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(RP) A Report on the Current Troubles.

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Maddwg, May 6, 2012.

  1. Maddwg

    Maddwg Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 20, 2009
    Likes Received:
    As Judge for the Superior Court of Sonoma, I have assembled a band of individuals to investigate the 'rebellion' and gather some data. This way, we, the people of Sonoma, may arrive at our own conclusion.
    (I think I need not remind you that Sonoma has always had a mind of its own and is not a go along with the flow Shard - as far back as the FOA event.)
    WE are the people that have chosen our on path and will continue ot do so!

    1) Groups involved:
    Rioters: Deluded citizend that are commting acts of arson and sedition.
    Raiders: Outside brigands raiding our lands at the behest of some other power.
    Group EM: This group has some influence over the raiders and rebels. Current known members are Jenny (possibly a low level leader of the rebellion) and Clarence (a thug).
    Artist Guild of Britain: made up of actors, artista nd bards; this group is heavily involved in the acts of rebellion in Britain. We also have evidence that they are the conduit between rebes of teh various towns in rebellion.
    Ranger Guild of Skara Brae: This group is obviously the cause of trouble in Skara Brae. They are by far the most arrested group in the town.
    New World Order in Mnoc: thsi group is the obvious cause of trouble in that twon.
    Council in New Magenica: the councilmembers ane their 'servants' are the cause of trouble in that twon.
    Ysgeler: Psychotic individual claiming some part of the rebelllion and seeking vengence for some unknown action against her. A known kidnapper and assassin.
    How these groups are connected is yet to be determined.

    Loyalists: Group led by Maddwg (XX) acting on request of King David (PAS).
    Current Agents of teh Loyalists are:
    Chalnoth Tholl - New Magencia
    Vin Decatur - New Magencia
    Karn - Minoc
    Karyn - Minoc
    Delta Vega - Vesper
    James Gosling - Jhelom
    Maddwg - Britain
    Tuatha - Britain
    Masaka Soong - Moonglow
    Chuck Wood - Skara Brae
    Valmont - Trinsic
    Toxic haze - Yew
    If you are interested in joining the Loyalist, contact any Agent.
    If you are anti-rebellion but do not wish to be a Loyalist, please feel free to update Maddwg on any information you may gather regarding the rebellion.
    Causes ot the Rebellion and the FACTS.
    1) There is no work, no jobs! This is unfactual. In all of our cities there are people standing on the streets begging for escorts. These jobs could easily be filled by the miriad fighters, rangers and mages that are rioting.
    2) There is a lack of food and prices are high. This is unfactual. Every toen has food for sale. Prices are actually lower than years ago.
    3) There is the feeling that the lower number of lords and ladies available is disrupting the economy. It has. It has created more oppurtuniy for citizens to perform tasks that lords and ladies used to accomplish, i.e. escorting. Without the huge influx of gold from lords and ladies, the economy is recovering from severe inflation.

    Those rioting truly believe what they shout despite the facts right in front of them.
    It is the opinion of the Loyalists that some greater power is behind the rebellion and thaht all the rebel groups listed above are agents of this power or are simply using the rebellion for their own agenda.

    The Loyalits have had an agent that was last seen in combat with Ysgeler. Agent Stick E Fingurs (XX) is missing. A 100,000 gold reward is being offered for any factual information regarding his wereabouts.


    For the Loyalist
    Maddwg, Judge Superior Court of Sonoma


    OOC - We intend to make this an event. Probably not for a few months though. PM me if you would like to be involved.
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