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(RP) A Time of Great Peril

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Nastia Cross, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Nastia Cross

    Nastia Cross Guest

    Nastia Cross looked up as her assistant hurried into the room.

    "Nas," she said addressing her friend of many years, "the reports are finally arriving."

    Nastia sighed. The Citadel of the Fallen had been a ghost town of late. The War Council had stopped meeting and the citizens were absent. Rumors among the common soldiers were sketchy at best but put together painted an agonizing picture.

    "Warlords Linkin and Proof have disappeared from the realm," the assistant continued. "They were last seen over a month ago, but the reports don't have any specifics. It is possible that they were captured and killed."

    "Or maybe they finally had enough," thought Nastia. It hurt her very much to admit this but the entire War Council had grown more dissillusioned lately. Their efforts to rebuild the township and honor the name of Sir Dupre had completely stalled, not to mention the newest soldiers in the ranks did not have the same level of respect and dedication seen in the veterans.

    "The reports on Warlord Viktor are even more disturbing, Nas. He has truly defected. My informant saw him at council with many of our missing troops. They've made good on their threats to take matters into their own hands."

    Nastia motioned to her assistant to take a seat as she shuffled through the stack of reports. She very much admired Warlord Viktor. He was a take-charge leader who was never happy to deal with what he called "bureaucratic nonsense". He spoke his mind at all times.

    "I am not surprised," said Nastia. "Of all the Council, he was the most outspoken against the stagnation that had taken hold of late. While I commend his initiative, my focus, no my worry is the lack of defense within the Citadel. We have a bare fistful of new recruits and only several veterans left. This report here illustrates just how naked we are to attack. Viktor stripped the garrison of what little protection we had left."

    She dropped the papers onto her desk and pushed back her chair. Walking to the window, she looked out upon that which was her pride. The township had grown to be a beacon in a harsh world. The citizens used to stroll the streets with the code of Honor of Sir Dupre in their hearts.

    She sighed again. For the first time in a very long while she felt fear. The Citadel was no longer safe. She raised a hand to her cheek, startled to find tears leaking from her eyes.

    Determined, she hurried back to her desk to pen a missive to the Queen.

    "Take this to Castle British. The Queen must know of this situation and the impending collapse of the TB faction. Do not return here. Speak with the Head Scribe. He will have a place for you. I must flee.

    "There is blood in the water."
  2. Nastia Cross

    Nastia Cross Guest

    Part II

    Stepping off the teleport tile, Nastia Cross scanned her surroundings. A warm, salty breeze blew back her hair, stirring an ache for the beautiful shoreline of her home. As the capital of the Ethereal Void Imperium, the City of Kijustsu Anei Village on Homare-Jima bustled with activity. It also housed a shady underworld populated by theives, smugglers and various other villains. Casually adjusting her hooded shroud, she shifted slightly to check the daggers secreted about her person. Nastia carried no less than 7 hidden daggers at all times, many of them coated in deadly poison. It was a habit drummed into her by various tutors since she was a young girl.

    Sensing movement, she quickly grabbed the hand attempting to snatch her belt pouch. Nastia pivoted lightly and chopped her free hand across the throat of the would-be thief who dropped heavily to the ground and scurried backward into a nearby alley.

    "Nice reflexes, my lady."

    Looking over her shoulder, Nastia caught a glimpse of her old friend, Lord Gareth.

    "Oh you know me, constant vigilance and all."

    Gareth chuckled as he watched Nastia crouch down to retrieve her fallen mage staff.

    "He's lucky it was my hand and not the blade up my sleeve."

    Nastia turned around and Gareth noticed signs of stress upon her face.

    "Come," he said. "I have your favorite tea prepared in the library of our Mage Tower. Your note said you had some urgent need to study the tomes we've collected."

    She sighed, a mixture of relief and fatigue.

    "Aye, before fleeing the Citadel, I went down to the secret vault and discovered a likely solution to the lack of defense in the Citadel. Speaking of which, if you would be so kind, please convey my thanks to Angelica for her hospitality. My gate opened directly into her bedroom in Moria and gave her an awful fright."

    Gareth barked out a laugh as they headed down the main road. "She did say that she was ready to toss a fireball at you until she saw the unique shimmer of your shroud. If you would have arrived disguised, I doubt we'd be having this conversation."

    "The Tavern's being watched so I was unable to utilize our teleporter to come directly here. The teleporter in Moria was the only other one I could be sure of."

    Nastia stopped in front of a large and ominous building adorned with dark spikes. Looking over at Gareth she said, "Love what you've done with the place."

    Rolling his eyes, he climbed the stairs and pushed open the doors. Nastia followed, goosebumps rising on her arms as she felt the magical energy lingering in the air.
  3. Lord Gareth

    Lord Gareth UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
    Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Alumni

    Dec 17, 2006
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    More please!!!! :ten: