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A terrible Sad Tragedy (bring kleenex)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Pluffina, Mar 27, 2001.

  1. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    As some of you know, I have been on ROPEQUEST 2001. Now that ropes are spawning on Kraken, I decided I could not live with out my OWN ROPE, one I pulled from the belly of the beast my own self.

    I'm a GM fisher, so I had a buncha nets ANYWAY, so Illiana and I got the boat, went out to sea, and threw about 15 in the water. Some MIBs, some T-maps, some near death experiences.....but no rope.

    So I stared buying nets like crazy. I paid 8K for most of them, on one black netless day I paid 10K each, got some for less from friends....I spent something like 350K on NETS, and I have never even SEEN a rope for more than 250K and now they going for more like, what, 100 - 150K? BUT I DID NOT CARE! I wanted my OWN rope. So for a week Illiana and I have been shopping for nets, destituting ourselves for nets, hunting nets under 8K, spamming the bank for nets, buying nets, hurling nets into the water, and then screaming curses at the gods as we sailed home ropeless.

    Then last night, Illiana and I set out armed with 18 nets and a deathwish. She had long gotten bored with killing a measly little poo-headed little kraken, and lobbied hard for throwing the nets 2 at once. SO we had been doing that and had pretty much lived and she was starting to make noises about how it would be better if we threw them in three at a time (did I mention Illiana is certifiably insane? No? let me insert that here) so I knew we HAD to get a rope this night or else Illiana was going to be hurling secure chests with 125 nets in each directly into the ocean and getting both of us immediately melted to bones by a veritable tidal wave of Kraken Spit.

    So -- We threw a bunch NADA, NADA, MIB, NADA, MAP, MIB, NADA (usual pattern) and THEN! ... And THEN! I opened up a dead kraken --- and there it was! Shining like the grail, coiled and beautiful, MY VERY OWN ROPE! I lost my mind with joy! I was yelling OMG! OMG! and she said "Is it sulpherous ash?" (we had been keeping ourselves moderately sane by pretending what we REALLY wanted was suplpherous ash and dancing around screaming whenever a serp was dead empty save for 4 Ashes) and I tried to pick the rope up but the boat was too close to the kraken so I said BACK UP BACK UP so she said back one, and I pulled out the BEAUTIFUL ROPE and tried to set it on the deck for her to see, but I missed and dropped it on her head and it appeared for ONE SHINING MOMENT IN THE TRADE WINDOW just as she macroed BACK ONE again, and SUDDENLY! The trade window popped closed.....and.....and...the rope was GONE! GONE I TELL YOU! GOOOOOOOONE!

    It was not in my pack, or in the sea, or in the boat or by my knee. It was not in a box or with a fox, or in my house or with a mouse. IT! WAS! GONE!

    So after the usual complement of profanity and shrieking, we called a GM. I was hoping it was"under" the water or "in" the boat and he would be able to see it and pull it out. While we were waiting for the GM we threw in the rest of our nets. No rope of course. And NONE of the water els had POISON I could drink. I was really longing to drink a BUNCH of poison and just DIE and wander Sosaria as a ropeless ghost forever by this time. I moved everything in my pack, it wasn;t UNDER anything.

    So GM Crim came and he had GREEN SPANGLY head gear on -- very cool looking, and he walked on the water and USUALLY GMs walking on the water perks me right up, I just LOVE that, but not this black day, no. This day I was in SUCH rope despair, and he looked around and could not see my rope -- no IDEA where it went he said, but was very nice for all that and obligingly sunk into the sea when he was done looking, saying blub blub blub and flailing his arms, and COME ON who WOULDN'T pay extra to see a GM drown, but it did my sore heart NO GOOD AT ALL. WEEP!

    So we trailed slowly home across the water having spent a fruitless hour waiting for the GM and no rope to show and down 350K FOR NOTHING and I was gnashing my teeth and I accidentally gnashed my pack closed....and when I reopened my pack!!! THERE!!!! IN THE MIDDLE OF IT!!! PEEPING SHYLY UP AT MY, LOOKING TRUCULENT AND APOLOGETIC......WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    So it had a happy ending. BUT IT WAS VERY TRAGIC WHILE IT LASTED!


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  2. Frenna

    Frenna Guest


    You are a marvelous story teller!! I am glad you got your rope!

