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A LifeForce Restored.

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Guest, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It was a typical night in Newcastle, the Knights had gathered at the Castle for their normal briefing. They each greeted every new arrival with a firm salute. Malag greeted everyone in his usual somewhat defiant way, still speaking his native greeting of Vendui’ instead of saying Good evening or hello… Despite how many times the Templar Oona had expressed her disdain for the Drow language.

    The meeting progressed quickly. News was given by the Undermarshall Ariakas. Malag’s eyes fell on Oona’s vacant chair. He thought of his last assignment to guard over her. He almost cringed thinking of the pain. The room she now was a guest of was filled with dozens of lights. The walls were brilliant white. He closed his eyes at the memory. The brilliant light burned in his thoughts still. Ariakas told them that all the items were in place for Oona’s return. Malag smiled to himself. He was glad his friend had offered to assist the Knights. Ariakas had come to the Wild Rose a few days earlier and they had spoken about Oona and her condition. Since the shadow creatures had touched her, she had become vacant. They had taken her living essence… leaving her a shell of her former self. Surrounded by light, she seemed calmer, but still so very bleak in her outlook. Malag knew of only one person who could summon up such a thing as a spirit from the beyond. He had hoped his friend could assist them. Unable to join them Malag had been waiting impatiently for word. Though when word arrived about what items would be needed to return the life force to Oona Malag almost wished he didn’t know. The tail of Abscess?!?!?!?! Malag had encountered that beast on more than one occasion… the thought of its putrid breath made him shiver. Pierre must have encountered it too, as he was quick to offer the aid of a Tamer friend. Malag smiled and agreed that would be the best recourse. So Malag was glad to hear that the mission had been successful and the tail of the beast was theirs.

    The meeting quickly concluded and Malag left to patrol the area. He felt the need to keep watch rather than join the others. He knew Setatabon would arrive soon, and even though he and his friend had forgiven one another it was still hard to be near the demon. He could feel the demon when he arrived. The change in the air around him was significant. The air grew warmer, and something unseen stirred in the wind. Malag knew what it was. It was shear energy, magic, powerful and consuming and he loathed it. It reminded him of his loss, his family and his past. He watched as the Knights lead the demon to Oona. Silently he remained in shadow and patrolled the outer rim of the lands of Newcastle.

    Setatabon arrived in Newcastle. He was an unassuming looking male. His skin dark and black like the Drow, his hair crimson red like blood. Two black horns protruded from his skull and curved back over his head ending in golden tips. He wore a patch over one eye and the other seemed to have a life of its own. The eye was brilliant and had a glowing ring of flame in a sea of black. He took in the air, it was chilly but refreshing, the smells of the sea air drifted in from the coast. He smiled as the scent of his friend reached him. Looking about he could tell the Drow lurked in the shadows nearby. It gave him peace to know his friend was nearby. He knew the Drow would not leave the shadow but he also knew his friend was still close. He entered the castle and made his way up the stairs within, calmly slipping into the shadows. At the top of the stair a large black stone table took up nearly the whole of the room. Surrounding the table where the Knights of Newcastle, minus one… Malag-aste, his Drow friend. Setatabon allowed himself to solidify from the mists of shadow, close to the large table.
    “Vendui' Sir.” He said, greeting Ariakas the Undermarshall. “You called for me?” He asked.
    Ariakas looked up at him, unfazed by the demons appearance from the mists. “Hail.” He said, returning the greeting. “Yes. We have the ingredients, or they are close by. The oaks water and hair we can retrieve.”
    “Ah, good.” The demon said with a nod. “And the inflicted?” He asked. “Hair will be with the inflict.....” The demon broke off as the heard the familiar “Hello there” the voice was the same as it always was… hollow and without form. He looked about as he had done so many times before for the hidden mysterious owner of the hollow voice. He saw only the faces of the Knights. Almost disappointed he returned his attentions to the Undermarshall who had summoned him.
    “She is still in her holding cell.” The Undermarshall told him.
    “Ah... that is good.” Setatabon said with a nod. His mind now focused on the task at hand. “If you could send someone after the water we can begin.”
    “Pious.” The Undermarshall called glancing to a squire seated at the table.
    “Aye sir?” The squire said snapping to attention.
    “That falls upon you squire.” Ariakas said with a smile.
    “This water doesn't sound wholly nutritious... are you sure I can't fetch you some from the harbor?” The squire asked.
    “And then if you could lead me to the inflicted.” Setatabon continued. Shooting a stern glance to the Squire he said, “No. It must be water from the Oaks.” He stressed.
    “Very well.” The squire said.
    “Don’t drink any yourself.” The Undermarshall warned.
    “It has... "special" properties.” Setatabon told the squire eyeing him with his one eye.
    “I must register my protest at this.” The Squire told them almost in a defiant tone. “Giving this "special" water doesn't sound very virtuous.”
    “Your protest is noted.” The demon told him letting his eye come to bear on the squire once again.
    “Pious if you question one more order today from the Undermarshall, you will be running laps until I tire of watching you. Is that clear?” The remaining Knight, Pierre told him. The Knight had remained silent up until this point but now made clear his authority over the squire. The squire merely shook his head.
    “Whether the water is virtuous or not is not important to your mission. You’ll follow orders.” Ariakas told him sternly.
    “You would do well to learn some humility sir, and I will follow orders, but under protest.” The squire said and with a quick salute to his superiors he was off on his mission.

