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A Newcomer to the lands...

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Larisa, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Larisa

    Larisa Publishing Manager, Stratics Leadership Team
    Editor Reporter Moderator Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Editor Fallen Lords

    Sep 8, 2006
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    (Maharia Vashti came into existence about 25 years ago when I was a member of SCA and IFGS. I brought her back story into UO and decided to bring her to Catskills...this is her story)

    Children could be heard laughing and playing in the courtyard..the town was alive with the laughter and shouts of the citizens..music and merriment abounded. A small child of 9 came from the baker, fresh bread wrapped tightly in her sack..her long, flowing sienna hair swirled around her face as the wind gently played with it.

    This child looked different from the others...but only slightly..only could not tell unless they looked very closely at her...not so petite form and features. Though small in stature, she was larger then the others, and her ears not as pointed.

    Walking slowly past several children, she glanced briefly at them, smiled shyly and continued on her way. Maharia was not prone to play with the other children, she would rather help her mother at home. Her father had to go away on a long journey...or so she was told...and left her mother to tend to the household and chores.

    At age 14, the truth revealed itself...when Maharia was noticeably shorter then the other children her age...and her facial features not so delicate. A school-yard bully had been teasing her mercilessly until one day Maharia ran home in tears.

    Running into her mother's arms, she sobbed.."Momma, why do they make fun of me? Why am I so different?"

    Her mother gently knelt down before her, took her by the shoulders and smiled softly. "Maharia, my sweet, sweet daughter...you know I love you...and it is time that I told you the truth."

    Maharia tilted her head, "The truth? About what Momma?"

    Her mother sighed deeply "Your father.....did not leave on a journey..he was a lone traveler lost in the woods. I came across him one day while picking berries. He...~Shakes her head~...he was a human."

    Maharia gasped, "Human? But I...~Swallows deeply~ that means that...I am a half-breed?...no wonder the others make fun of me..mother how could you?"

    Her mother held her tightly, "I am sorry my beloved daughter. I had hoped that it would not be noticable...that I could hide it from others...but it seems your father's genes ran strong in your blood." Her mother sighed deeply, "I am so sorry...I did not mean for this to happen."

    Later that night..a town council was held..and it was declared that Maharia, not being of pure elven blood, was to be exiled from her home when she reached the age of 16. Forlorn and confused...Maharia spent the next 2 years in solitude...never leaving her home.

    On the day of her 16th birthday...a day that should have been filled with laughter and merriment...she sadly packed up her meager belongings...bade her mother a tearful farewell..and walked out of her home forever.

    Several years past...Maharia spent most of her days wandering the lands...through forests, deserts and streams. Her only friends the animals she met along the way.

    When she was 19, she wandered into a beautiful glade..a sparkling waterfall met her gaze..and a shimmering pool of the clearest water she had ever seen. Glancing around, she silently walked towards it...having traveled for so long she felt a refreshing dip in the crystal water would do her spirits well.

    She sat gingerly at the waters edge...glancing at her tattered appearance in the water..and sighed..thinking of her mother. It was then that she felt a tingling on the back of her neck. Glancing around...she drew in a breath and sat stock still, for laying not 6 feet from her, nestled in the trees, was a large, white dragon. She tilted her head..feeling no fear. His eyes seemed to stare into her soul. She stood and walked slowly towards it keeping her gaze locked onto his...for in her heart she knew it was male.

    The beast made no move as she neared...stopping a mere foot away she again tilted her head, saying nothing. The beast gave a small snort, tendrils of smoke emanating from his large snout. She reached out her hand and he put his massive nose into it...briefly, before pulling back.

    Fearlessly, she walked up to him, gently nuzzled his side and sat quietly in the grass beside him. Yawning, she gently leaned against his unusually soft scales, and fell asleep.

    (Maharia on Origin is a tamer and was very excited when Frost Dragons came out as she now has Frost with her! Here on Cats she might be but as of right now she's just a mage, rather quirky and shy, hears voices and talks to the animals more then others. Her and Frost became fast friends, he is elven, transforming to his Dragon State only rarely, but will protect Maharia at all costs. They have a unique bond and she doesn't trust or speak to anyone easily)