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A poll! Everyone please vote!

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Recently there has been some talk about the large number of buy/sell/price check threads and in the interest of doing what is best for the Sonoma community, I'm going to put up this poll so that we can see what everyone thinks of the following ideas. Please vote, but also I'd like you to reply as well with reasons why you voted the way you did. I really want to hear what everyone is thinking on this issue, especially since it could possibly fundimentally change the way this board is posted to. Thank you everyone for your help in this.

    Now the poll:

    Okay - there we have it - please make your voice be heard! Remember it's not *just* the majority on the voting that may decide the future of the board here, but also the reasons *why* so please let us know why you want what you want!

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Additionally I'm going to make a second poll to go with the first.
  3. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest


    Make several sticky threads at the top. These would be divided such as Ebay/money ads, buying and selling, trading, vendor advertisements, price checks, etc

    I voted for this one as it is the closes to having threads for the selling, ebaying, vendors threads.

    Clear the thread out once a week


    I voted for that above for the selling Threads. But leave the vendors thread
  4. Goldkeeper

    Goldkeeper Guest

    I voted to keep everything status quo EXCEPT to insist that those who post trading/selling/price check messages to be very specific in stating their Subject field. For example, the syntax [Selling/Buying/Price Check/Auction/Taking Offers] [Item in question] [any relevant additional details].

    Starting threads with silly and misleading topics just to get people to click on it to read them is frankly a waste of time and bandwidth.

    Just my 2ยข
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color=green>I voted for the two different sticky threads at the top.. only because the one I was thinking wasnt there.. I think that having the rl money and uo gold seperate is great.. as then people can tell what is what.. but as far as the vendor adds.. that should be done in game.. by gates at the bank and runes being dropped...etc...even dropping books with adds.. the uo sales that go on the forum should be for specality items.. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/members/catsmiley.gif

    **side note.. anyone know why one min my sig works and the next it doesnt?***sigh*
  6. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    I do not mind selling and buying threads...They just do not bother me, I am usually interested in them, plus I like price check threads. But I like shopping in any venue.

    My only nitpick? I wish people would SAY ebay or RL cash in their TITLES so I don't open a bunch of EBAY threads.

  7. I am utterly opposed to ANY sticky/sales threads.

    This is UO Sonoma, dang it...not some trade board...so why on earth would we want something like that stuck right at the top?

    It sounds ugly as heck, to me. If folks want to see those, just send em to wherever they do that *has no idea where that would be*

    I wish to leave things as they are. If folks aren't interested in buying something that is being sold, they are welcome to ignore it and watch the post fall to the bottom of the page. *shrugs*

    Please do not turn this into a UO Vendors board! *develops a tic*
  8. I voted for two sticky threads, and to have them deleted once a week.

    I, for one, find it very convienient to post here if I'm looking for something or trying to sell something, mainly because I don't have mucho hours each day to sit at WBB and advertise/request.. and obviously, I'm not the only one. The people who are against posting sell/trade stuff here always say seem to think that's where it should be done, or on the trade forum.. but people just don't check the trade forum, I'm sorry. And, as I said about WBB.. I simply don't have the time.

    If I go to WBB, I may spend an hour or two trying to sell something off or buy something.. but the majority of the time, it's the same people there, doing the exact same thing. If someone doesn't seem interested after 10 minutes, then it usually means I'm out of luck. Whereas here, a person can post one time, and everyone who checks the boards will see it for a day or two.. I don't have to be at the right hour like at WBB, just the right day.

    Also, I have no desire to shift through page after page to find the most recent buy/sell posts.. hence deletion after one week. That seems to be plenty of time, but if it's not.. then hey, a person can just repost. I think it's an idea *definately* worth at least trying.
  9. Alarcon

    Alarcon Guest

    I voted that they don't belong. (that is why we have RPGTRADESPOT and TRADESPOT and guild websites) HOWEVER, understanding from previous conversations with the moderators of this forum, I know that my view is not that of the majority of forum users here.

    I vote that if we do go with allowing these types of posts to be made that they be contained in <font color=red>ONE</font color=red> thread at the top of the forum that gets cleaned out on a monthly baisis.
  10. Cloniti39

    Cloniti39 Guest

    No stickies. This is not a trade board. If someone is selling something, this a "free to speak" board. The "stickiness" will depend upon the interest of the readers.

    A "shard" forum is free for the people of that shard to speak, unless it is abusive. We as a community should determine what is "abusive". That, and the teachings of the Avatar of old, should be our guide.

    Cloniti the Cleric
  11. Del_Xavier

    Del_Xavier Guest

    I agree with Dor, but I voted for the two sticky threads. I can understand some people wanting to sell, so let's keep it in two threads.

    THAT WAY we don't have good game related threads being pushed into 2nd or 3rd pages due to people spamming items for sale. I come here to read the threads, not to read what's for sale.
  12. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    I think part of the reason BUY/SELL threads have become so PROLIFIC is that like it or not, this is now an EXTREMELY item based game. Since everything depends on items, OF COURSE the number of selling/wanting to buy/trading for threads is going to go up. I think that's just natural.

    I voted against stickies, period.

  13. Frostie

    Frostie Guest

    Dor what do you mean this is already Sonoma UO Vendors Board.............

    When the sales/price check/purchase threads dominate a board that is supposed to be community news/activities what else can you call it.

    I vote for renaming the whole thing ................ Sonoma UO Vendors Board
  14. Lady Nest

    Lady Nest Guest


    Trade threads don't belong here. Delete them all!


    Trade/buy/sell info already has a forum....and THIS ain't it!

    Thanks kittykat, TTFN &gt;^,,^&lt;
  15. Carcinogen

    Carcinogen Guest

    I don't mind having people come to this forum to sell stuff, actually, I feel the more traffic here the better. My request is that people put either Real Money or UO gold in the Subject line. (Or something to that effect).

    Would it be possible to "test drive" a solution for a few weeks to see how it works and/or how much more works it would be for the moderators.

    Anyway, thank you for asking.

  16. Horizon

    Horizon Guest

    I voted to keep it the same.

    And just a reminder for a few of you. There are unlimited playstyles within UO, that is one of the things that makes UO great. Why should anyone be able to say that a play style is wrong or doesn't belong?
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Just my thoughts.... Leave them as is, people have a right to post their items if they choose and as adults we have the choice as to whether or not we choose to read them. I do think however that clearing the threads on a weekly or monthly basis wouldn't be a bad thing. That is plenty of time for those that are interested to read them.
    Happy Hunting,
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I Voted for various threads...
    IMO one thread dedicated to buying/selling and another dedicated to vendor advertisments would be okay.

    For the other pole i voted for cleaned once a week...... but i don't agree that is fast enough, Buyers and selling should IMMEDIATLY delete the selling/buying post as soon as the items is found/bought. I HATE icqing people to buy something thats already been sold, or icq them and find out they already bought it and didn't feel like updating the post!!!!!!!!

    But on the other hand, not including them here is perfectly fine by me, there is various other sites like ala pointed out that are for this same purpose, along with the dedicated forums here on stratics.
  19. Bara Kuda

    Bara Kuda Guest

    When a differant shard forum voted to create a single Buy/Sell thread (clearing it out once a month) it turned out to be surprisingly a relief (for me personally). I didn't care one way or another at the time, but once all the buy/sell stuff went to one place I found it had it's advantages and was more effecient in some ways. For example,

    a) Altho it's not that big of a deal it's nice to have a few less things to personally have to filter past. (Cuz between the smack talk threads and all the buy/sell threads..dang to find that one decent thread snuggled in between them..tedious)
    b) It provided a nice one stop thread to shop at. (that was pretty cool)
    c) Someone who continously specialized in something didn't have to continually spam/advertise the board or bump the thread to keep it visable.
    d) Didn't have to worry about a sell thread getting buried by other threads.

    Eventually, the Buy/Sell disappeared cuz there was a big drop in activity in the forum, so it wasnt needed.

    I think it's all a matter of balance and the type of community (numbers, interests, play styles ect) we have here, and the only way to find out if it's useful in 'this' forum is to try it for awhile.

    So, while I'm interested in seeing if a buy/sell thread is useful to this forum, I'd hate to see more than one thread dedicated to it (that seems like overkill).

  20. Ravenloff

    Ravenloff Guest

    As most of you, that know me, I been a merchant on sonoma over 5 years now.In all that time has anyone every seen me or anyone post any kind of advertising about my vendors here? I was told long ago unless you were holding an event at your vendor house you couldn't just advertise you vendors on this forum, that there was other forums to do that on. I have always went by that rule here cause I have come to the boards myself to check on an event or was just checking out see what was happening on Sonoma &amp; had to scroll through all the e-bay for sale posts &amp; all the ads for vendor houses to get to what I wanted to see. Sometimes that can get very annoying specially if they don't put e-bay or for sale in the title.

