)

    Lord Casea: If open warfare becomes necessary to ensure our safety then rest assured that I will do all in my power to minimize the negative effects on the general populace. The recent invasion of our cities and the resulting weakening defenses of our kingdom must be made corrected. In order to do so, I shall be appointing a new Captain of the Royal Guard. I dare say our new Captain may desire mandatory conscription, though I do not wish to see this come to pass, I will enact this course if no viable solution presents itself. To prevent this I encourage all of you to swear fealty to your King and Nation and make it your priority to ensure it’s safety just as strongly as I shall. This is not condoning vigilante justice, but requesting that all citizens step forth and honor the sacrifices of our forebears.

    (Mandatory conscription? Hmmm…)

    In order to not sully the history of my predecessor, I here by lay claim to the magnificent castle who’s courtyard we are intruding upon. Castle British shall still be used for councillary purposes but this shall be my permanent residence, as soon as certain precautions are put into place.

    (My guess is that ‘precautions’ would mean adding a guardzone. *grumbles*)

    The current council shall be shifted to a more advisory purpose, with the appointment of a new King to the function as was intended when it was established. With those thoughts in mind, worry not about the fact that I am not a Man but an Elf. While our differences are self evident our goals are the same.

    (Getting bored I tell Big Angry Cause that in Tram they get goodies, but not in Fel. He buys it hook line and sinker and begins to entertain me with his pleas to Lord Casea for free stuff.)

    The end of a costly and deadly conflict that has torn at the minds, hearts, and souls of everyone involved, from the poor beggars to even myself. And through the enlightenment that such suffering brings, I assure you, I will do what I feel is in the best interest of Britannia and it’s peoples. Yet in order to do so I must consolidate the Kingdom. Hence forth all independent governments by Royal decree are to disband, and hence forth outlawed, all non-sanctioned townships and state hoods abolished.

    (Big Angry Cause took the words right out my mouth with his comment of, ‘DUDE! HE’S TALKING SMACK!’)

    Unity must begin from within and by separating ourselves we are counterproductive to that purpose. We must unify or taste defeat at the hands of our enemies! Now, I must leave, my duties to the Kingdom call. With my regards go forth and enjoy the glorious new dawn that is upon our Kingdom.

    Big Angry Cause: THAT’S IT?
    Lord Casea: Sorry but this was just to be a speech to introduce me to my people.
    Me: Sorry sir – but you have to earn the respect of the fel people
    Big Angry Cause: YES EARN RESPECT IN A DUEL!
    Me: before you’ll be able to get them to do anything
    Lord Casea: Oh I understand and hope to do so.
    Me: oh! Ummm how?
    Big Angry Cause: YEAH HOW!
    Lord Casea: That I haven’t fathomed as of yet the crown fell upon my head rather suddenly. But rest assured I’ll think of something. But for now I must depart I have a new Captain to select.
    Big Angry Cause: Well casa select me dawg
    Lord Casea: Thank you for attending.

    And *poof* Lord Casea is gone. Big Angry Cause and I start comparing notes when *poof*

    Lord Casea: Oh you may commence slaying one another now, I don’t mind.
    Big Angry Cause: stfu, we don’t slay each other, that’s my lover!

    This was news to me, but it did get across the message that we’re Feluccians. We don’t need permission to kill who we wish. *poof* gone again – for now.
  2. AirmidCecht

    AirmidCecht twitch.tv/airmid
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Apr 9, 2004
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    you're hired.
    *asks permission to add to front page*
  3. Aia

    Aia Guest

  4. WCK565

    WCK565 Guest

    Sounds like a TYRANT !!!
  5. Wilde1

    Wilde1 Guest

    one of the more entertaining posts I've read in awhile, thanks! I thought it was funny that Casca fell off his podium on the tram side and said "Doh"