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A Sordid Past Revealed!

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by EMCrysania, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. EMCrysania

    EMCrysania UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    Feb 26, 2010
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    Mary paced back and forth in the cabin of her ship. She had a agitated look on her face. Rose Blaque sat calmly sipping her herb tea, watching her pace, knowing that Mary would tell her what was on her mind when she was ready too.
    Mary stopped, and looking out the porthole took a deep breath. She turned and faced Rose and in a rush of words said, " He's here, Rose, he's been here all along..and he knows I'm here looking for him, and he's not even TRIED to find me, or let me find him.."
    Rose's eyes widened. This was not what she had expected to hear from Mary.She figured the girl had gotten another clue from the old man Charlie, and wanted to work out another hunt for Tom Flint.
    " What do you mean he's here? Here as in town?" Rose asked.
    "He's not in Britain, He's nearby. I can't believe my father knows I'm searching for him and doesn't care that I am!", Mary said, a tear coursing down her cheek.
    "That's not all I've found out Rose..it gets worse, my father is the leader of a ring of Highwaymen. He's the one that is staging the attacks on the towns!" she cried." And we did SEE him, He was the so called King of Thieves! He sent us on that chase, hoping to get us killed and out of they way. Oh Rose, he's evil now!"
    " Wait! Highwaymen? I thought your father was a pirate! Who was captured..held for his Treasure maps? What happened?" Rose exclaimed.
    Mary walked over and sat at the small table with Rose. Rose poured a cup of tea, sloshed in a bit of brandy, and handed it to Mary.
    " Old Charlie finally came clean Rose. He was a deckhand aboard the Crimson Rose. That's how he knew so much about my father, me and my mother. He's felt sorry for me and finally told me the truth. Father wasn't captured by rouge pirates, he staged it all, every bit of it..even the sinking of his ship, to escape the sea authorities after him. He stayed low for several years, nothing was heard of him, then...after the Queen's death, he figured it was time to start back. But this time, he started a band of Highwaymen. His band of men are the ones that tried to rob that poor man outside of Britain last week."
    "Well, this is totally unexpected",Rose replied."So where do we go from here, Mary? Do you know where your father is hiding out?"
    "Yes,Rose, I do, and I want to go there, as soon as possible, to confront him.",Mary said, a angry fire burning in her eyes.
    "Then go we shall, Mary! The cad! How dare he think he can do this to you!" Rose exclaimed."Now..where is this so called father of yours?"
    Mary took out a map and unrolled it on the table. Bending their heads over the map, Mary traced with her finger the route to get to where she was told her father was.
    " Ahh we should have known!" Rose said. "Let's send out word for the townspeople to join us, they have stood strong with us and if what you say is true, then we will need their help!"
    Mary nodded and said, "I'll prepare a letter to be sent to the criers, and then we shall come up with a plan..."

    OCC: Stay 'tooned for more information!