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A Murder in Moonglow!

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Guest, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A Murder in Moonglow
    by Anonymous

    The mutilated remains of an unidentifiable male individual has been discovered this evening in Moonglow by Nicholas the Old. The body - which has been stripped bare of all garments and forms of identification - was found laying at the foot of Kronos' Blackrock Detector, his head removed from his shoulders and his body viciously slashed and stabbed. Although no one had witnessed the murder take place, fresh blood on the grass would seem to indicate that it had happened shortly before its discovery. The Moonglow Town Guard had declared a curfew for all residents of Verity Isle, and encourages everyone to lock their doors and fasten their shutters this evening.


    After being informed of the incident tonight in Moonglow, we immidiately sought out Nicholas, who could be found in the office of Archimedes the Old arguing with a shrouded figure carrying an ancient-looking lantern. Their conversation was certainly brief - Nicholas being visibly angered and frustrated with the other man. Once their conversation ceased and the other man had left, we approached Nicholas (who seemed to quickly regain his plesant demenor) and asked him a few questions.

    "How is it that you came across the body?"
    "Ah, that? Yes, well... I had been wandering back into the township to speak with that old woman from across the sea...Oh blast, what was 'er name again?"
    "Inu the Crone?"
    "Yes! Thats it, thats her name... Well, I had been attempting to speak with her when a lass suddenly cried out from over yonder. I and ran towards the source of the shout, and discovering a body laying at the bottom of the Blackrock Detector." He paused for a moment before continuing. "You don't often forget such sights."
    "Do you have any idea who the person was, or who might have committed the crime?"
    "Mmmmmmmm... I certainly have my suspicions."
    "Care to share?"
    "I shall politely decline to answer that question."
    "Who was the man that just left?"
    "Someone who I thought might have more information. Apparently I was wrong."

    An investigation into the murder is currently underway, although Moonglow's Mage Council has refused to speak to the press or release a list of suspects. Nonetheless, rumors abound as to who might very well be responsible.

    "Anarchists!" claims Geffory the Lycaeum Historian.
    "Yes, anarchists!... Haven't ye seen the young people these days? They dress in these strange and tacky colors. They refuse adherance to the Virtues, and willingly spit upon the deeds of their forebearers. They attack our allies just as readily as our enemies, and think only of personal gain. They provided the blackrock to destroy Haven, they taunted and encouraged the light daemons to destroy Magincia, and didn't you hear them!? They cried out for Kronos to bring down fire upon Magincia! Tis madness!"

    "I think 'tis the corpse o' that poor Kronos!" claims Camille the Herbalist. "Didn'cha ya 'ere them? Once tha' strange contraption broke 'pon 'em, tha' laddies and lassies decended 'pon that poor fool like dogs ta a scrap o' meat. I wouldn' 'e suprised if they trampled 'im to death."

    "The Dark Tower has returned!" claimed another.
    "The Dark Tower? Those are just rumors, aren't they?"
    "No, they are not rumors! Didn't you see them?"
    "See who?"
    "The Devil Queen! She was attacking people after Kronos had left, and the guards were too scared to confront her. And Azalin Lore!"
    "Azalin Lore?"
    "Yes, the Emperor of the Shadow Imperium! He was there... there I tell you!"
    "The Shadow Imperium had been driven out of Windemere ages ago."
    "Yes, but their emperor remains!"

    "The Followers of Armageddon are active in the world again," spoke Aegis the Archmage.
    "Why do you say that, m'Lord?"
    "Who else would want anything to do with this blackrock? They still maintain a foothold in Illshenar and the volcano 'neath Serpents Hold. They believe that humanity is evil, and that the world must be clensed of humankind."

    One individual, who had wished to remain anonymous, went to far as to point the finger at Nicholas the Old. "He was found over the corpse, he must have done it! Who knows this Nicholas the Old, anyways? Just because he claims to be an old wizard from an age long past, who really can back his story up? He is an evil wizard in disguise, I tell you!"

    Other theories abounded, of course. Some claimed that Lord Francesco is involved, while others claim that it is the corpse of Kronos and that the assassination had been instigated by Inu's ramblings. As far as suspected victims, there is of course Kronos, while others mention a Vaughn McCloud who had gone missing nearly a weeks past. While none of these theories can be confirmed or denied, stay tuned as we continue to investigate this strange and unfortunate twist of events.

    *The news parchment, which had been copied and distrubuted throughout several major Britannian cities, does not identify the authors. The only form of identification that can be found is the title at the top - "The Britannian Freeborn Press"*
  2. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
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    Well written!!

    Glad I got to be one of the first to read it.

    *looks at clock*


    Guess I'll find something to make me sleepy. *sheepish grin*
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ah, thank you! *Smiles* It probably could have been a bit better, had I not tried to write it half-asleep after the event had ended. *Chuckles*