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(RP) A Magically Sealed Letter...

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Legacy of Connemara, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. A magically sealed letter has been delivered each to Beleg and Ahmaya, Azrael and Zendra, Alyssia and Fiona Kanath, Sage, and Clive Dauthi, visible to their eyes only.

    I send this to appraise you of what I have done.

    Aedon has been returned to you, against the will of time and nature, not to mention my own kind. There are provisions.

    Aedon is no longer King. To wit, he has never known of the land of Connemara. All memories relative to his time as King, either on Earth or Sosaria, have been irrevocably removed from him. This includes knowledge of the Dread Blade, Ahoun, and recollection of his various romances, including any products thereof.

    Aedon is now wholly one of you. He was born and raised in Sosaria. He was friend to the Knights of Yew and remains the proprietor of their tavern.

    He remembers his friends as his friends, but he will not recall any of his adventures into battle with them as anything but stories recounted at his bar over flagons of mead.

    His enemies he recalls as unsavory elements of the land or poor patrons of the tavern. He has never taken blade to any of them.

    His body has been cleaned of all scars and marks which would indicate a warlike past.

    All remaining Travel Crystals have been shattered, severing the paths between Sosaria, Ireland, and Bree.

    I left the accent. I like the accent.

    I am removing myself from your lands and shall never again interfere in your affairs.

    Again, there is a provision:

    You are not to betray the knowledge of who he was; he would not understand or believe you, anyway. You are not to attempt to retrieve his memory or force him into battle. Furthermore, you will aide in protecting him and his new self from those unaware of what has transpired. This life is his reward for all he has been through. I will not allow anyone, mortal or otherwise, to interrupt his peace.

    Should you violate this rule, you will answer to me.

    Be well.

  2. Phaen Grey

    Phaen Grey Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    Sage sat on the edge of the mineral spring in her underground cavern beneath the freehold. Soft low light filled the cavern from fungi coating the walls and ceiling, its iridescent glow enough to grow the moss and other plants she kept in this her most private chamber. Sage's body cloaked in a gossamer robe, she was busy brushing out a length of her bronze hair. Behind her she heard the beating of wings approach and soon Myosotis her Tressym familiar landed in the moss at her feet. Myo carefully released a scroll case that Sage picked up and opened revealing a letter from Figol.

    Moments passed as Sage read the letter again and again; coming to terms with its contents, tears coming to her eyes as understanding reached her heart and mind that Aedon was not lost to her.

    "He will only know me as friend..." she whispered softly to Myo.

    It was enough, she may not have the time left to become as close to him as they once were but he was alive and well. Perhaps it was better this way, The Ghille's own years were numbered and it wouldn't be long before she too would pass onto her next life. Sage could treasure her memories and share the time left with Aedon the man.

    She slipped from her chamber in the stone of the mountain and quickly made her way to the library in the Manor, she'd leave the Crown on Connemara on display but removed from the coffer her tribute to Aedon the King. In case he should ever visit, Aedon would not learn of his past from her or the Freehold. The Legend of Aedon King, she'd hide away forever.