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[Price Check] A Magic Bow - Double Slayer

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Asmodai, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Asmodai

    Asmodai Guest

    just wondering if this is a rarity at all. I know about the magic weps, but was always under the impression that revealing the second slayer would remove the 'magic' from the title.

    It says 'A Magic Bow' and shows two slayer properties- Troll Slayer, Fire Elemental Slayer. Thanks in advance.
  2. Asmodai

    Asmodai Guest

    is it really that hard to reply to this thread?
  3. ElvishArcher

    ElvishArcher Guest

    No offense meant by my comments mate, but that bow isn't going to get you much at all. While sure it has double slayer properties, that is not that uncommon. Now on the other hand, if the properties had complimented each other such as Demon/Elemental, it would have gotten a nice chunk of change. People desire that combo for Doom. Sorry to disappoint you but its not worth much unless someone is looking for EXACTLY those 2 slayer properties in combo that are on your bow. I have a few boxes of these secured... just can't seem to get myself to get rid of them... yeah I tend to be a pack rat lol.

    Actually I just reread the post... not sure about the "Magic" title part so I will double check mine when I get home from work around midnight EST.
  4. Asmodai

    Asmodai Guest

    i wasnt interested in it's value so much, more as to how it retained it's 'a magic' title
  5. Chiera

    Chiera Guest

    maybe it's the same AOS transformation glitch that titled the pre AOS repond slayers 'A magic ...'. So maybe it wasn't only the super slayers that kept the title but also those slayers in the repond group. Troll slayer in your case. Just a guess though.
  6. CapN

    CapN Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    "A Magic" is the rarest label you will find on old juka bows, excepting the few that have none at all. Yes, these are the pre-AOS ones, which there were not that many of since Juka were relatively new then.

    The 'a magic' line DOES have value to collectors regardless of what slayer type or types it possesses. Unfortunately these can never be displayed in public since any joker can come along and use Item ID on the bow and it will lose the magic title.
  7. Asmodai

    Asmodai Guest

    Okay, i understand the 'A Magic' bit as per your replies, but how did it become a double slayer?

    Seeing as im uploading photos today, heres one for you:

    This item is also for sale, if anyones interested.

  8. Chiera

    Chiera Guest

    those dropped on Juka Lords and had to be modified by a GM fletcher to become usable. After modification the color changed to black and the second slayer property showed. Still plenty of those around. Most interesting ones are demon/elemental dbl slayers for the triple damage to the DF.
  9. ElvishArcher

    ElvishArcher Guest

    Interesting... I just looked at mine. They have titles to them as well as the double slayer properties. I know they were juka bows as these were hunted by my guild back on Atlantic years ago... I know 100% they are preAoS in origin but other than that not sure.

    Sample of my stock:
    -A Repond Bow(yellow text at top) Demon Slayer/Repond Slayer(separate lines)
    -A Bow of Arachnid Doom(yellow text at top) Dragon Slayer/Arachnid Slayer(separate lines)

    And here is a funny thing too... I have a box of bows that just say "A Bow" and I am pretty sure they are old Juka Bows too, I'll have to check those, again when I get home from work. But if they are the old Jukas and not converted yet, I am 99% sure they are ones from my days on Atlantic a few years ago that I just never got around to doing. Hope they are the type that get doubled but something tells me they are not, been too long lol we will see soon enough.
  10. Asmodai

    Asmodai Guest

    lol it's funny with these bows, they seem to be all over the place in terms of the different titles they've got. I suppose it's because of the modding. When AOS hit, it must have truely confused the system.

    So here's a question, if i ID this, would i get another slayer propertie, or will the 'A Magic' simply disapear and leave me feeling sorry for myself?
  11. Bazer

    Bazer Slightly Crazed
    Professional Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Oct 7, 2003
    Likes Received:
    it will more then likely just dissapere and leave a empty feeling, more value in my eye with that name on it