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A Olympic Feat of Azeroth

Discussion in 'WoW WotLK Beta' started by phoenixlord882, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. <b>A Olympic Feat of Azeroth</b>


    One morning, on August 8th, 2008, three people from Goldshire came into Stormwind City's bar and heard about the Olympics coming to Azeroth. They were in the trade district, saying things like "The Olympics have started!". Horde people across the Great Sea saw what was going on and signed a peace treaty during the Olympics.

    The three men went to Azuremyst Isle to tell the Draenei about the Olympics and the Draenei responded, "No way... we should have constructed our stadium inside the Exodar before the crash... oh well..." The Draenei took their boats across the Great Sea to Orgrimmar, where the "Bird's Nest" arena was set up.

    The Olympics of Azeroth 2008 were held in Orgrimmar, hosting such brutal events like Pole Vault across the wall, fencing in the arena, archery in the Valley of Strength, shooting in the Valley of Strength, WarCraft basketball in the Valley of Trials, and the swimming and gymnastics everywhere else...

    Swimming and Gymnastics were Alliance favored, since they know their ways of swimming, and the fact that night elves know how to do a perfect flip in midair. The only other race that we saw in the studio that could beat the Night Elves in freestyle gymnastics was the Blood Elves and their twists.

    The Olympics were live in action as Alliance and Horde continue to battle each other in peace to win the gold medals. Near the end of the 16th day, the Olympians went to the Valley of Spirits to prepare for the Azeroth Marathon.

    One Alliance Olympian was preparing in the Valley of Spirits for the final event, the Azeroth Marathon, a footrace starting in Orgrimmar and ending in Silvermoon City. All contenders were finding the best way to get there until an Alliance footrunner won the event and the Alliance took the glory.

    In the medal count on the website the results were Horde: 39, Alliance: 38. Man, can't the Alliance ever win any event?

    After the Olympics, the PvP just continued into the Battlegrounds and around the world...

    Until 2 more years from now, when its held in Ironforge for the 2010 Azeroth Winter Olympics. Hope should be restored for the Alliance as they got defeated in the Summer Olympics.

    The End