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A Quest, gentle folk! Through the Libraries o' Sosaria!!

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Dec 27, 2001.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Whilst perusing the tomes an' lore o' Stratics, I happened across this grand quest, dear folk:


    Hear ye, hear ye!

    I present to the people of Britannia a challenge for the most
    worthy of scholars and explorers. Throughout the realm I have
    hidden away many riddles, your first task is to seek them out.
    Should you succeed, your next task lies in answering those
    riddles. You last task, shall be to explore the lands once again
    and find the item that represents the answers to the riddles, and
    bring them all to me. The first person that does this shall
    receive a prize that is valued around 500 thousand to over 1.5
    million gold pieces (depending on shard). Good Luck to you all
    may the best lord or lady win.

    This contest is being held on the following shards:
    Great Lakes,
    Lake Superior,
    Napa Valley,
    And Siege Perilous.

    There are a total of 10 riddles per shard (except Siege which
    only has 5, albeit a harder to solve 5). Every riddle is located
    inside a bookcase, within an NPC building inside a guard zone.
    They are all in the Old lands on Felucca. Why Felucca? Because
    first you need to have a bit of risk to get the reward, but mostly
    because only the Felucca facet has bookcases that actually
    contain any books.

    The answer to every riddle is also an item that is obtainable in
    game, which are all common, or at most semi-rares which are
    not too difficult to obtain.

    I will be on each shard from time to time, in Serpent’s Hold
    Felucca, where I MIGHT give hints to people that ask them of
    me. I can be identified by my character name, Cuchulainn, and I
    will also have [Arch Primus, SRG] over my head.

    I may be emailed at [email protected] where I will
    confirm whether or not a riddle you have found is a valid one
    that I have designated for that shard. I will NOT give hints via
    email so do not ask. If you have found all the riddles and think
    you have solved all of them, then email me the ENTIRE list of
    valid riddles, with your guess as to the answers, be sure to
    specify your shard name, and your designated character.
    respond as quickly as possible, confirming or denying the
    accuracy of your submission. If it is correct I will meet with you
    in game where you will give me the items you have found in
    game that equate to each answer. (If you don’t have them all,
    or don’t have the right ones, then you will have to try again) If
    all items are correct then you will be declared the winner and I
    will arrange for you to receive your prize. I must have an email
    submission as described above for you to be eligible to win the
    contest, I will not accept the items from unknown persons, even
    if all the items are correct.

    Important! The Date and Time that I receive emails is the order
    that I will evaluate submissions, which consequently may end up
    deciding who wins a time, should many people find and solve all
    of them.

    If you are going to email me to validate a riddle, please try to do
    as many at once in a single email. I anticipate getting a lot of
    them, and I will try to answer them as quickly as possible.

    Save All other questions for this thread,

    NO I will not post hints on the board, all of you however, may
    speculate as much as you wish. Keep in mind, though that you
    may end up helping your competition, should you choose to post
    any of your findings or reports. This contest will last until there
    is a winner for each shard, or until I post otherwise. First Place
    gets the loot and the glory, second place just gets the sha…,
    well they get to solve some riddles.

    Good Luck
    Cuchulainn of Serpent’s Hold,
    Atlantic Shard.
    (And now it seems, of all those other shards too)


    I have found but one riddle so far, and will be the first to share me findings, in hope that I might help another.
    In the Vesper Fisher's Guild I discovered this riddle.


    In every house I find a home.
    Because I am useful found.
    The morning sees me clothed in white.
    The family seated round.


    To those who wish ta join meself and others I have seen thus far, use this information wisely, any information ye find would be helpful, though I understand that some would keep it ta themselves.

    What I know so far is this: The riddle I have found lay in a plain brown book, like the kind a new sprout would recieve upon enterin' these lands. 'Twas authored by the man who's name appeared in the scroll I reprinted above. I have thus far scoured Vesper an' Moonglow and found naught but this one clue. I hope ta see a few more o' ye around the land as I venture out in search o' more literature. Good luck, my friends.

    <center>-Windar D'Sal</center>
  2. #3 of 10
    Who are the girls who fight without weapons around their lord?
    The dark red ones protect him and the fair ones seek to destroy him.
    On what field do they do battle?

    *Found in Skara Bare - Ranger's Guild*

    This one sounds like a chessboard to me...
    For the one you found... I'm not sure...

    Gotta find the other ones and solve em to win though....
  3. Elrond

    Elrond Guest

    The one Windar found sounds like a dining table. "Clothed in white" would be the tablecloth.
  4. i agree with elrond on the first one..
    but i don't see how the second could be chessboard, since when does chess have anything red in it?

    Edit: also, the second has 2 questions, who are the girls? and what is their battlefield?
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I kinnae remember offa the top o' me head, but if ye look at (double click) the chessboards ye find in the provisioner's shoppes, be the "black" pieces hued red? Oh an' I thought o' the dining table as well, though the rules state that the item will be one that kin be picked up, I've not seen a "clothed" table that kin be carried around... though I've no further ideas as to what it may be..

    <center>-Windar D'Sal</center>
  6. The chess pieces are an off white and a dark red/maroon color...
    I'm just guessing though...
    But it sounds right to me....

    *EDIT* I logged in and checked the chessboard I have locked down in my cabin and the color seemed to be more of a brown....
    So I might be wrong...
    But what could it be then...
  7. hmm.. apparently it really depends on the board.. they are generally black and white... at least all the ones i've seen..
  8. Elrond

    Elrond Guest

    I have seen red and white chess sets in real life =)

    And the dining table riddle just says that it is clothed in white in the morning. Say you picked your up in the afternoon ;)