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A New Magnificent Trophy Rooms Contest

Discussion in 'Shroud of the Avatar Discussion Hall' started by SotA Stratics, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. SotA Stratics

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    Feb 11, 2014
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    Get your homes ready for the most intense contest yet this year! Over the next few weeks you will have the fun opportunity to show off your hunting heroism, crafting coordination, and trophy triumphs in this new three part contest kicking off today.

    Adding on to last year’s trophy room contest, we now have the wild boars and updated wolves to make into new trophies! Here’s how the contest will work…

    PART 1: Hunt down a creature, defeat another player (to get their skull), or catch a fish!

    PART 2: Craft the trophy from that creature (human skulls come as-is, no preparation needed…)

    PART 3: Display your trophy triumphs in a single room of a house you have access too!
    Submissions Must Include:

    • 2-3 screens of combating a creature that can provide a trophy (1x with UI, 1x without)
    • 2-3 screens of you in the crafting process for creating the trophies (2x with UI)
    • 3 screens of your trophy room (1x with UI, 2x without UI, different angles, lighting, etc.)
    • Brief one paragraph description for each screenshot category. Please include as much basic detail about the location and other statistics that might be useful for others wanting to hunt the area to craft their own trophies.

    Submit all screenshots in a single post response to This Forum Thread. Deadline to submit is Monday, Feb. 26 at 11:59pm CT.

    We will only accept one submission per individual or group, though you can submit your entry separate from a group, if it’s completely separate in content. No reuse of submission materials! Group entries must select a leader that will receive the bulk prize.

    Example Trophy Themes:

    • New in R50: Wild Boar, Wolves (visual updates)
    • Phoenix, Dragon, and Troll
    • Mounted Desert Wolf
    • Mounted Obsidian Wolf
    • Mounted Timber Wolf
    • Mounted Patriarch Bear
    • Mounted Large Crocodile
    • … including several others
    • … and player skulls!

    Submissions from last year’s contest as examples: http://bit.ly/2pBjxve

    Screenshot Guidelines:

    • Resolution: Minimum of 1920×1080, and always in 16:9 aspect ratio (you can trim).
    • Quality: Use in-game settings to their maximum, no post-screenshot alterations allowed.
    • Set the stage: Other players and staged items in the shots are great resources.
    • Capture the action: Since only 4x combat screens are allowed, choose what you feel are the most prominent creatures you intend to have trophies for.
    • Stand your ground: Either your own house or permission to set up a trophy room in someone else’s home is acceptable. This must be recognized in your submission.
    • Protip: Be mindful of the game time for the best lighting angles you want, if any.
    • Remember! UI off toggle is (Key: F9), no post-alterations to the screenshots please.
    Winners & Prizes

    • 3 Top Prizes: 50 COTOs, title, and two developer skulls of your choice
    • 5 Runner-ups: 25 COTOs, title, and one developer skull of your choice

    Winners will be announced at the start of the Community Livestream on Mar. 2 at 4pm CT.

    Submit your entry in the forums! As we receive contest submissions, they will be announced on social with eventually a gallery of all submissions put together.

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