    With the squire off in search of the water, the rest of the group made their way across the courtyard and out the castle doors. They walked for a fair distance the demon followed quite unaccustomed to strolling, he’d spent so much time either flying or using his magic to travel, he found the walk to be a strange sensation. They soon made their way to a magnificent garden. Setatabon took in his surroundings. He smiled to himself. He enjoyed the garden it reminded him of his lust for Tanda. He followed the Knights in silence as they entered into the garden and behind secret walls to a teleporter hidden against an inner wall.

    Bright light violated his eye as he was teleported into a stark white room. There upon the floor and around the walls were dozens of lights. This must be the torturous chamber his friend had described. Setatabon smiled to himself. The poor Drow must have suffered he thought to himself almost laughing. He looked over the figure in the corner of the room. It was defiantly the Templar Oona. He had seen her many times, though now it was obvious there was no light in her eyes, no life force surrounded her body only a dark shell remained. Setatabon took a deep breath and prepared his mind for the challenge ahead.
    “It is.... time for you to return to the light.” He told her.
    “Look round you all that is here is light.” She said to him her voice reflecting the hollowness of her body.
    Setatabon tapped her on the chest. “But all that is here is shadow.”
    “Ma’am,” Ariakas began, “He is here to help return you to your former self.”
    “Do you have what they stole?” She asked.
    “If I may sir, may I watch?” Pierre asked, “Or do you wish me to stand guard outside?”
    “I will return that which they have taken from you.” Setatabon promised her.
    “You may stay.” The Undermarshall told his Knight.
    “Thank you sir.” Pierre said. The Squire entered the chambers with the pitcher of water, handing it to the Undermarshall.
    “Now.... do we have all of the ingredients?” Setatabon asked turning to the Undermarshall. Ariakas handed the Demon, the pitcher and a pouch of items. The Demon inspected the ingredients in the bag and then placed the water upon his palm.
    “Now...” The demon began…. Leaving the pitcher floating in the air in the middle of the room the demon quickly crossed the room to stop in front of the figure of Oona. Quickly producing a blade from the inner folds of his robe, in a lightning flash he grabbed a lock of her hair and swiftly cut it. Oona jumped away, slamming into the wall. “That should do.” He said returning to the suspended pitcher of water.
    “What in Hades!” Oona snapped, glaring at her Knights. “You going to let this thing kill me piecemail?” She quipped.
    Setatabon ignored her protests and continued preparing for his spell. “Squire...” he snapped, glaring at the man. “Come hither.” The squire came only as far as he dared.
    “Are you skilled in the arts of healing?” He asked.
    “To some extent yes.” The squire answered.
    “Excellent. Stand beside your Templar, when I start to cast the spell... I will enter a trance.” The demon began to explain. “At this point....” He continued only to be interrupted by the Templar.
    “Ariakas, What is all this hocus pocus.” She demanded. Her demands seemed to fall on deaf ears for now all attention was on the demon, who was now increasing in mass and flame was beginning to form in the palm of his hand under the pitcher of water.
    “The bridge between here and the Abyss will be opened.” He explained. “Demons may enter through me...” He warned them looking at Pierre. With that the Squire grasped his hammer tightly. “You must destroy them.” Setatabon told Pierre. “They will wish to stop her from regaining what they hold. “You...” He said now turning his gaze to the Squire as the Undermarshall Ariakas drew his sword. “You… Must keep her vessel living.” He warned the squire. “You must help keep her alive....And kill any demons that enter. Is that clear?” He asked them. Ariakas and Pierre both nodded, their weapons at the ready.
    “None shall harm her.” The Squire promised.
    Setatabon turned to the Undermarshall. “You must hold her down.” He told him.
    Ariakas complied, grasping the Templar and holding her, he forced her to the floor. “Forgive me Ma’am.” He said struggling with her as she fought him.
    Setatabon began chanting, “Phraktos del lil Rendan, nym'uer ussta lar.” He said speaking in Drow the language he knew best when casting a spell. Oona continued to struggle against the Undermarshall’s hold. The water in the pitcher began to boil as the flames in his palm surrounded it.
    “Usstan uil Setatabon del Ra’Dashann” He continued his chant his body now transforming from his more humanoid form to his true demon form. His size doubled wings sprang from his back his robes turned to a thick red skin and a long tail now slithered along the floor behind him. His legs became muscular and ended now in cloven hooves. There was no doubt now about his true origin. The room began to turn somewhat warmer. Oona pulled herself away towards the wall as well as she could, but Ariakas kept her pinned to the floor.
