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(RP) A letter to King Blackhorn found on the road between Trinsic and Britain

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Lord Lew, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Lord Lew

    Lord Lew Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 7, 2008
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    As the caravan slowly moved from Trinsic to Britain, Lord Boru noticed something amiss in the distance. It was the birds that first caught his attention, not just any birds, but vultures. As the wagons slowly rolled to a stop, he jumped to the ground and examined the body. It was a man, concealed somewhat in the woods, that the vultures had been feeding on. As his gaze moved over the lifeless body, he noticed a leather case gripped tight in the mans hand. His curiosity got he better of him, and he removed the item from the dead mans hand to examine it. Inside the leather case was a letter, but not just any letter, this one was sealed with the purple and gold intaglio of Trinsic's Governor.

    My Liege,

    I write to you with a great concern that has been bothering me of late. It has been eating at the back of my mind for a few months now, and I feel it's time to express this concern to you.

    There have been a great number of calamities that have befallen our lands of late. With each passing trouble, one name stands out. Sometimes this person happens along innocently, other times the individual expresses harsh words or sentiments, each time the warning bells ring louder in my head. This last episode happened outside the City of Trinsic, but well within the city boundaries.

    Aleksandere Biggering it seems has used Trinsic as a home for his breeding program. He was using one of our stables as a breeding room for crossing normal Great Harts with the White Hind that he captured. This it seems was done under some sort of cloaking spell, as there was no report of this nefarious activity in Trinsic. The city of Honor would have never allowed such an activity inside its walls.
    A messenger roused me from my sleep with the news of a disturbance at the Trinsic Bank. By the time I had my armor on, there was no one to be found at the bank. After a quick examination of the area Governor Khaleesi of Vesper found me and informed me that the Biggering had fled to Hidden valley. She beckoned me to follow her, and we rode the trail to Hidden Valley just to the east of the city along the river. What I witnessed inside the valley was a full scale battle between the Biggerings compatriots and citizens of Sosaria. The Biggering had created an impure breed of white hearts, and his minions were attempting to keep us from the captured white hind.

    As I declared myself to all that were in earshot, one of the evil mages made a beeline directly for me, with a rapid assault of spells on his lips. I was forced to retreat from the valley and this grandmaster mage relentlessly pursued me to a city property. While I was inside the building, taking shelter from the mage, I noticed a man ride up and the mage left with him. This man was again the person that I spoke of earlier in this letter.

    I returned to the valley to find the battle had finished and the Biggering and the White Hind gone yet again. But left behind were many pure white fawns, and the man that beckoned the mage away from me earlier.

    This my liege is where it gets interesting, I confronted this man about the Biggering and his association. He denied any involvement and scoffed at me, treating me like a child with a grand imagination. He patted me on the back, and simply walked off.

    Therefore I began an investigation into the latest calamity that he has appeared at or been an active participant in. I sent a runner to Moonglow and called upon the Grand Mage Tazar, in order to reveal how the Biggering was able to operate without notice in Trinsic. Tazar was able to verify for us that indeed a cloaking spell had been used in the area to conceal the activity. He then cast a reveal spell and to our amazement various tools and items appeared out of thin air. It was as if the items were simply in another plane of existence. In one area I had walked through just a moment before, sat a table with some sort of machine on it, one similar to machines I have seen before, but only when exploring Exodus's dungeon.

    After this Tazar cast a tracking spell that caused the room to glow an eerie color, and we followed a trail out the door, and out of the city. This trail led north from Trinsic, north all the way to City of Britain. The glowing trial mixed and spread out to cover every street in the city, thus we were not able to track its origin to a specific location.

    With this investigation ending in Britian, I have to assume the Biggering lives in the city somewhere. Which brings me to my final point and the naming of this nefarious character. This person has claimed to be the decisive factor in the removal of Sage Nicosaen's Tower from Sosaria, but I feel he was complicit with him through his endeavor in Void Magic. He was instrumental in the Biggering clear cutting the forest of Vesper, and causing TreeBeard to rally the wilds against the city. To cover his involvement, he showed up and claimed again to be the decisive factor in the dismantling of the chopper machine that the Biggerings had created. And now has contracted Biggering to kidnap and cross breed the White Hind in order to breed a new type of White Heart for some sinister plan. He sent his own men to their deaths aboard a prison transport ship, circumventing your authority over matters of your criminals. And lastly he has turned your once great City of Britian into a prison for its people, with thugs that watch every move, and rules that no citizen of our great land should live under.

    He is the Governor of Britain, Lord Solus. I ask you my Liege to begin an investigation into his activities since becoming Governor of Britain. To also include a search of his property in the Abyss, in which I have seen incriminating items that put him directly in league with Exodus's henchmen and Lady Minax herself . I feel that if he is allowed to continue, a great threat will come upon the crown, and all of Sosaria.

    In your Service,

    Lord Lew

    Governor of Trinsic

    Lord Boru knew the importance of this letter, and vowed to himself to deliver it to the king. However before he left he noticed that there was a strange drawing the likes he had never seen wrapped up with the letter, it glowed with some otherworldly haze, and looked as if it had been pulled from life itself..
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