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A Question

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Guest, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello I am currently working on a Mage/Tamer and never really paid attention to what skills I raised until lately. I was wondering, what skills are needed to be raised and which ones should not be raised?

  2. the classic mage/tamer is 6x 120

    There are several other viable mage/tamer builds, though.
  3. It depends on your definition of a mage/tamer, really, and how you're looking to do your damage. If you're looking to use magery to supplement the damage that your pets are doing, you should be looking at the following skills:

    Animal Taming
    Animal Lore
    Evaluating Intelligence

    Taming, Lore and Vet are your staple taming skills. Magery for casting, Meditation for your mana regeneration and Evaluating Intelligence for increasing your spell power.
  4. I like the Bard/Tamer combo personally.
    Taming - 100
    Animal Lore - 110
    Vet - 100
    Magery - 50 (wear jewels/items to bring higher if you want)
    Music - 120
    Peace - 120
    Discordance - 120
    Who needs spell power when you can make the target 1 third weaker and not attack!
  5. That's the template I personally have on a character, except I'm using jewellery to raise my taming higher. It is very effective.

    I'm unsure about the use of peacemaking, however. I have 120 peace and rarely use it; just discord and kill. Sometimes I use it for mob control in crowded areas. I sometimes question whether or not it is worth retaining on my template personally, but I'd be unsure of what to replace it with.

    I guess this depends on where you hunt as well.
  6. frodofeet

    frodofeet Guest

    Going for 6x120, while effective, can be very expensive (if like me you don't do champ spawns and have to buy your scrolls [​IMG])

    A cheaper, but still very effective, Mage/Tamer option would be:

    Taming - 110
    Lore - 100
    Vet - 100
    Magery -110
    Eval - 100
    Resist - 100
    Med - 100

    Some would drop resist and go for Spellweaving, or if you want both Resist & SW you could drop Med and compensate with MR/LMC items:

    A really powerful PvM template, incorporating Tamer/Mage/Bard would be:

    Taming - 110
    Lore - 100
    Vet - 100
    Music - 110
    Provo/Disc/Peace - 100 (All have their uses, choose which suits you)
    Eval - 100
    Magery - 100