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[Buying] A professional Imbuer who does Custom Orders + Shadow Dancer Leggins

Discussion in 'UO Europa Trade' started by strolch, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. strolch

    strolch Guest

    Hey there!
    Im looking for a professional Imbuer who does custom orders for me every once and a while:)

    Also looking for shadow dancer leggins!

    cheers guys
  2. Ozzmandias

    Ozzmandias Guest

    Professional Imbuer!!!

    I like that title so much you've tempted me, here's my imbuing CV:

    Imbuing: I know stuff.

    Time: Not so much.

    Greatest Imbuing Achievement: Sampire suit, 5 parts, all 5HCI : 8LMC : SI8 : MI8 with 3 parts 5HPI. Heartwood enhanced after imbuing for 6 properties.

    Conditions of employment: If it's the odd crafted Item, and you're reasonably specific, then I can help. If it's gonna be something like - make me a suit with every low resist arty in UO and then get me all 70's resist with corpse skin overcap, 70hci/dci and HPR/MR 18 then I'm just not gonna be able to spend that much time doing it.

    Gimme a shout ;)


  3. strolch

    strolch Guest

    I like you already!
    Icq me plz: 304100598
  4. Ozzmandias

    Ozzmandias Guest

    Will do buddy, although I'm working in the US at the moment so I don't get back till around 10PM GMT, although I do 'work from home' often so I can contact earlier on most other days.