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A New Begining

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Suldan, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Suldan

    Suldan Guest

    The morning grew cold while i was up in the warriors guild just west of Britian.
    It felt like a century, yet only a few minutes have passed training my swordsmanship on the Training dummies.
    If it hadn't been for this nice fellow in a brown robe walk me over and show me where the warrior guild to start my training i would be still lost wondering in Britian.
    I decided to take a yonder over to the cemetary north west of Britian*I think to myself please don't let me get lost again once is enough...
    As i was walking through town i ran into a fellow that i thought i better ask for directions before i get lost again,this fellow i stoped to ask directions i find out is a blacksmith that was just returning back to his shop that was on the north west side of town, so he offered to take me there and point me into the right direction.

    Once at his shop he did add that the cemetary can be a very dangerous place for a young fella like myself, but i didnt pay to much attention, i felt i was strong and very good at what i was doing with what skills i had so off i went..

    Moments later after traveling the path i notice the cemetary straight ahead, so like any warrior i draw my sword and walk with caution, finally reaching the front gates, i had gotten a chill down my back and a strange feeling that there is more than jsut me here..Heart starts to beat faster...Palms are getting sweaty...Miriel shake it off i think to myself...I stop at the corner of the fence that takes me to the front gates to catch my breathe and calm myself down...Miriel it's only a cemetary what could there be here that is so dangerous that i can't kill..
    Looks down onto the ground and sees my reflection in the puddle of water on the ground by my feel.. i look at himself wondering... i tighten up my glove on my hand... the glove strap rips...Tossing the strap on the ground i take a final look behind myself ....Then i stop go back to my glove thats ripped. is this armour i have on going to protect me from these beasts creatures or what ever they are, that i may come across...

    All ove a sudden a shade looking creature and skeleton come flying out of the front gates towards me, i don't think they have seen me yet, but they look easy enough i run out at them take a swing miss i swing again i hit one the skeleton. the skeleton cackles, then the shade looking beast hits me with something magic of some sort. knocked me to the ground. i had really bad sharp pain in my chest was feeling cold.. what was happening to me i say to myself.. i hear something in the distance i couldnt make it out, all ove a sudden i pass out due to i was in so much pain...

    I awaken finding myself laying on a bed in some type of hut,i cant quit figure out what happened to me all i last remeber was i was walking up to the cemetary..
    I am looking around the room i am in and i notice 2 bodies looks like a male and female figure in the distance standing at a table wiht bottles on it.
    Dressed in a brown robe this man walks over to me wearing a cross on the fornt of this robe, i try to get a better look but my eyes they dont feel right eveything seems blurry, i can hear him saying rest young one rest, you ahve been badly injured let the ingredients do ther job and relax i fall back asleep..

    2 days later i awake feeling rejuvinated feeling stronger, my chest does not hurt as much anymore.. i sit myself up in the bed.Look around the room and the lady i noticed earlier well felt like earlier came over to me and told me i passed out adn fell asleep and its been like 2 days i sleeped the medication she said did its job and made me better...i asked her if she had my clothing so i can get dressed naked under the blankets feeling uncomfortable not totally knowing where i was..So she goes and grabs me my items, she said i will be needing new armour this stuff you have is badly damaged and my scimitar was broken.I nod at her in agreement, i get dressed the best i can.. she comes back over to me and hands me some bandages gioves me a little knowledge of natural healing skill for if i need to heal myself i can, but she said it iwll take time to master this skill..I look to the entrance of the hut and i notice the brown robed man walking over to me,i say to myself i know you you are the man that took me to the warriors guild.. there was silence he nods....
    I figure it was time for me to be moving on i thanked them and offered what little gold i had but they did not accept it.. i said my goodbyes and exited the front.. i look around to get my cordinates and i find i am back in the middle of Britian town centre once again...

    To Be Continued.....