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A rare kog'maw build had appeared!

Discussion in 'Rate My Build' started by AuraVoid, May 12, 2012.


Do you think this build is good?

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  2. No

  3. Has potential- needs more work

  1. AuraVoid

    AuraVoid Guest

    One build i rarely see for Kog'Maw is his MP regen build which has a lot of potential if used properly. Since he can spam his ult his poking abilities are brought to a whole new level. This also helps with Kog'Maw's squishy nature by staying FAR AWAY from the team actual fight. Mind you, Kog'Maw still has a lot of AP so he can still fight in a team fight with his void Ooze/caustic Spittle doing 500 late game. Also- ALWAYS GET BLUE!

    Core Items
    Chalice of harmony
    Archangel's staff
    Void Staff
    Rabadon's death cap
    Archangel's staff
    Sorcerer Treads

    Final Value
    Magic Resist-60
    Ability Power-527~623 (fully charged Arch angel)
    Mana-1775~2775 (fully charged Arch angel)
    Magic Penetration 20 and 40%
    Mana Regen-57.5~115 (No mana)

    Item abilities
    6% of max mp is converted into AP
    Increases Mana Regen by 1% for each 1% you are missing [affects blue buff too!]
    Increases AP by 30%

    *Mind you these values are without Masteries or Runes*


    [​IMG]x9 insight marks, [​IMG]x9 clarity seals, [​IMG]x9 insight glyphs, [​IMG]x3 insight quintessences



    -This Kog'Maw build is a MID LANE. DON"T ATTEMPT TOP OR BOT! (or jungle......-.-)

    -If the enemy is melee put your void ooze the way YOU are going so to chase you they have to walk on it and if they use abilities/ranged put it towards them
    -Aim your livning artillery ahead of them so it lands on them
    -Try to wait 6 seconds between living artillery when you can to avoid a 200 mana cost per cast

    -8:42 May,14,2012 added updates section.

    I will be adding more to this guide int he future*
  2. Hideidaran

    Hideidaran Guest

    I'll say switch out Chalice of harmony for a Morello's Evil Tome instead, since you get your mana regen from from Archangel's staff, then Morello's Evil Tome should help you with Ability Power but also give you mana regen at the same time.
    Anything else to improve in this guide, could be using some more pictures of the different things, so it's easier to see what it is, instead of trying to remember the name! :)
  3. AuraVoid

    AuraVoid Guest

    Thanks for the input and i'm planning on adding more pictures like you said in the future. I will also add a comparison of chalice of harmony to other items etc. Really appreciate the input! :p
  4. Schwagbert

    Schwagbert Guest

    Like Hideidaran said, I'd switch out Chalice.... If you augment your mp5 in any way other than Chalice, Chalice loses efficiency (since it works best when you're literally oom, and every point of mana slows its regen after that).

    Also, if you have a fully stacked Archangel's, you don't need to avoid spamming your R (especially since you aren't taking offensive masteries, you need all the damage boost you can get).

    Lastly, try out a Rylai on him. I know all his stuff is AoE, but it's still a 15% slow on your abilities (extra 15% onto your E, and now your ult slows). Adds a lot of survivability and ability to kite/chase.
  5. AuraVoid

    AuraVoid Guest

    The big diffrence between ap kog and mp regen kog beacuse mp regen kog focuses on spamming his ult. while a fully stacked archangel gives 1400 mana and 400 mana for every staff after that, Kog'Maws ult will cost him 200 per shot after he has used it 6 times so that is 1000 mana in 5 seconds. So if you use mp Kog'Maw you will be out of mana a lot of the time. However, if you have blue buff and oom you should be regenerating over 300 mana every 5 seconds. This allows you to hide in a bush or behind your team for about 20 seconds and get back a huge chunk of your mana, allowing a lot more ults. I agree with switching of the chalice of harmony for a third Arch Angel's staff after your build is done but you might as well keep it until then due to the 30 magic resist it also gives you, not to mention it gives 7 mp regen per second and increased mp regen based on how much you are missing
  6. AuraVoid

    AuraVoid Guest

    Good New's guys! in the Darius update they are adding an item which is called Athene's Holy Grail which is made from the chalice of harmony, fiendish codex and amplifying tome making Athene's Holy Grail a core item since you can make it out of the chalice of harmony! So now there is a solution on what to do with the chalice of harmony late game.
  7. Adiados

    Adiados Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 4, 2011
    Likes Received:
    I will be running that on just about every one of my ap carries. Especially Anivia and Orianna
  8. blackfalcon

    blackfalcon Visitor

    Aug 4, 2014
    Likes Received:
    I have tried ap kogaw time after time trying to get it to work but it never does.