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a posting for ORC.

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by imported_mo'gluk, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. I again am putting up a list for those interested in ORC.

    Hoowah!! DA GOUGED EYE ARE da bubhosh

    We are gaining in strength and numbers….

    Since we have accepted many new orcs and some old orcs into Tribe, I feel that I Must give some information, I am guessing that I will have to make a website soon to handle thins but I am not much of a website guy and I don’t have enuff time to spend doing it. So I will outline the Gouged Eye tribe.

    There are a few major orc tribes throughout UO shadowclan (old siege and an Island somewhere, the Blakfist and the bluudclan , and shadow reavers from atlantic). Since we are a siege group I will pull mainly from the history of the shadow clan, but I will try and make it so anyone more familiar with the others can follow me.

    New members are gruntees/runtees/pizurks…. I like runtees but meh its all describing a new member of da tribe. When you bring a runtee tu the Hall for marking as a gouged eye there a few details to remember:

    1. You must have a unique name that can fit within the Orc world. I am not asking you to bust a nut trying to come up with something momentous and awe inspiring just a name that is not oomie (human) or panzee (elf). No LeEt names from da PiMp DaDdY Ov KeWl

    2. You must be bald and of a non pink skin hue…..you must be human I have not seen a reason yet tu allow elf skins and see no reason in the foreseeable future.

    3. Come to the orcs knowing that this is a fighting guild, while I don’t think suicide is the key we are here to fight so if you are hoping to come and be a happy orc… well it just aint gonna happen… we ar like the marines everyone fights some better than others but you all have a weapon use it…..

    4. at the moment we are in the shadowlords faction, this may change but we are trying allow for us to fight more people in more places...

    any new gruntees wishing to apply kan do so by arriving at the ORC hall directly screens game north of the Yew Orc Fort and wait for a da Warboss or grunt to test you on orc skills and appearance. When planning an orc there are some restrictions to remember.

    1. You may not use bunny ears, save in the instance you are in Polymorph. You must attempt to look like an orc thus use of a orc mask or helm is essential. Any other weapons maybe used save a few minor exceptions…

    2. in skills you may take what you want to play, I am not going to a limit a persons play style but I will warn that use of templates that vary radically from our style will probly get you killed… just not by us. I am not going to say you cant be anything that is against what I feel a game we each independently pay should be like.

    3. The only skillz Highly suggested… are hide/stealth. We are a stealthing tribe the orc by nature is a sneaky ba$tard we come out of shadows attack our enemies and meld back into shadows to go get drunk (orc national pastime)

    4. you may use ember legs but please dye them black. We do have colors for the tribe and they are pasty green/black ironically the collors of the shadowlord but I had chosen these colors before the decision to go factions. I have now placed dye tubs with appropriate colors at ORC hall

    5. at the moment we are not using mounts but we will be moving to use of ostards and swamp dragons as mounts you may not use ethy’s. any orc will be able to use an ostard but to “upgrade” to a swamp dragon you must complete a spirit quest guided by warjukk (tamer)

    There is a stated hierarchy that must be shown so that as I go through and adjust the titles people. A new orc entering the guild starts as a gruntee. and any orc, which comes with crafting skills, is a snaga. Any orc who is BLUE will stay a gruntee until he iz burnt or receives enough counts to go red.

    The next level of orc life is the grunt. The grunt symbolizes the advanced char, the vets of siege. Any orc wishing to be a grunt must be RED to signify his desire to bask in the glory of battle.

    The next level level is called a Nob or Boss and his title will vary depending on his specialty. A Nob is also signified by a Robe of pure blackness with an apron or large belt of the color of the tribe

    Specialty title

    Weaponskill Nob

    Magic Mojoka

    Necro Magruk

    Chivalry/healing Wargoth

    Taming Warjukk

    Ninja Garugg

    Animal form Warg

    Craftsmen Mak’r

    The Warboss is the guild leader thats me right now and its called the warboss because that what I wanted meh… if someone else takes my mantle then they can call themselves whatever.

    The bosses of the tribe make up the ruling caste led by the WARBOSS. As a player I tend to like to do my thing and most other people are the same, when orcs get together usually fighting breaks out until someone figures out it is better to go klomp on someone else. The Bosses will be the ones to decide this. The bosses will be chosen because they can lead a raid, they know where to go, and they can execute orc tactics.

    any question feel free to post openly or send me an ICQ. My number is below labeled pigun.
  2. Feyre

    Feyre Guest

    I think they should be able to ride polar bears.
  3. I think your guild needs to sell the 5-6 polar bears we saw in the backpack
  4. Den When yu dun Blah'n and hab new "Orc Tag", come to Zabu Forest, Halex gib yu Sabage welcum ! .... Welcum to Orc. Nuk' Nukk ! Har Har Har... yu now Official Orc. Snaga ! now dat you met da Sabage Halex!
  5. RandAlThor

    RandAlThor Guest

    I need a name change token and then I would love to join.
    I also need to do the elf to oomie quest.
    I want to have fun again and this looks rad.I miss orcses.
  6. if only we could ride the bears it would be sweet I would prefer grizzlies
  7. Har, me too, Zabu Bear Tribe, be Bubhosh on Grizzley Bears
  8. Nuk'Grub

    Nuk'Grub Guest

    Gauged Eye Clan ar da BuB'Hosh Orc Clan!!!! Da Gouged Eyes hab Guud Klomps wit da oomies so far...Lat oomies Kum to da fort an bring da TRIBUTEE!!!!! Or WarBoss Seeb lat KlOMpEd Guud!!!!

    HOOooWaaaAAaAA!!!! KlOmP Dem OomIEsS!!!!! [​IMG][​IMG]
  9. <blockquote><hr>

    Gauged Eye Clan ar da BuB'Hosh Orc Clan!!!! Da Gouged Eyes hab Guud Klomps wit da oomies so far...Lat oomies Kum to da fort an bring da TRIBUTEE!!!!! Or WarBoss Seeb lat KlOMpEd Guud!!!!

    HOOooWaaaAAaAA!!!! KlOmP Dem OomIEsS!!!!! [​IMG][​IMG]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Whoa der, Nub Nub eatz da Orc Fort Grasses! Meeb *** to da Fort an Burnz yu out when da oder Sabages get in camp
  10. Ghaz'gull

    Ghaz'gull Guest

    Har!! latz da "BoMb" Mog! Meeb tink dat da sabages shud gib uz mur tribute dem humies cuz dem um..... cuz dem um.... cuz dem sabages.... har dat guud ash jok!
  11. Orc NEBBER get Tribut frum da Sabage! Getz dem EB2 ta Tributz in da Orc pile.

    "cuz dem um..... cuz dem um.... cuz dem sabages.... har dat guud ash jok! " *pops Ghaz'gull in back of the head" spitz it out! yu da Shiny one huh? Har Har Har, now dat funny der !! ... brush dem teefies Orc! deh Greenerz den yu!
  12. Ghaz'gull

    Ghaz'gull Guest

    Har dem nub lik tu clomp lik guud uruks... dem lik tu bring pets and stubb. But dat ookie uz got sumtin fer dem [​IMG]. Latz tuu!