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A request to the EA/Mythic devs to change OSI-owned vendor house decay rules.

Discussion in 'UHall' started by imported_DarkVoid, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Currently, if a house which has rental vendors in it starts a decay cycle it goes like this:

    1. House cycles through normal stages until it reaches the end of the IDOC stage.

    2. House then turfs everyone IN the house out under house sign, and then starts the timer for expiring the vendor contracts.

    Herein lies a problem. Some houses seem to continually decay cycle from slightly all the way through to IDOC stage until finally an expiration of rental vendors is reached and the house collapses.

    The intended vendor decay was - after reaching the end of the IDOC stage - to expire all rental contracts and allow their owners 7 real world days to collect the contents of these vendors.

    Unfortunately this does not seem to happen, as several things can go wrong, apparently:

    1. The rental vendors may expire long before the plot starts to decay, meaning their contents are in the moving crate, and remain there unclaimed by anyone.

    2. The decay cycle may have bugs related to some owner vendors which causes the plots to indefinitely cycle through decay stages until the owner vendors themselves run out of gold.

    3. People wind up getting turfed out under a house sign when they're expecting the plot to decay for real.


    Change vendor house decay to the following:

    When a house with vendors starts to decay, it begins the following cycle:

    1. Vendors - lasts for as long as required to expire the longest length vendor contract, all vendors become non-auto-renew vendors, and then dump their contents into a backpack where they're standing that's only accessible during this period by the original owner of the house and the rental contract signee.

    All already expired rental vendors that have been in the moving crate up until the house starts to decay turn into backpacks which hold their contents where they once stood.

    Owner vendors promptly turn into backpacks at the commencement of a decay status and are ready to expire with the house decay's final stage in IDOC when it gets there, regardless of whether they're still drawing salary from their vendor fee gold stockpile or not.

    If and only if a house only has owner vendors in it, the owner may refresh the house before it collapses by reactivating the account. If there are rental vendors in the house, or moving crate, this means the house proceeds to a brand new status:

    Vendor contract expiration period - in brackets there is displayed the number of days left to go, as part of the house sign's decay status itself.

    This new status lasts for the stated number of days regardless of whether people collect their goods or not, and once this status is finished, the house decays at the normally expected rate for house decays that have not been refreshed as per playguide recommendations. It should remain at the same number of days to allow people who were expecting the house decay at a certain time to be there when it should fall, and not to get taken by surprise at a fall sooner than expected because the vendor stuff is gone.

    Each decay status has a small reminder of the fact that it is a vendor house decay and tnis is indicated by the placement next to each decay status of (vendor house) on each decay stage. They will otherwise decay normally, and as expected. Instead of going OSI owned, they should retain the former owner's name.

    I'm getting tired of marking a public house decay that's got vendors in it only to get repeatedly turfed out under the house sign with everyone else that was in it at the time it decides to refresh itself, and I'm also sick and tired of seeing vendor houses that have gotten into endless loops of house decay status because the vendors on them still draw salaries from their HUGE salary stockpile.

    Vendor house decays should decay normally, and with an extra grace period for the owners of the vendors to collect their belongings, and should otherwise function as a normal house decay would. The situation with vendor houses as it currently stands is anything but normal, at least indicating how long it will take for the vendors to expire will let people know when to come back to them.

    Cheers ...

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Man on pac we have ahouse that has been going IDOC for over 2 years on ice island.2YEARS! wtf devs pull ya heads out of your asses.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Whew!! for a second there I thought you talking about all the old owned by osi houses. Those houses should be deleted with all items and with no warning.
  4. Yeah this thing is pretty silly....

    The effect is that there's houses that just stand around forever that nobody's using, there's no sense in that.
  5. <blockquote><hr>

    Whew!! for a second there I thought you talking about all the old owned by osi houses. Those houses should be deleted with all items and with no warning.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    i agree and with top priority too.

    its annoying seeing these unused houses just sitting.