    Anyways back to the sticky threads for selling stuff. As I posted in an earlier post on other thread by Lor'el ,I think that would be a great idea. I didn't give reason why tho cause I was waiting to hear what others thought about it. Anyways here is why I think its a great idea.

    Think about it merchants, we would have a sticky thread at top of the 1st page. Players looking for stuff to buy would be able to find it fast &amp; easy &amp; wouldn't have to scroll through ton of non selling posts to find your for sale posted items or your ad for your vendor houses, ect...
    Here is an example from my own experiences. I have come to boards now &amp; then myself to just see what others might have an item priced at or see if anyone has something I might want to buy &amp; I start scrolling down checkig out post advertising stuff for sale &amp; just get tired of staring at screen scrolling through non selling posts that I just finally stop &amp; go do something else. If i do that i'm sure others might also &amp; that person or myself might of stopped scrolling before we got to your post &amp; didn't even see it. With the sticky thread for just selling items &amp; or vendor house advertisments in it I more then likely wouldn't stop looking so soon &amp; see your post or advertisment.

    I have a few more pros for it but I would like to hear what other merchants think about this idea, so come on you Merchants speak up &amp; be heard. I know there is more then just 10 or so players out there out of the 200 + that have viewed this post &amp; the other post by Lor'el ,that are merchants.

    I voted yes for separating real cash stuff &amp; in game buying stuff &amp; delete after a week is good enough. Month tooo long

    I would say tho if players would make sure they put in the title for sale in game item or e-bay item for sale then i would vote leave like it is but you know some players out there will either not do that or just forgot to do it. Thats other reason why i like the sticky threads for selling items.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I voted for sticky threads cleared out once a month. I'd go for once a week as long as the thread told what day of the week the thread gets cleared so people won't get jipped by posting a few hours before it gets cleared.

    I think ebay threads need to be controled somehow. Personally I only have one problem with ebayers and that's their inability to auction properly. They post their gold at 12.99 and up but never look at ebay to see those people doing that are not selling their gold. If more of them would start low and let the buyers decide what to pay they would all sell more.

    I don't care to read their damn posts if they only link to ebay and an over priced attempt to sell. IT'S AN AUCTION. Do it right. Find out how much things are going to sell for before you post either here or there, better yet AUSTION you wares.

    I love having posts here of people telling me where to find their vendor houses. Never stop that I say. I love being informed of player in-game auctions. Never stop that I say. I even like reading peoples posts when they are just selling something, be it their houes or rares or whatever. Never stop that.

    This is the Sonoma Board and where better to inform fellow Sonomians about things you have to offer?
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I just thought of another thread that if made sticky would be a pleasure to have.

    Price check thread. All price check requests go in it and it gets cleared the first day of each month.
  23. Grond

    Grond Guest


    This is UO Sonoma, dang it...not some trade board...


    That's pretty much the point. There are trade boards, and that's where trade posts are supposed to go. Many other shard forums don't allow trade posts, Sonoma is an exception. Some people object to wading through so many for-sale posts to read posts about events or discussion that's relevant to the shard.


    If folks want to see those, just send em to wherever they do that

    Well, if we're going to "Leave everything alone. The forum is fine just as it is," we're not going to be sending people anywhere. The poll option for that is the "Trade threads don't belong here" answer.


    Please do not turn this into a UO Vendors board!

    It already is. This would keep the UO Vendors posts confined to a single thread, rather than on some days taking up most of the front page on the threads listing.

    Maybe we should have trade threads and not make them sticky... Put a note in the FAQ pointing to the thread(s) where people are supposed to post the for-sale junk.

    Personally, I think the trade threads are starting to overwhelm the (IMHO) useful content on the forum. I've been waiting for it to blow over, but so far it's still going strong.

    I personally don't want to just send people away to the trade forums, and get rid of all for-sale or looking-to-buy posts, because 1) the trade forums aren't that easy to use for anyone who's actually looking to buy something on a given shard, and 2) it makes sense to put "for sale" and "want to buy" posts in the shard's community, because most people aren't going to traipse over to the here's-everything-for-sale-on-every-shard forum just on the off chance that it will have an item they might be looking for on Sonoma... but if they see it on the Sonoma forum, where they normally read, buyer and seller both win and the community is served.

