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A PAH Announcement and Apology!

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by DJLandon, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. DJLandon

    DJLandon Guest

    A Pacific Auction House Announcement and Apology!

    Apologies to all, for us taking so long to make any "official" response to the unfortunate event that happened this past Saturday.

    Sadly, the Pacific Auction House (PAH) and Whispering Rose Radio (WRR) Staffs are just... well maybe too trusting! And, were in a state of shock!

    In the interest of supporting an event that was created and run by dedicated UO players on the Pacific Shard, PAH and WRR, allowed someone to become part of our team. Unfortunately, in the end, it became clear, after the damage was done, that he had no honor or integrity at all!

    It is a mistake we made and one that we are determined not to repeat!

    The Pacific Rares Festival was one of the most ambitious and complex events put together by actual UO players in recent memory. It took months of planning.

    PAH and WRR thank everyone for your support.... which has been overwhelming.

    The events that happened and ultimately prevented the rares Auction from occurring were regretable...

    But rest assured, PAH and WRR, take full responsiblity and will be contacting those who had losses, and compensating them accordingly.
  2. Mairut

    Mairut Guest


    I'd like to add that I'm sure everyone who lost items appreciates the fact that you all are taking responsibility for this. Very commendable, to say the least.
  3. EvilPixieWorks

    EvilPixieWorks Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 20, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Amazing this stuff still keeps happening... and zero staff responce as per normal. A real shame... but good the staff is making an honest effort. Something you really don't see much these days.
  4. AND3R

    AND3R Guest

    Zero staff response?

    The thread you posted in was the response high-speed.
    Indeed - it is a fantastic sight to see both a sense of responsability and restitution paid in full to the festival's customers.

    The Staff members are working extremely hard to get everyone reimbursed for their losses, a tremendous and intimidating list to say the very least. Happy to say the recovery is well on the way!

    The Pacific Auction House is heavily supported by players from all shards. The community involment has always been key to the AH's success and will continue to be in the future.

    The support and compassion from players near and far has shown why these people still work hard for all of their customers... be it a record loss or just a weekend auction.

    Not only do they recover from a record loss, but continue to move forward with the regular weekly auctions and other community events on several shards.
    Simply Amazing....:thumbup1:
  5. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    I am not positive, but I got the impression that EvilPixieWorks used the word "Staff" twice - with two different meanings.

    I think the first "Staff" referred to as "zero staff responce as per normal" was referring to EA-Mythic staff...

    While the second "Staff" reference: "good the staff is making an honest effort" referred to the PAH Auction Staff.

    Not sure, but that is how I took it. Otherwise you have "Zero Staff Response equaling an Honest Effort" and that just made no sense. :p