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a question of honor.

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Hopeful, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Hopeful

    Hopeful Guest

    Only in recent months have I persued any of the virtues of UO. Can anyone give me some help with a few questions? Thanks ahead of time.
    I have been killing fire steeds for karma/fame/honor in the fire dungeon for weeks now. I stopped gaining karma from them long ago. Over this period I would sacrifice my fame to dispel the Deamons. Ive reached knight of sacrifice and enjoy the benifit.(takes you from glorious lord to trustworthy each time you do itl)
    Now, I havent collected reagents off of kills for along time but, I couldnt pass up the 150-300 sulfuric ash plus 20-30 ruby on them. Looking in the bank i noticed Im on my second stack of ash totaling 71,698. This is just from steeds. I never bother with the elementals and kill effeerts in hopes of getting some deamno bone armor.
    Anyway, can anyone give me an idea how close I am ?
    - When I do acheive knighthood, what senario would apply?
    - could I activate it on my char and target one monster and others ingnore me for a period of time?
    - it is passively active?...(if that made sense) such as monsters not going aggressive on me quickly?
    - I honor most eveything. I dont notice a melee bonus. Is it applied to creatures you only gain honor from? or only at knighthood lvl?
    -Since I sacrifice fame, i gain alot back killing steeds. Does this increase the honor as well?
    - Fire steed list at -20000 karma. I truly dont understand the scale of fame/karma. I have recently started targeting paragon titans for honor.(so far have 4 chest i cant open :) ). I only have 1 gem left to fill for knighthood.
    Should I continue this way? Are they worth more honor than the steeds?
    - I mentioned karma because I use chiv(80) and want high karma for spell duration.The paragon titans give me some.Does anyone know how long the top time is for spells ? My dinive fury lasts 24 secs i think. Sorry thats off topic.
    - If I used honor ,will I loose it like valor?
    - How many virtues are active?Are there plans to complete it?
    I maybe confused about much of what I ask. If I sound silly Im sorry. Thanks again.
  2. Dmaninuo

    Dmaninuo Guest

    personal choice for getting to honor maxxed out is fighting the sucubus in tokuno. I use exiler (easy to pick up demon slayer). Its also fast for rebuilding karma (demons areound the corner for sacrifice). It takes me 45 min to a hour to get from midway honor (lvl 1-2ish) to knight(I may be off on that time). I figure it takes me roughly 100 sucubus to get to it, and I can go from trustworthy to glorious lord in that time (100 sucubus = roughly 100k gold, I pile it up till I get 100k, then I decide if its worth going back & forth carting it to the bank, or just leave it sit.)

    using honor - you have to target yourself, and you get xx time where monsters will not target you. I wish it was passive, but its not. Sidenote: whenever you do target yourself, it removes a "dot" of honor - so you will have to rebuild it back up if you keep using it.
  3. Ash

    Ash Guest

    There are 2 benefits for building Honor.

    1) Extra damage, requires minimum of 50 Bushido and must honor the monster before it takes any damage. This method can only apply to one monster at a time.

    2) Prevent monsters from targeting you. This is activated by using the Honor virtue then targeting yourself. Depending on the level of your virtue the amount of time monsters will ignore you varies. Also note some high end monsters may see through it, such as peerless bosses. This method is the only way to use up honor, honor will not fade with time and only goes down from honoring yourself. 2nd note that there is a cool down period before you can embrace honor again, I forget if it is 1 minute or 3 minutes. The amount of time that it will last from my experience is:

    Seeker of Honor can embrace honor for 30 seconds
    Follower of Honor can embrace honor for 90 seconds
    Knight of Honor can embrace honor for 5 minutes!

    As Dmaninuo states, succubus seems to be the quickest path to reaching knight
  4. Hopeful

    Hopeful Guest

    Thanks for the info. 50 bushido to use? Boy... how hard would it be to list that on the players guide. It only says bonus for melee, not any specific skill. I wouldnt have waisted my time going for it had they clearly stated how it was applied. May I ask where you get the infomation from?
    Im really sick of having to do " research " to learn about the game. If I do look to find info I come up with stuff so outdated (from the UO web site ,sad really) it is useless. Much of it was outdated and hasnt changed since I left in 2001.
    Well Im not going to use it untill I see a use for it.
    Oh BTW .... I reached knighthood. Yes the paragon titans give lots more honor then the fire steeds. And lots more fame and karma.And lots and lots of good items and gold (somewhat). I still cant open the chests from them.Anyone have a clue if said chests have better items than the corpse I loot them from? Other then the t-maps? I might work up lockpicker to open them since my GMmage cant pop them. If not I may sell them unopened on my vendor. Ya think plp would but them? how much?
    thank s for all your help.
  5. Hildebrand

    Hildebrand Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 12, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I totally see your frustration with the game not giving help with items and skills and such. I wish that hovering over items would give super details (min/max, caps, benefits, etc. Or even a link to a detailed web page).
    But..... In a way.... doing the research becomes an obsession in itself (at least for me), and I enjoy the researching. I guess it's what makes UO unique. Community plays a huge part.