    Having said all that, I haven't voted in the poll. I don't have a burning preference. I can live with a reasonably high number of "I want cash for my imaginary item" threads, if that's what people want. But I do note that people have been starting to complain, lately, and I think it's worthwhile checking in with the community to see how they believe they'd best be served.

    And now for my OSI dev team impersonation: The poll is here so we can get feedback about how the community feels they'll best be served. It does not necessarily mean that the option with the most votes will be implemented.
  24. Lor'el

    Lor'el Guest

    I voted for the two sticky threads one for e-bay items &amp; 1 for uogold items. Clear once a week is good with me long as the person clearing looks at the date it was posted on.

    I don't care for items being sold in game or on e-bay in the regular forums &amp; reason why is:
    When I come to boards i usually come to check out whats happening on Sonoma like what kind of events are going on &amp; many times I have missed stuff cause of players spaming thier items for sale &amp; bumping other post 3 or 4 pages deep into the forum.Other reason is I don't have alot of time real life stuff keeps me away from the game as it is. so when I come to the boards I like to read stuff that takes about events coming up or whats changed in game in th elast few days &amp; stuff like that. With all the for sale stuff thats been posted lately it takes me even longer to go through &amp; check out stuff i want to see. Sometimes it problably would of been faster to log in game &amp; go to WWB &amp; ask someone whats going on then to scan through all the posts /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    It might not be so bad if players would put in the title Item for sale in game or Item for sale on e-bay.

    For a good example : Lady Vixon i'm sorry for pointing you out by name but your post you put up today is a good example of what i'm trying to say. In your title all you put was "SIGH" I saw that &amp; thought maybe other vendor bug out or something like that so I open it &amp; it was just an advertisment for a 120 tailoring power scroll for sale. Now if you take other 10 players &amp; they advertise stuff like that with nothing about for sale in the title &amp; I open every one of them I'm wasting alot of my time that I could be playing the game.

    Again sorry for pointing your post out Lady Vixon there are others out similiar to yours &amp; there are others that have gotten me like that over the last few months but it just your post happen today &amp; it stuck in my mind.
  25. Frostie

    Frostie Guest

    The way you set up the voting will be biased towards those who want to leave it as it is now. By breaking the sticky options into so many subvotes it has watered down the true feelings of this community. Please consider this in the final decession as the votes for a sticky post in any form is lapping the vote to keep it as it is now.
  26. Keeping this short, and completely serious. I agree 100% with everything Pluffy said in BOTH her posts. Word for word. That's my vote.
  27. The Lancermane Village runs more than 30 private vendors and has never used the Sonoma board to sell their wares. Instead we rely on word of mouth, small in-house promotions, restocked vendors, and just dang good stuff at reasonable prices. Knowing that information is important because obviously we at times shop and buy from other Sonoma folks.

    Do we come here to the UO Sonoma boards to do our shopping? No, we do what is called CASing consumer awareness shopping. We shop at other folks vendors to try and help maintain the economy of Sonoma. If we want to see if someone is selling/trading an item on Sonoma we go to the forum that is designed for that <font color=red>UO - Trading</font color=red> . Yes, it is for all shards. Perhaps that is the board that can undergo a "facelift" by creating threads to suit the needs of those who are buying, selling, trading etc. on different shards.

    Why do we come here, to the Sonoma board?
    To see what is "hot" news, old news, and hopefully find hints and guidance on how to play. Even if there is a sticky decision made for our board, we would at least know where to look and have the choice to open it. As it is now, we have to continuously scroll and sometimes 'search' for the latest "real" news about Sonoma. Possibly missing important bug issues or opening a title we might be intereseted in only to get hit with an AD or two which even E-Bay would charge a pretty penny for.

    Personally, I find it a waste of precious playtime to see -so and so- selling/buying -such and such- on every other other thread. In my field of training we refer to this as **'The Classified Ads'** and I don't see a thread called that on Stratics UO Sonoma yet.
    So, that will be my entry into naming the **'sticky tacky for such threads contest'**

    <font color=red>MOONGLOW SPRING FESTIVAL 2004</font color=red>
    <font color=blue>Saturday April 3rd -
    5pm EST, 4pm CST, 3pm MT, 2pm PST, 1pm Alaska &amp; Noon Hawaii</font color=blue>

    <font color=green>168812018 </font color=green>
  28. lancell87

    lancell87 Guest

    i totally agree with mum i use these boards for information on whats going on in the shard --- not for shopping
  29. ... remove the buy/sell/price check ads and move them to the Trading Forum
  30. I like the items being posted here. Anything listed here is Sonoma Only goods which is what Im looking for. I feel that if a "Selling" post does not want to be looked at.. Why not just pass over it?

