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A Tale of Destiny

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Velvathos, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Velvathos

    Velvathos Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
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    The Story of Xug'Klerg

    Xug'Klerg is the son of Ogh'Klerg, and former Bloodgar Clan member. Xug'Klerg was found amongst the bloody bodies of his murdered parents by Janos Rothgar who led an intern camp which held many other Orcs after the Cove invasion. Rothgar returned to his keep, with Xug'Klerg, and raised him as a gladiator. With all the savagery of an orc, but with the keen strategic intellect of a human. He was trained and taught by many, wet-nursed by a human woman, Merissa Stilwell . Xug proved to be an excellent student and a phenomenal fighter. He was clever, quick and enormous, even by orc standards. However, his masters abusive beatings both in and out of the ring began to take its toll and he wished to escape. After an attack on Rothgar's stronghold, Xug'Klerg quickly escaped unnoticed after a cannon blasted through the walls of his cell..

    However, he was captured yet again and taken to an internment camp. It was here that he met an old orc who told him of the orcish demonic and corrupted ways and how the old ways had been so much better for the orcs. He told him that the only one still thinking of embracing this was the undefeated Bloodgar and his clan. When another orc told Xug'Klerg that Rothgar had arrived at the camp looking for him, Xug'Klerg escaped again, and sought out Bloodgar. After finding the chieftain and proving himself, Bloodgar took Xug under his wing, teaching him the Orcish tongue, and telling him that—based on the tattered swaddling cloth Xug showed him — he was a part of an old exiled clan known as the Bloodraven Clan.

    After spending some time with Bloodgar, Xug decided to take his leave of them to search out his roots. After trekking to exhaustion, Xug'Klerg was rescued by the Bloodraven's and taken to their camp, he then learned that he was the son of the chieften of the Bloodraven Clan.. Xug was taught old orcish ways and was accepted as a member of the clan. The Warchief of the Bloodraven Clan at the time, was brutally attacked and left him dead with many other orcs, Xug was the only survivor and named himself as the Warchief of the Bloodraven Clan. Xug, now living in New Haven, one night while at the inn, Xug received a strange dream. He saw armies clashing, and fire raining from the sky, and a voice warning him of things to come. When he awoke, he realized that this was no dream, but a mysterious prophet.