    I am proud to be a Feluccian.
    Frenna (Coffee queen) /shared/forum_images/beige/icons/roll.gif

  3. Sonoma Sam

    Sonoma Sam Guest

    Maybe the rope has performance anxiety, or GM-phobia. I suggest you store said rope at my casa... Welcome to Dr Sam's wild rope re-assimilation program... We'll have that baby doing square knots in no time...

    You should write a book, Pluff...

    I Do Whatever My Rice Krispies Tell Me To

    Moonblood- Sonoma
  4. *Draven*

    *Draven* Guest

    Don't ever stop posting these stories, Pluffy ;)

    - Sonoma -
    Draven - GM Bard/GM Mage
    Fletch - GM Lumberjack
    Magog - GM Mage True Brits
  5. *yeaaa* What a cool story.
    Can I tell you a story that will make you just stick a kryss between my ribs and
    twist? One of my Friends quit UO last week. He gave me a bunch of cool things.
    couple statues(cow-llama-deamon-dragon-zombie)..virtue weapons..potted tree..snow..bells...and 2 ropes.

    Luthian Dargoth: LoreMaster BloodHand Knights
    Hekizia Dargoth: GrandMaster Craftsman
    Clotho De Maria: Seeker of Treasure
  6. Reachwind

    Reachwind Guest

    That kind of stuff always happens when you are at the end of your (inserts bad pun) rope.

  7. /shared/forum_images/beige/icons/wobble.gif

    *hopes he used the smiley right*

    why not just buy a rope from someone else?
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think the GMs are doing that on purpose
    Gm1: Hey that guys been looking for ropes all day
    Gm2: Want to drive him insane?
    Gm1: Ya sure
    Gm2: Hmm He may page us, well we'll just look at the message and ignore it as usual
  9. gues that is what you would call a puddle muddle twittle beattle rope in a bottle story :) lol OMG that was one funny story

    Krysma Doomspeak GM mage/bard
    Emerald Tamer/T-hunter
    Breeze Windsong Gm Smith/Miner/Scribe

    So you HATE Tamers? And you HATE Bards? Well im both!!!
    YOU probally envy the size of my [email protected]#^& Too!!!
  10. Githrandil

    Githrandil Guest

    I think alot of new bugs where things disappear have surfaced with UO:3D....
    The blessed mask I have not taken off for 6 months was no longer on my head when I logged in last night :( Of course, the GM just apologized and left, but hey, it's not like he can do anything about it :)
  11. First off, am I the only one here that goes out of his way to ready Pluffy's posts. Damn Pluff you rule.

    Lately that bug where stuff disappears from view (aka graphic not loading perhaps) caused me quite a stir the other day. I had just placed a large tower in Fel for P:M (my faction guild) and was in the process of sorting thru everything I moved in from my houses I either traded off or redeeded to make room for it. What a mess.

    Well, I had a pile of 9k silver in one of the chests. I KNOW I did. I looked in every chest, box, pouch, backpack, and everywhere else for that pile of silver. Not to be found. 2 hours later I opened the chest and there it was just as it had never went anywhere.

    I have a theory. The GM's are playing with our toys. 2 GM's get together and decide that after a hard day of not-helping everyone that they just need to unwind. They randomly select cool looking items from players packs, homes, and secures to amuse themselves with until they are again well rested and able to type, "Im sorry I cannot help you with this" and put the item back.


    Im Glorious, own a castle, and the ladies are STILL unimpressed.....is it because Im only an inch tall?
  12. sse_goku

    sse_goku Guest

    I think your theory is right,I have a chest full of weapons and rares,Went gone for the entire day and had me in a frenzy,I look around for some armor the next day and its there. I wish we can get gm's in trouble for this if thats what they are doing.

    <center> [​IMG] SSE GOKU of Sonoma </center>
  13. Vidi

    Vidi Guest

    OMGAWD! I Laughed soooooooo hard!

    "so I knew we HAD to get a rope this night or else Illiana was going to be hurling secure chests with 125 nets in each directly into the ocean and getting both of us immediately melted to bones by a veritable tidal wave of Kraken Spit. "


    Reminds me of when Ning showed me how to kill demons with meteor swarm. For days I would go there just to work magery and build my newbie bank account. My goal of course was to get my mule to Lord so everything I made was Crafted by Lord Thraxas.

