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(RP) a letter.

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by silmwarensurion, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. silmwarensurion

    silmwarensurion Journeyman

    Mar 5, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Silmwaren Surion stared at the dancing flickering flame of the torch; That lit her writing table. Her action was finally done. It had taken hours that faded into days too finally produce something that had a legitamacy in her eyes. She dared not too look it over, for fear that she would once again find it pathetic and meaningless. She dressed herself for night travel and grabbed the articles; Sealing them before she left her new house. A servant called after her, asking for orders too perform while she was gone. She ignored him, shut the door and began her journey...

    She filled herself with thoughts about how wonderful night is. So comforting she told herself. But the sting of it was felt. She knew that she was using the cover of darkness too help hide her shame of what happened. She purposely traveled a bit slowly, almost as if she hoped she never got too her destination. But she looked up and there it was. Horrible guilt crept at her as she tried to garner courage. She saw that there was still torchlight in the windows of the small cabin. She took the articles and, pinned them too the door and rapt soundly upon it, And, then ran off as fast as she could...

    A homely woman called out too her husband. Was that a knock on the door Lepon? She asked. He sat there and pretended he didnt hear her or that bothersome knock on the door. She stared at him for a few minutes, Daft fool she thought too herself. Its a wonder sometimes she thought. She opened the door and looked about and saw no one was there. The slight night breeze that was blowing tipped her off too the letter pinned upon the door. Prying it loose she brought it inside. Nearing the light of a few candles she saw it was from Fitzegerald their son. She got excited and quickly opened it up; While telling Lepon it was a letter from there son! Quickly Lepon got up and said well read it! She opened it up and began too read...

    Dear Mother and Father,

    Hello again! I miss being at home so much. I miss you both so much! I think of you everyday. I am doing fine. I miss your cooking most of all mother. You really know how too feed a growing boy so well. I miss your sweet marinade and spice mix that you use on mutton chops. I could really use some more of those sweet candies you make too mother please send me some when you get the time. I taste them in my dreams everyday. But mother please stop reading this. I would find it horrible if your eyes saw the rest of my writing. Please hand to Father so he can read the rest. Thank you mother. I love you.

    Oh Father, What hell have i treaded into? All of those rousing speeches given by the bane chosen military officers are like foundations of rotted wood. My first few days i thought that i was going to lose my sanity if not my life. Our lines were easily broken and most of us fled the first day. We regrouped and the next day we were able to hold our lines. But father the horror and terror of it all. The screams of agony of men on both sides was unbearable. But there is a greater agony of that. It is that the screams of the dying no longer bother me. Oh Father what have i become?
    We got a new captain about a week ago. Silm something or other. She is quite lethal. She beat me and a few others our first day. She said we were hesitating on our kills. She was right. We left those who were wounded and defenseless alone most of the time. That was until they tricked us by acting wounded, and, we almost became surrounded.
    Well father i must stop here for a bit. The calls are going out and it almost time too take the field once more. Ill write more i promise. Please tell mother that i love and miss her. Ill talk to you soon Father.

    Quill and ink. I stare at them; and, know that eventually i will use them. I will spill them onto a page; contorting them into meaning. But what meaningful purpose is there for the good of anyone too perform contortions that will cause misery? anguish that causes the body too hurt? What profound meaningless ramblings of bravery courage and honor can be gleaned from something that is gone? I have already failed. Any statements of consolation or grand ideals that are absurd too those who continue on. From the great orators too the ones who stood beside the fallen. What can they say? They should say nothing. They should look upon the fallen and be shamed. For they know the truth...
    The new future Queen of Sosaria;

    Silmwaren Surion.

    Lepon stared at what he had just read. He noticed little spots of water stained marks all over the letter. He began too add too them...