    Ive bought many items because they were listed on THIS board.

    I guess its just me.. But I thought Buying, Selling and Trading among the Sonoma community WAS Shard related..
  31. hiai

    hiai Guest

    I'm with Goldie on this. If you don't like the ads, then vote to have a sticky so you can just pass over it and it won't take up room on the boards. And people like Goldie, who actually take their merchanting seriously, can have a spot to keep an eye out for things they want.

    I don't see this idea as anti-Sonoman in any way. Be honest with yourself and you'll admit that posting on a Shard-specific forum is much more effective marketing than a trade forum, so why should anyone trying to sell/trade something go elsewhere?

    Just ignore it if you don't like it...
  32. flatscan

    flatscan Guest

    If we have a sticky thread, then no more then just one. Nothing worse then going into a forum and having 6-10 sticky threads at the top. It's just plain anoying. One however, as long as it's updated regularly would be nice, as some said, one place to shop. I'd like to see people post there vendor locations as well, but again, would need to be upkept. Nothing worse then going to places listed and there's nothing there.

    So i'd say one thread, just for people selling stuff (regardless what it is) and vendor locations (yes in the same thread), and have it emptied out one a week. Anyone intrested in the advertisment of there shop will have no problems posting it once a week. A month is ok, but a lot can change in a month.
  33. Briliri

    Briliri Guest

    I love shopping! I love shopping on Sonoma! If we had one or two sticky shopping threads for Sonoma it would be wonderful for several reasons:

    -Those that don't like "wading" thru sell posts could easily skip over a sell thread, now they will all be in one or two nice and tidy threads!
    -Those of us who would like to sell an item on Sonoma could list it and know that a potential SONOMA buyer would not have to wade thru a multi shard selling thread (I personally never do, just too many posts and I like a personal touch, i.e. shopping my home shard Sonoma)
    -Buyers would have a wealth of info available in just one or two threads for seeking items on THEIR OWN SHARD!!
    -Pricing questions would be easily answered in a selling/buying thread.
    -Merchants could list their locations along with their goods, even if for one week at a time. I, for one, would love that!
    -The time saved when looking for a particular item would be well worth the sticky thread posting, i.e., how helpful it would be for me to click on the sticky selling thread for SONOMA to find out who would be selling stone furniture rather than me spending who know's how long running all over the shard finding a stone furniture vendor.
    -For players who don't have a vendor shop, but want to sell a quality item they just picked up but don't need (blaze net, high end weapon or jewelry) a sticky sell thread would be just the thing for them!

    I'm sure there are more ideas than mine that support a selling/buying thread. The above just came to mind quickly. I don't understand why one or two sticky sell/buy threads are so abhorrent or utterly disgusting in some peoples minds. A sell/buy thread would clean up the forum while AT THE SAME TIME contributing to a sense of shard comraderie. It's a community thing!

    Just my two gp /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif -Bri
  34. ryansdad

    ryansdad Guest

    Trade threads don't belong here. Delete them all!

    I like to shop around and I like to know what things people are trying to get rid of but isn't there already a trade and merchant forum? If we are going to post things here, why have the other forums?
  35. Obsydia

    Obsydia Guest

    I voted leave it as is, if you go with the sticky threads you risk the chance of deleting a post that was not supposed to be deleted and potentially cause another big argument about MOD favoritism.

    To be honest, I don't play UO except to sell things, and find myself reading only the boards that pertain to selling items as opposed to the stuff that happens on the shard.

    Plus I've made mucho money from customers who see my sales here.
  36. Lady Lavendar

    Lady Lavendar Seasoned Veteran
    Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Mar 19, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I like having the posts here relating to items for sale or items requested in game. I voted for two sticky threads at the top. I often look here to see what folks might need, and occasionally find something I might like to purchase. I have seen many offers of free houses and such to help people transferring to Sonoma or starting new characters. I think this is a good use of this forum, and a good place for people to look for help. I'm glad we allow these posts.
  37. Blind Ryan

    Blind Ryan Guest

    I, also, like the idea of only having two stickies. The love has left in favor of cash and while I favor that in the real world, I'm not a huge fan of it on forums (or the games I play.)

    Games were an escape from life... now they're a moneymaking venture?
  38. Grond

    Grond Guest


    The love has left in favor of cash and while I favor that in the real world

    I prefer having love and cash! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif