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A Mayor's First Announcement

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Cal Hurst, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Cal Hurst

    Cal Hurst Guest

    Mayor of Moonglow Cal Hurst sent the following announcement to all town criers, and instructed them to post the announcement on the bulletin boards of all banks that have them.

    Citizens of Moonglow, Citizens of Sosaria, and all of you who are reading this. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Cal Hurst, recently elected Mayor of Moonglow.

    I have been in office for only a short while, but in this time my council and I have been faced with some tough decisions. I was told this office would be challenging, but I did not anticipate such conflict so early on. The council and I, however, have pulled through some very sticky situations, and believe we have put Moonglow on the best path it has been on in some time. That is thanks to not only the hours of work the Council and I have put into Moonglow, but also the efforts of all of Moonglow's citizens. The citizens are what makes Moonglow so great. Without you, we are powerless.

    But I am not addressing you all to boast about how great Moonglow is, I am addressing you all because of a certain announcement that those in the city of Sanctus have decided to push upon all of you. Yes, it is true, that Moonglow had constructed an outpost there. We did not anticipate such hostile reactions from Sanctus so quickly. As I did not want my first act of Mayor of Moonglow to be to cause a war, I negotiated a one-week evacuation agreement with Sanctus. I had thought this was all over.

    I wake up this morning, only to find out that Malic Skyfire had reinforced the announcement made earlier by Vian Skyfire. The purpose of this address, this announcement, is to offer a public response to this decree.

    In Sanctus' history books, you will read stories of how Sanctus valiantly rode into Moonglow, securing it with Moonglow's history in mind from the clutches of the Regency. You will read how Sanctus was the foundation that Moonglow's newest incarnation was built on. You will read how, without Sanctus, Moonglow would be no more. My friends, these are fallacies.

    It is true that Sanctus had a small hand in helping Moonglow attain its independence from the Regency, but they by no means played a key role in the process. Moonglow had many powerful allies at that time, and you are all more than welcome to come to the Lyceum and read the history books we have here, in the City of Honesty, and see just how our independence was achieved.

    On a closing note, Moonglow asks that the outpost that Davaran Skyfire stated was on Verity Isle be evacuated. We generously allow you two weeks to move out of the small building you have on Verity Isle, and thank you for your cooperation.

    Live free and well, my friends.

    Semper Veritas

    Cal Hurst
    Mayor of Moonglow


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