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[Archery] A little bow help needed

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by [JD], Feb 27, 2010.

  1. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    Ok so I have a little stealth archer and I'm still learning PVP. Also I'm a new player and don't have much cash inflow right now.Actually I think I have a mil or two in the bank, so buying those custom imbued 4 mil insane bows will not be an option any time soon.

    With that said I lucked into these 2 bows and would like to modify them via imbuing. Please help me decide what the best modifications are!

    You must take my playstyle into account. Here are the factors:

    1- I am a newbie stealth archer, but I help my guild in OPEN FIELD fighting often. I'll switch between stealth submarine mode to pop out and harass mages, or visible running around in Wolf/Ki-Rin form as a distraction or to get away when I get targeted.

    2- When attacking a seemingly solo target from stealth I will roll in human form for dismount, mortal, then AI.

    Hit Lower Defense 30%
    Swing Speed 45% (!!!)
    Damage Increase 48%

    I lucked out and found this on a vendor, and tested with my imbuer and it IS IMBUABLE.

    If I was gonna use this bow for mortal I'd probably want to add Balanced and hit Mana Leech. If I was gonna use it for dog archer/ki rin mode I'd probably want it to have something like Hit Lightning, Balanced, or Velocity. Just to do the most damage as possible without using specials. This is my currently heaviest DPS bow due to the 45 SSI. I would adjust the damage increase downward as I would not need 48%, allowing me to raise other stuff much higher.

    Currently I have 155 STA so the xbow shoots at 2.0 sec, and shoots at around 31.x DPS.

    Magical Short Bow
    Spell Channeling (it's a dropped bow, oh well, wasted slot)
    Hit Fireball 36%
    Swing Speed 25%
    Damage Increase 38%

    This is a favorite bow for pelting mages with. It shoots at 1.25 and the hit fireball helps interrupt. It's like dieing to 1000 pinpricks though and takes longer to kill than I'd like, although it makes it VERY difficult for all but the most seasoned PVP mages to do anything but go offscreen. It still has formiddable DPS and is my second best bow at 27.x DPS.

    When I have the money I can easily have one crafted without the spell channeling, however for now I don't have the money. So I'm figuring maybe the best possible mod here is to lower DI, and add Hit Lower Defense, and raise the hit Fireball as much as possible.

    Usage wise this is pretty much a dog-archer bow, I don't really use it for specials.

    Please let me know your thoughts and best ways to modify these 2 bows, keeping in mind I might use them for dog-archer or for specials on the xbow.

  2. Capt.E

    Capt.E Guest

    My pvp bows are all basically the same.

    Hit light 50
    Velocity 38
    Ssi 40
    DI 1

    It's post imbued enhanced with ash. The hld on your xbow is fairly nice. If you tend to fight faction people, they are more than likely at 70 DCI. I would add balance first, then whatever else you can fit. I think that bow would be very close to cap with balance on it, even if you drop the DI. For the shortbow, hit fireball has a small delay on it, which makes casting for mages nearly impossible.
  3. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    do ya think its worth imbuing (which will make it break some day)? at 45ssi I was told it was some sort of invasion bow. im thinking its prolly worth it..could be used for insanely hard opponents. my friend has a similar one but its 50 ssi
  4. Capt.E

    Capt.E Guest

    I have used invasion bows and imbued invasion bows, the bows I listed above are far superior in my opinion. I do have 166 stam after potions. I run a stealth archer with around 90 natural dex. I still find that high hitspell balance and 40 ssi is better. I would look to add a composite bow to your current arsenal with the mods above. The range is really nice, and popshot AI is a great tactic. I run 4 bows-heavy-xbow-comp-repeater. I find the repeater more useful because of running shot and double shot, and it is really fast. Happy Hunting. E