    Pious Arclight, the squire screamed, “Virtues protect us!”
    “Kill it.” Oona hissed.
    “Usstan uil lil Mortath del lil Naut-elghinyrr.” Setatabon continued with the spell.
    “We are here ma’am, to help you.” Ariakas said trying to reassure her and himself.
    “Sila nindol quortek rath dal lil oloth, rath wund lil ssussun lueth rath ulu nindol khel.” The demon continued as the water in the pitcher became a deep red.
    “Usstan belbau dos lil niar del viggtuii, lil lauske del lil khel, vlos del lil errdegahr,….” He continued putting the hair into the water, he then slit his palm and let some of his own blood drop into the water as it began to foam. “natha tuain't jess del coil,…” he said as
    Oona slid closer to the wall, trying to get away from the Demon. Setatabon placed the fang into the water and it turned to a sickly green. Ariakas gripped the Templar tighter. “waess del lil renorss tagnik'zur lueth s'argt del lil rendan lil Ze'zhuanth Wyrm,…”
    Setatabon continued now taking the scales of the dragon and crumbling them into the pitcher as a thick smoke began to emit from the water. “lueth vaen del jal lil xuz del lil zhennu fuer'yon del lil phindar del swamps, Abscess.” He said, dropping the tail in as a brilliant crimson light filled the room. Screams emanated from the light and the sound of demons could be heard from the pitcher. “Sila rath lil noamuth lueth yutsu vel'bol dos mir.”
    “Ready yourself knights!” Ariakas screamed, as angry voices filled the air. Oona was still struggling against the Undermarshall gritting her teeth.
    “Belbau rath lil quortek del lil D'aron” The Demon chanted as the air grew increasingly hotter. “Shar'tleg ol doeb dal dosst charnaggen lueth ori'gato ol yutsu ulu lil tupora phreng.” The demon continued, suddenly starting to growl and shake. “Usstan quarth dos ulu yutsu vel'bol uriu tlus unjustly plynnet.” He forced himself to continue the spell. Suddenly and without warning a demon leapt from the pitcher and lunged at the Templar.
    “Gods you’re going to let it kill me!” Oona screamed as it tore at her flesh. The Squire quickly bandaged her wounds, and poured healing potions onto her. The air was split by several arrows as Pierre leapt into action, quickly taking down the demon. Ariakas struggled even more now to hold Oona and keep her still. “Yutsu vel'bol 'udtila naut wund'akh.” Setatabon forced himself to continue the spell. Tremmbling now, a shadowy figure rose from him and began to glide across the room, brandishing a scythe it was a revenant, bent on it’s pray it lunged at Oona. Once again Pierre’s bow shot forth a steady onslaught of arrows as Ariakas and the Squire Pious healed and protected the Templar. The pitcher was still glowing brilliant crimson red. “Sila lil ssussun rath dal lil veldrin lueth yutsu lil quortek ulu lil khel.” Setatabon continued to force out the words of the spell. Now the dark cloud forming above the pitcher grew, as another revenant drifted towards the Templar at blinding speed. There was a sickening thunk as the creatures scythe cut hard into the Templars chestplate. Scoob entered the room.
    “Stand back sir vile demons are being summoned.” Pierre warned him, just as another demon leapt forth from the pitcher and attacked the Templar.
    “Virtues z'ress orn xun dos nau bwael.” Setatabon chanted, his focus now solely on the spell. “Yutsu ol nin, xor zah'har lil jusron, del waer'honglath lueth ssussun.” He continued. Oona clung tightly to Ariakas’ arm. Another vile demon spewed forth from the pitcher and attacked them screaming. “Whol Usstan, errdegahr del lil naut-elghinyrr, quarth dos wun lil kaas del Waer'honglath lueth jal Virtue” He continued, another shadowy Revenant burst forth and attacked once again meeting a swift demise at the hands of the Knights. “ulu sei'lor lil quortek duul'sso!” Setatabon shouted finishing his spell as a white figure floated from the pitcher and entered Oona’s body, he let the pitcher drop to the floor and then collapsed beside it.
    “Pierre, help him.” Ariakas shouted as he looked to the demon.
    “Are you ok Setatabon?” Pierre asked, watching as the demon returned to his humanoid form.
    “I .... I am fine, though weak.” He assured them slowly rising from the floor. All attention then turned to the Templar who now almost glowed. Setatabon could see that her life force had returned. Her glow and aura now restored. After they made their way outside Setatabon wished he felt better as he would have liked to have remained there for a time studying the gardens… but he knew his condition was weak and he needed to return home to the boiling pits of lava and regenerate his energies. Calmly he made his good byes and returned home, the spell complete. The knights expressed their thanks and gratitude, but he knew he did not belong there. Somehow Malag seemed to, but he did not. With a wave and a bow he quietly returned to his home and to Yew.