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A Poem for today...

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Bob the Scribe, Feb 25, 2003.

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  1. I recieved an email last night, can't remeber thename of the sender, but they wanted me to write a poem about a sunbather (Wierd person). So as I said I would write what you wanted, here is my little effort that I nocked up in my 10 minute morning tea break.

    I was walking in the woods one day,
    When out of the blue came a cry.
    Through the trees I saw a clearing,
    Where a still body I did spy,

    I walked on through the forest,
    My sword drawn by my side,
    Keeping to the shadows,
    In case I had to hide.

    I crept upto the body,
    It was as red as blood,
    It’s clothes were strewn around it,
    On the grass and in the mud.

    A looked around the clearing,
    It shimmered in the heat wave,
    When up jumped the red body,
    And screamed, leave me to Sun Bathe.

    I said to the little sun bather,
    I surely did hear a cry.
    I know said the lonely bather,
    I got sun lotion in my eye.
  2. Hekate

    Hekate Guest


    Excellent Bob!

    Keep em coming!

  3. Maginot

    Maginot Guest

    What is this business about giving you your name back?
  4. *laughs*

    Hmm...I'm going to need to think up something now, after I get back from work...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.