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A Pirate In Need Will Likely Bleed

Discussion in 'The United Pirates' started by gonzo2, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. gonzo2

    gonzo2 Guest

    Har.. aye had uh good time with some of me mate's last night. Dare aye was, mindin me own business workin wit me skeleton keys when low n' behold, Trinsac sends out da call dat e's playin in da painted caves. By da time aye gets dare, dare must b' bout 10 of dem dare nasty cavemen wit one big black one dat was literally pluggin up da cave entrance. After bout 10 minutes of patience, 1 land lubber, 10 Trinsac rez's (sounds like da recipe ta some of Hook's ol' home brew har) we was able ta push da beasties back.

    Later on in d' evenin, Hawk taught me a ting er two, tree, four, .... bout beatin on dose greater dragons n' dat was uh real fun time. So listen up ya scallywags, get out of dem bunks n' get yerselves out cuz we be sailin jest about every evenin' n' we haven't even spoken yet of da drink'n n' da wench'n