    Back to the q's.
    - Honoring yourself has two benefits: 1)does give a 20DI melee bonus for ANYONE. Good for a peerless boss that has no slayer weapon. 2) it makes monsters ignore you for a while (until you attack it).
    - If you have Bushido, Honoring other monsters gives you a different kind of damage bonus called "perfection". You would have to read the Bushido forum for detail. Can add up to 100 DI
    - Honor doesn't lose dots unless you activate it (by honoring yourself).

    Paragon chests.... you can put them on your vendor and THEN you can peek inside the chest to see if it's worth it. Some people like collecting paragon chests cause of the names on them and/or for the colors. Imagine having all the monster types and all the colors of paragon chests!
  6. Ash

    Ash Guest

    The information about increased damage from honor and minimum skill of 50, comes from the Bushido skill page found at uo.com where it talks about perfection.

    And I don't think it will allow you to place a trapped chest on a vendor. I know you can't trade it, and pretty sure can't place on vendor because of the same rules.
  7. Hildebrand

    Hildebrand Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 12, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I put my para chests on my vendor all the time and it lets you. It's locked so, it's not like a hapless innocent can kill himself. You have to pick it, then open it, and you need lockpicking skill to do it. So there is protections in place... for the innocent.
  8. Yes, doing research to find specific information you're looking for can be tedious at best, but you do learn a lot about the game that you didn't know while you're looking for what you have questions about. One thing to keep in mind is that the uo.com site is 99% out of date. You'd be much better off either checking the Stratics main site (which is 75% out of date) or the uoguide.com site. I do know for a fact that the Bushido page on Stratics is 100% up to date as I wrote it and nothing has changed since it was posted.

    One thing to keep in mind about Honor is that it is the perfect tool to use after you've died and you need to get back to your body. Honor yourself as soon as you're rezzed and you've got enough time at Knight to dress, rearm, and make a run to your body to loot it. That's the primary use I make of it. The only other use is to get through areas like the desert in the Twisted Weald to get back to where Irk and the spiders are without having to deal with all of the changelings on the way.

    I believe it was already mentioned in this thread, but the Succubi in the Fan Dancer Dojo are the quickest way to get to Knight that I've found in the game. Between the extremely high karma/fame they have and the super fast respawn rate, you can reach your goal in half the time or less than any other place I've found. They've also got more gold and better loot than the Titans.

    I've found that while rare, chests do have that occasional item that is just amazing. I'd suggest you work up lockpicking and keep it stored on a soulstone if you have one to use for it. You can also pick up a nice amount of gold from the chests, plus can sell the white chests and the t-maps for yet more gold.

    Aside from this, what Hildebrand had to say about Honor is dead on.
  9. Hopeful

    Hopeful Guest

    Thanks guys. I will try honoring myself against a lesser monster I can handle easily to confirm the melee bonus you speak of. While I am now maxxed at all skills on my char I still cant seems to defeat many high end stuff solo. Apllying honor after self rez is agreat idea (wish I knew that a few deaths ago :) ).
    I agree that you learn a lot through research for info but to reference it when necessary in a reasonable time frame it can take up my valuable game time. I used to have all the posts added to my favorites but lost those when the site crashed awhile back.
    I really should start a tinkerer/picker for all the Tmaps I have but for now Im gunna cheat and peak via my vendor. (I feel terrible about this :) )
    Thanks again. Without you guys many of us would be lost.
  10. What's your template and gear? I was at the point you were after playing UO for about 6 months or so, but after someone showed me which gear, specifically properties on the gear to look for, I was going after things I'd never imagined I'd be able to handle.

    I think I speak for all of us here in saying you're very welcome. We're all more than happy to help answer any questions you or anyone else may have. Helping other players is part of the community that has made UO as strong as it is, and part of the reason UO is still around after 11 years.
  11. von Beck

    von Beck Guest

    I think I read somewhere once a long time ago that Bushido gives bonus damage to the whirlwind special, increasing the damage the more foes you have around you. I haven't been able to find where I read it and I'm starting to think I'm imagining it...

    If it's not on your Bush page, then perhaps I am imagining it... ?
  12. You might find information on that under Weapon Specials. That's not a Bushido spell or ability, so wouldn't be listed on the Bushido page.
  13. eolsunder

    eolsunder Guest

    Paragon Titan chests are valuable due to the T-map inside. You should invest in a lockpicker, or a friend who has 100 lockpicking. That way you can get all those levle 6 maps. T-hunters love them.

    Honor is a great ability, so use it and have fun. There are many uses for it.
  14. von Beck

    von Beck Guest

    Nope wasn't there either. Finally stumbled upon it on the Bushido FAQ and updated UO guide so I can find it again!

    It really does exist.... :cheerleader: