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(RP) A letter to the Orphanage in Umbra

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Thom, May 11, 2014.

  1. Thom

    Thom Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    May 30, 2008
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    Thom sat back after placing the reports from the agents back on his desk. Little Saphira was still at the Umbra orphanage, so it should be safe to reassign the agents that had been following her since the first time she wandered off alone from the house. The orphanage seemed better suited to caring for her. However, the city of Umbra didn't seem like a fitting place to raise any children. The city was full of necromancers and the decorations made the city seem like some sort of haunted house gone horribly wrong. There was also the fact that they had basically kidnapped the child. It had been nearly a week and still no official word had reached him of the fact they had her. After pulling the necessary materials from his desk he began to write...
    To whom it may concern,
    I have been informed that you have in essence kidnapped a child that was in my care. I require a meeting with the responsible parties so that this issue may be resolved peacefully.
    Thom Gryphon
    Governor of Trinsic
    Emperor of Purple Guardians of HONOR
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  2. Merida Douglas

    Merida Douglas Visitor

    Apr 17, 2014
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    Merida sits in her office, going over her normal paper work when a letter arrives from Trinsic. She curses lightly to herself, and reads it over. Blinking several times and suddenly curses loudly. Slapping her for head and quickly pulls out a parchment and ink quill, quickly writing…….

    Gov. Thom,

    I do humbly apologize for not contacting you sooner, currently my hands are fit to be tied with more work then one woman should manage. While it was my intention on contacting you personally regarding the girl, Saphira, I highly disagree upon the accusations of “Kidnap.” I would like us to meet in person so that we may speak of the conditions the child was left in before she came into my care. Also if there are any other concerns that either of us may have.


    Merida Douglas de Romanus

    Director of Child Development and Education,

    West Umbra
    #2 Merida Douglas, May 11, 2014
    Last edited: May 11, 2014
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