    Ning made it to Lord and decided that continuing to kill them in this method was just no longer fun. So he decides what would really be fun was if we just OPENED THE DOORS!!!

    Of course he didnt die. Nooooooooooo. Just my poor miner trying to get magery up and catch a Lord title.

    Ning is beyond reckless. Back when the bells came out for xmas, a friend of ours told ning to log onto his account and take his bells. So Ning did. But he didnt have a rune to his own home to drop the bell off. So what does Ning do?

    He kills a mongbat and drops the bell onto the corpse. Then he logs off ( During this period we were having serious issues with logging off one account and onto another. Seems the comp hated that and would crash. )

    He relogs with his own account and hightails it to moonglow before the mongbat has a chance to decay. Then we wonder what would happen if some newbie happened to open that mongbat corpse.

    The whole time we're laughing our rear ends off because we can just see the forums the next day when some newbie posts " Mongbats are spawning christmas bells!!!!!" And the next day, hundreds of people are camping the moonglow mongbat spawn. Damn twink tamers would still bring dragons.

    Ning snatches up his bell and turns to me with this big grin like" See how good I am?"

    Puuuuuleeeeze! hehehehe

    Personally I think Ning and Illiana are a match made in heaven. Reckless beyond belif and always comes out on top in the end.


    TrammelBorn-First Gen
  14. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    PLASTIC TITAN! What kind of pusshead do you think I am??? If you think I am the kind of pusshead who would BUY a rope when for three times the money I could go out and die several times and lose fame in order to get my own, you are mistaken. If you think I am the kind of pusshead who is a moron with an obsessive disorder, then my friend, you are probably close to correct.

    I get these ideas in my head and can't get them out. Like I want my OWN statue off a rat mage I KILLED, so I am spending fruitless hours in ICE getting 30 bucks off ratties and maybe 250 off archers and NEVER a statue when I could be in Destard pulling 2K and magical goodies off drags. SIGH! BUT I WANT A STATUE I GOT MY OWN SELF. WAIL. Also I have the worst luck in AMERICA. I must have killed 3 or 4 HUNDRED rat mages by this time. BLAH! Oh well the good news is those Archers carry 50 arrows a pop -- I now have LITERALLY thousands upon thousands of arrows stored up for my archer. I wish a rat or two would carry a BOLT, I mean JEEZ.

    Hee hee YES VIDI! We clearly need to send Illiana and Ning to Temptation Island together or something. These are the type of people reality TV was MADE to embrace. They could each captain a team on survivor, and the final vote would come down to them as each of them would have gotten the rest of their team members killed in the first week. (Illi, if you happento read this, know that I say it with love.)


    Visit Plush by Pluffy, a UO Decorator's Website
  15. Amethyr

    Amethyr Guest

    What a finely told tale..


    The Glorious Lord Amethyr
    Do gargoyles dream of binary sheep?
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Oh yes, I can really feel the love =P Next time, we are going to the shadow wyrms and having YOU clean up the drakes and wyverns and bring the shadow wyrms back in to their room. I will be happily hidden during this time or collecting blue sandals from the crazy mages.

    Either way, you will be all alone down there while I mess around. Btw, I am a Lady again. The wyrms told me so =P
  17. Originaly posted by Pluffina:

    "So after the usual complement of profanity and shrieking, we called a GM. I was hoping it was"under" the water or "in" the boat and he would be able to see it and pull it out. While we were waiting for the GM we threw in the rest of our nets. No rope of course. And NONE of the water els had POISON I could drink. I was really longing to drink a BUNCH of poison and just DIE and wander Sosaria as a ropeless ghost forever by this time. I moved everything in my pack, it wasn;t UNDER anything."

    ROPELESS GHOST! LOL Pluffy, you are hillarious, BTW yes I do realize this post is what? 2 + years old ?
  18. Plufffy I dont feel nearly so bad...
    Let me tell you a little story...

    I have a new Paladin. She isnt a very good Paladin, and I made her an archer, and for the first two days I was killing BORING things... I was killing llamas, and bears and blah blah blah, raising my archery, I could kill something bigger but no gains, so I stuck to crap monsters... skeletons.... mongbats... *yawn*, basically no gold and no challenge.

    Well, after I got up some, I found I gained killing solens, the little workers... no acid, there is a hole across the street from my husband's house, and basically I killed these 3 workers over and over and over, safely, they were a little better gold, and I was gaining skill like mad.

    Well, I killed these workers for 2 days... probably 4 hours a day at least...
    and my step daughter is over, and she is bored and I am shooting these little bugs, and she asks me if she can come down, so I say okay, sure. I continue shooting, and finally she jumps into the hole. I just began shooting this worker with an arrow *plink* when she runs up behind it and slaughters it in like less than 4 seconds. No big deal... there is more down the corridor, I turn around, adding her to party, and charge off down the hole after more solen's leaving her to loot. From her computer next to me, she says "OH!! I got a picnic basket!!"

    I knew I could not have heard that right... So I ignore it, but my husband turns to her and says "What?"

    And she says "I got a picnic basket, yipee!!"

    And I am sitting stunned at my computer keyboard... Now, I had been down in this hole killing those ant for about 8 hours... this 10 year old girl comes in and is there less than 10 seconds, not to mention the fact that she stole the solen I was killing!!! THAT was MY basket!!!!!!!!!

    A wonderful friend of mine had brought me one she found, but I have always wanted to find one on my own... and now... and now... I was so close to a temper tantrum, I cant even tell you how close... but after a short amount of whining, I figured, she is a kid, a kid who I love very much, and am glad she is so happy. I am also supposed to be the parent, and how can we teach our children to lose graciously if we are unwilling to do so ourselves? So I choke down the disappointment...

    She fights for another 15 minutes or so, then she gets bored and is on to something else. I hear her at her computer a minute later saying "I wonder how much I could get for this if I sell it at Brit bank!"

    Before I could spontaneously combust at my computer, My husband did save me from having to reply, but telling her, "If you are just gonna sell it, give it back to Kimmie."

    She didn't... but am I still bitter?
    Nah... I know her account password ... *wink*

    P.S. I also quit hunting those crappy little ants in protest. Do you think they miss me? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  19. Shaman

    Shaman Guest

    Such fun memories from years gone by.

    My favorite rope story was when a know-it-all told me ropes only spawn in the ocean. So I promptly went to Shame and killed the kraken, grabbed the rope and immediately recalled back to my know-it-all friends house and threw it into his trade window. That very rope has been a center piece in all my house deco since that point. Not only did I get to prove this person wrong, but the rope came up on my very first kill. HUZZA!
  20. Alarcon

    Alarcon Guest

    I am glad someone keeps digging these up out of the abyss of the forum. I am an avid Pluffy fan! Just about anything she writes makes me laugh. So, for someone like me that just started Lurking these forums a year ago, seeing posts from '01 is like a totally new experience for me. They don't make 'em like they used to, do they folks?

    My favorite line:

    and then screaming curses at the gods as we sailed home ropeless.


    Generally, I wouldn't curse the UO gods... they tend not to like that and NEVER reward good items/gold/or skill gain when we resent them.

    Happy Day!
  21. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    AW POOR GYPS -- That is just THE SUCK! But I couldn't help laughing hehe forgive me. In all my anting I have gotten ONE basket YISH those suckers are hard to find!!

    But.....I don't feel bad re: rope anymore as this post is TWO YEARS OLD hehehehehehehe

    Someone has been visiting the post graveyard and unearthing the bones again!

    Journeyman Pluff
  22. Two years, 4 months, 14 days old I belive. Sorry if it seems like I am post stalking or whatever, I hit the 'last post' button, and the dates switched to first posted posts ( Im used to another forum) Anyhow, there where several posts there including a 911 post where SFO, and most of the bay area was shut down! After reading the page, and having felt simular feelings on simular situations, I couldnt help but post on this topic (as I too have experienced this trade window bug in the past)
  23. I think the GMs take the really cool stolen items and place them in really silly monsters. I've gotten some killer weapons off some of the lamest monsters you can imagine.
  24. Jade of Sonoma

    Jade of Sonoma Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Story telling at it's best! Bravo! The way you tell it has to be the funniest! HAHahahahahah .. and the responses. ROFL!

    <font color=green>[/i]* ... reluctantly returns to tending elephant ears, laughing! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wobble.gif*</font color=green>[/i]